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FTL is a spaceship simulation roguelike-like. Its aim is to recreate the atmosphere of running a spaceship exploring the galaxy.
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OnLive demo ends! New gameplay video!

First, we must thank you all once again for your amazing support.  We never dreamed there could be so many people excited about our little experiment.  We will work furiously to make FTL the best it can possibly be. 

The demo event has ended:  The OnLive Indie Showcase was hugely successful:  FTL was one of the most played demos of the event.  At one point it was the 2nd most played game on the entire OnLive service!  Thank you to everyone who tried it and gave us such positive feedback (except about the lag-induced FloatyMouse™).  We're sorry if you didn't have an opportunity to try it, but now that it's over, we will be entirely focused on getting ready for the beta.  For now, here's a taste of some of the new stuff we've been adding:

New Ships: Justin has been designing the art style for the Rockmen ships (you can see the crew on the main kickstarter page).  The hardest part of making ships for an alien race is finding a coherent style:  to reflect their slow speed and emphasis on defense, he opted for an armadillo-like scaled armor and a dense room layout.

Gameplay Video: We've also prepared a short video going over some of the features we've been adding recently.  In it we show off the Teleporter & Cloaking systems as well as new weapons and UI.

If you like the video and would like to see more, send us a note or leave a comment on Kickstarter and we can make this a more common thing.

Wallpapers:  If anyone is interested, a wallpaper of our game's logo is available in the following sizes:  1280x800; 1280x1024; 1440x800; 1600x1200; 1920x1080

That's all for now!