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A  Swords & Sorcery Tabletop Roleplaying Game from the British Old School.
A Swords & Sorcery Tabletop Roleplaying Game from the British Old School.
356 backers pledged £9,206 to help bring this project to life.

The Sands of Time are running out

Posted by Newt Newport (Creator)

Good Morning Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers,

At time of writing the campaign has 13 hours to go.

To say it’s exceeded my wildest expectations would be an understatement. The book will be double the size it was and will be illustrated throughout the amazing David M. Wright.

To the backers YOU ARE THE HERO/HEROINE! The love people have shown for this little game has really pushed me forward to fully fill out the missing bits of it. If this was a music CD this REMASTERED version would be a Triple Gatefold, with booklet, numerous bonus tracks and the sound would be completely and lovingly redone from the original mastered tapes. I’m also spectacularly happy that the Adventure Add-Ons have been so well received. The amazing take up of these adventures means that I’m really going to enjoy getting them finished and in your hands.

To potential backers, here’s a breakdown of what we’ve achieved in the campaign:

The Main Rule book – which is the focus of the campaign – has increased in size from 140 pages to 240 (at least, this is before I write the extra content and invariably get carried away).

Within the basic goal we have funded:

  • More Spells & Magic Items.
  • The Great Others and their Cultists.
  • An expanded setting chapter, called Fragments of Fear, filled with secrets for the GM.
  • A full edit of the rule book.
  • A streamlining and revision of the rules, as well as a new Test Your Luck mechanic that replaces Saving Throws for Player Characters.
  • Full illustration by David M.Wright
  • An expanded version of the Life Path system of the original game.
  • 8 Fully detailed Player character Culture Write ups. 

And then we took it further with the stretch goals:

  • More Fiends – an expanded monster chapter.
  • The Haunted Lands – an example Weirdlands adventure.
  • Port Blackmire – a city adventure setting.
  • Scourges of a Dying World – Full write up of twenty Nemeses to oppose the player characters at every opportunity.
  • Secrets of the Serpent People – The machinations and magic of the insidious Serpent Folk revealed.

Then we moved onto adding new character classes. So far we’ve funded The Disciple, The Elementalist and The Lizard People. In the closing hours we’ve got (in order that that they will fund), the Beast Hybrid, the Serpent Noble, the Samarai and Ninja. As a new backer you would be helping get these fun and exciting classes into the game.

We also have a six Adventure Add-ons books; the Blood of the Dragon, Tomb of the Necromancer, The Dark Path, Fort Bone Guard, Life and Death and The Tournaments of Madness of Death. These can easily and cheaply be added onto your pledge, either individually or via the “Sorcerer” or “Convention Hero”, which gains you a slight discount.

Finally as a campaign exclusive add-on, there is the Annotated Rulebook Pdf. This is a Pdf of the rule book commented on by myself. Learn where I drew inspiration from, why things are the way they are and some of the Easter eggs I placed in the book.

All backers get instant access to a Beta PDF – which is currently an art-incomplete version of the current rule book, with the changes that were made before the campaign. There will be another Beta in the next couple of months as the additional content that has been funded is added to the book, and then an early access version of the final game. If you don’t back the book now, you will have to wait until the book goes on general release in October.

There are only five Conqueror reward levels left. This level gives you access to everything (including all the adventure add-ons) sent directly to your home address, the opportunity to suggest a rule or game artefact to add into the game which will be credited to you and signed hardback copy of the main rule book,. If we could get all five of these backed in the last hours of the campaign that’s an extra stretch goal right there and then.

If you previously backed C&T 1st edition back in 2011 as a thank you for that support and supporting me again with C&T Remastered you will receive the Life and Death: Zarth Edition Add-on for no additional cost. Please indicate that you were a previous backer and if you want a free pdf or an at cost POD Pdf/Print bundle, in your response when I send you the Backer's Survey.

That’s it from me. The ticker on the campaign is running down to zero. 


;O) Newt

PS. The artist David M. Wright is already hard at work, here's a sketch of one of the Fiends from the book, the impish "Faceripper"

Faceripper by David M.Wright
Faceripper by David M.Wright
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