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Missed Connections is a full length circus show exploring human relationships gone awry through aerial dance, juggling and more!
Missed Connections is a full length circus show exploring human relationships gone awry through aerial dance, juggling and more!
43 backers pledged $1,600 to help bring this project to life.

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Life, Post Show


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T minus 3 weeks!

Rehearsal for the show has been in total overdrive for the past few weekends and I have the sunburns to prove it. This weekend we begin running the show in earnest which is pretty exciting. Jury's still out on whether or not we'll still be able to stand at the end of it. It's okay to do a seated bow, right? 

In backer reward related news, things are also trucking. Posters have been printed, and postcards have been ordered, so as to take New Haven by a papery promotional storm. 

Also! Everyone who's pledged $20 or more will now get a poster from the show along with everything else! Hurrah!

Here's a look at one of the posters and the postcards (and no, we are not so red on the posters in real life. That's internet compression for ya!):

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Post Kickstarter Progress

Hello Backers, you're looking lovely today!

Progress on the show continues to...continue. We're a little more than a month away from curtains which is both exciting and terrifying. We had a great rehersal yesterday despite a sick Ethan, at least one hangover (apparently Swedish cousins make you do the wacky), and some very displeased condo dwellers. But whatever. We persevered. We. Were. Rockstars. Or, at least Nick and Xaq are rockstars; I hear they took off their pants while juggling in the lobby. 

On the reward front progress is also happening. Stickers will hopefully be ordered today! Feel free to put them on EVERYTHING. You just know your neighbor's 'beware of kangroo' sign would look so much better with a sweet Soviet Bloc Party sticker on it. 

I'm going to start making posters and postcards hopefully by tomorrow (whenever I get the HQ photos from our shoot), and maybe next week I can begin perstering you folks for things like addresses so I can VISIT you! Just kidding, I do want to get you guys your rewards though!

Also, super cool--tickets (for those of you with friends who want to see the show)--are now available ONLINE. The future is now! You can get them here:


Here is a picture of ME from the photo shoot. Feel free to tell me I look pretty.

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The Final Stretch

Hey everyone! 

I can't really believe we're in the last hours of this Kickstarter--that time went by crazy fast. Hello and thank you to all of our new backers!

It's been a crazy few weeks here in Missed Connections land -- lots of good, some not so good at all -- but that's life for you. 

The show continues to come together -- we've been spending a lot of time lately on the intro (double dutch!), the speed dating act (turns out Nick can't count), and Nick and I have been working on a sweet ring act that's actually resulted in us creating some new site swaps, not that I could tell you the notation. Also, in case you're wondering, yes, it really does hurt to get a juggling ring to the temple or really...anywhere. Those things are deadly. 

We also did a photoshoot for the show at Lyric Hall the other week, which was a lot of fun despite the rain and general blah-ness of the day. Once we get the hi-res photos from that I'll be starting work on the posters. 

Thanks so much to all of you lovely, lovely people who are supporting us by pledging, and sharing the project on Facebook, and just generally believing in this kind of harebrained endeavor; it means so much!



Here is a picture of us with a couch. Why you ask? In Soviet Russia, couch sits on you! (Yes, I made that up right now. Leave me alone.)

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Almost There!

Oh my golly gee whillakers--the last couple days have been truly unbelievable  and it's all thanks to you amazing, amazing people. 

Somehow, in less than three days, we're a mere five dollars from our $1200 goal! We're completely bowled over with gratitude over here at SBP headquarters. SO, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Another piece of awesome Missed Connections related news is that this project was chosen by the Kickstarter team as a 'Staff Pick', which makes me feel super warm and fuzzy (like Tesla) inside, as they choose projects that are 'particularly compelling', with 'a really fun video, creative and well priced rewards, a great story, or an exciting idea (ideally all of the above!)' -- so I guess we're doing something right! 

I sent press releases out to various Connecticut news sources, so hopefully I'll have some news on that front to share soon. 

If you want to keep up with the action on Facebook as well, hit this link:

- Stacey Out

Here is a blurry picture of Tesla looking happy--I feel like this is an accurate representation of my feelings right now:

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