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A mix of adventure classics like Megaman and the legend of Zelda with a unique art style and story driven horror-adventure experience.
A mix of adventure classics like Megaman and the legend of Zelda with a unique art style and story driven horror-adventure experience.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew Dey on

      Haven’t heard anything in awhile how is it going?

    2. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      We are hoping to have large, pretty updates rather than small ones at this point. However anyone that wishes to see pictures can message us their email address and we can give you access to our updated files.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jamie McCarthy on

      Cool! Nope, don't need a refund just glad to hear you're still around. Any reason you're not updating here?

    4. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      Yes it is, any questions you have regarding release or refunds please feel free to message us directly

    5. Missing avatar

      Jamie McCarthy on

      Is this project still alive?

    6. Maxim Bardin on

      Is the Linux port still happening?

    7. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      Our attempt is not to come off however you are seeing it. Not quite sure what there is to say that you are looking for. We cannot give a release date as we don't want to let people down further. We are working hard and getting approvals for release by steam, nintendo and microsoft. Sony is out of the window as their DEV costs for production are too high. We will continue to do our best and update people as questions arise and post big updates when we complete them. The things you are suggesting and looking for, conflict with others wishes so we would like to simply state @wasiu, we are doing our best. Yes, the project ended up being harder than imagined due to a number of unforeseen circumstances that we have worked out way through. I really wish we could give you a specific date or even an estimated one, but alas, that cannot be done. If you would like any specific information please message us and we will be glad to share anything we have with you.

    8. Wasiu on

      Thank you for the response, though I'd rather it wouldn't be forced by strongly worded comments.

      The variations of your 1st sentence - "The game is being developed [...]" - is all I need and hear repeatedly asked for on other projects like this. Just post a status update (even a "nothing's changed" one) at some date of the month and it will be all good for people like me, and I believe there are more than just me that would be satisfied with this.
      Really not that much of a work to keep those suspicions at base....

    9. Wasiu on

      I now realize you just cited (without " ") those letters; which is kinda even worse, because that means on a personal (1 gamer <>Lacuna) you sound like a soulless corpo that just covers its bases to remain lawsuit-proof.

      To reiterate - at 2017 AD I don't believe there's one KS backer with 10 fulfilled projects under his belt that believes that a KS project he's about to help funding WILL be delivered on the suggested-on-KS-page date or less then a year later, for that matter.
      I can only speak for myself of course, but I see simmilar posts all the time on other deadly-silent projects like this one, and I wouldn't be neither surprised nor negatively excited about hearing that Noctemis will release in 2018-ish....not even one bit - it just how it is with KS projects. But it amazes me how you consider it better to stay mum instead of having an explicitely stated release date with 10x "subject to change" and "might be delayed many times" above and below.
      I don't think I've seen any small-time dev on KS that - after coming forward and saying that the project is harder than he/they thought and they have to keep delaying - would get bashed by their community. Backers would rather cheer the dev up or sulk with him/them and even defend from "gief_us_our_money_back_!" individuals.
      Such silence/corpo vaguness, as presented here, sucks my (our) hope for the project out, which makes a great opportunity for disgust to slowly crawl in.
      The "My bestest devs" attitude fades...
      in comes the "Thieves&scammers maybe...probably....damn for sure!" suspicion.

    10. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      The game is being developed, we have a lot into it during these years.
      Peoples requests often conflict and we are trying to fulfill all of them.

      So for those of you who wish to receive a refund, as we have stated, that is available.

      For those of you who are like us and want to see this through no matter how long, we are working, hard.

      thank you.

    11. Wasiu on

      Your both replies miss the point of my post. I don't need a refund (yet) and I actually value companies that put quality first and that don't rush+release crap but release it before deadline.

      What I expect from a company that builds sth up from crowdsourced money is to keep those crwodsourcing people in the loop. I don't need anything else from you than to come here regularly every (at least) 3 months and (at the very least) post a reasurring, even copy-pasted, response that says sth like "Another 3 months passed. We're still here and/but made some/none progress. We will get back to you in 3 months or less when we got sth to share"...That's it - the reason behind it (which should be obvious) is that people would rather keep their hopes up for the project = "Maybe this time they'll post sth good", than sit "alone, in the dark", with no information and thus start to come up with explanations themselves = anywhere from "Maybe they died?" to "Fck, those thieves robbed me, for sure!". No news is NOT good news on Kickstarter platform.

      Instead you come with an direct_from_support_page-type unrelated post about how you "allow" me to get a refund (or is that a suggestion that you'd rather give the money back than show up at every 1st of a quarter and post a "we're still here" message?) .

      I (and probably most of the others) believed in you those years back and I want to be in the loop even if all you got to say is that nothing has changed since last time or even whine about how hard it is to code. In an ideal world I'd come to kickstarter at 1st of the month and there would be just-posted 3-sentence status updates from, say, 30 out of 50 Kickstarter project I invested in, and then I'd move along with my live for another month or 3, maybe comment on 1-3 updates....Instead with most of you (=kickstartered devs) it's like pulling teeth. No or late response, off topic and impossible to get a status update at a set-in-stone we're some corporate board that is about to hound you with a pack of lawyers that you're trying to avoid and not normal gamers who believed in your game enough to give you few bucks each when it was (usually) still in a stage between fantasy and on_paper_only that just need their hope refreshed at regular intervals.

    12. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      We are trying not to rush production as we believe that a finished and polished product is better than a rushed one that is incomplete. Our dev team is much smaller than it once was but the concepts have become a lot clearer and the storyline has gotten far better. Overall everything that has happened has been for the best.

      We have given options for refunds on the game itself to people who request it, but for those who wish to wait, your spot in line is reserved.

    13. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on


      We are allowing two options to digital backers.

      A. A refund of your funding since we went past our promised date.
      B. Wait for the product to be released and still collect your discounted reward.

      Physical Rewards:
      For anyone that hasn't received anything yet either your address is incorrect or your location cannot be delivered to, please message us as we have stated before and we will try a new address you select.

      @Wasiu if you have any questions please message us and we would be happy to help as we have stated.

    14. Wasiu on

      @eXoScoriae @Derek Meier Hi guys. Could you post here what they wrote to you? Seems they can't be bothered to post an update once a quarter with a delayable estimate or that they didn't die in a car crash 6 months back......even to people who blindly trusted them with money 4 years ago.

    15. eXoScoriae on

      Thank you for sending the message. Unfortunately there was nothing in there about release dates, or even whether or not the game was still in development.

    16. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      I have messaged both of you about release dates and options, thank you.

    17. Missing avatar

      Derek Meier on

      Where is the game? This is what we backed we need updates on the game is it coming or not.

    18. eXoScoriae on

      When. Will. We. Recieve. A. Game.

      I received the physical rewards. I have no game to go along with them.

    19. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      Please read previous comments. If you have not received rewards message us your email address and address and they will be sent out.

    20. likewendt on

      Will we ever get anything? Haven't received anything at all.

    21. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      Please check your messages, if you did not get a "could not deliver to address" message it means something went wrong and please message us.

    22. likarum on

      I haven't received a reward

    23. TheMailleMan on

      I haven't received a reward yet..It's a game. I must not be on your e-mailing list either, though my email has not changed. I never got those alpha demos or anything like that. I'm starting to like this refund idea.

    24. Jana on

      I sure never did, and you even knew where I lived :p

    25. eXoScoriae on

      Is there still a game forthcoming? Or have you guys simply decided to fulfill the physical rewards and leave it at that?

    26. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      Anyone who has not received their rewards please message us directly. We currently have everyone marked as receiving rewards so we will have to verify you haven't received it. But after that we will send you your rewards.

    27. Kenny

      They last logged on to Facebook on Oct 6... so SOMEBODY is still alive.

    28. likarum on

      I would like a refund.

    29. Wasiu on

      I think it's one of those cases when, in the end, they took your money and ran away. Company website has long expired, game website is blank, twitter's last update was in june 2013, and facebook page says "Sorry, this content isn't available right now". It isn't the 1st time either, soooo...shame on me.

    30. Missing avatar

      Derek Meier on

      A refund would be nice if you are not going to keep us updated or have no intention on fullfilling your obligation to backers

    31. Sam Cook

      Three and a half years and still nothing, including real communication.

    32. eXoScoriae on

      I'd like to post how communicative and helpful Ian (presumably?) has been since we started speaking 2 days ago.

      He has quickly handled my concerns and taken care of the outstanding rewards. It speaks volumes towards the teams integrity how professionally the entire ordeal was handled.

      I look forward to the final product. Cheers.

    33. eXoScoriae on

      It seems posting here and/or using the direct message system here is not the best way to contact the team.... as counter productive as that may sound. I received a fairly prompt response when posting to their facebook page, and was told they miss messages here because it requires them to log in to kickstarter. So I suppose that means no one from the team has logged into this project page in the past few months.

      That said, they claim to have shipped my physical rewards (however I have 2 previous messages claiming the same thing). If anyone else here has a complaint, I suggest addressing it to their facebook page.

    34. eXoScoriae on

      And for those curious, the person to to address your legal suit to is Ian Hess, the project director/lead designer. His personal info is easy enough to look up, however if you need an address for the suit, please PM me.

    35. eXoScoriae on

      Back in January I posted a message about the fact I had received nothing so far, even the physical rewards. I began receiving messages very promptly at that point, promising to have it all shipped out to me ASAP. I was told it should arrive by January 30th. In April I noticed I had not gotten anything. Every 2 weeks since April 2nd, I have sent a direct message to the project asking for a status update. I have not received a single response. After 3 messages over the past 6 weeks, I have to assume they have gone dark on me.

      At this point, I feel as though a lawsuit to recover my pledge is the only course of action. I have previously collected on several other unfulfilled kickstarters by taking these steps, and I find it sad that it requires the legal system to simply push an individual/company to do the right thing.

      I encourage others here to do the same.

      Obviously, the best outcome here would be to see the game completed and physical items delivered. However, it seems this is not exactly likely at this point, and there is no communication to suggest otherwise. In light of this, I am giving Lacuna Entertainment 2 weeks to either refund my money or fulfill the physical rewards they promised back in January, or I will file a lawsuit. If enough other backers are interested, it can easily be converted into a class action.

    36. Missing avatar

      Joel Temple on

      I still haven't even received the stuff from a month ago...

    37. Missing avatar

      Matthew Dey on

      Sigh @ lacuna's sense of time.

    38. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      More images coming tomorrow night!

    39. Missing avatar

      Matthew Dey on

      Finally this game is starting to take shape!

    40. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      Working hard on getting some good content posted for you guys. we will start taking some more screenshots soon.

    41. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      We originally intended to keep the updates to kickstarter backers only by using email, however in favor of less hassle we will be posting our weekly updates in the "Updates" section of this project. Look for this week's updates late tonight.

    42. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      If you did not receive an email please message us directly and inform us of the best email address to use as the one on file may not be compatible with our email sending service. Otherwise if that is your preferred email address we will set up a direct access link for you to download the images.

    43. Missing avatar

      Joel Temple on

      I didn't receive any updates in my inbox.

    44. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      Thank you, if you would like to see more content stay tuned, we are trying to release more every monday until the 28th. Keep checking your emails on mondays for update pictures.

    45. Sam Cook

      Fantastic update!

    46. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      As promised, big update coming tonight. Showing in game scenery of the dream world and Horrowbrook and updated UI.

    47. eXoScoriae on

      It's worth mentioning that today the folks at Lacuna got back to me very quickly and promised to send the items quickly.

    48. eXoScoriae on

      In March of 2013 I asked what the status of the physical rewards was, such as the sweatshirt I pledged for. I was told the physical rewards were sitting in Arizona awaiting funds for shipping, with an estimate of December 2013. In March of 2014 I asked again, and this time I got no response. So now, nearly 3 years after I first asked, what the heck is the status?

      It's bad enough you guys are so cagey about responses in regards to the game itself, but apparently you have had the physical rewards sitting in a room for over three years with no funds to mail them out? How exactly is that going to change anytime soon?

      Either get an actual plane of action together and stick with it, or just refund me already. I could care less about your game at this point.

    49. Lacuna Entertainment Creator on

      February is our huge release, it will mark our two year anniversary of starting the project and almost a year of rebooting it. February first we have a huge update and then february 28th we have a playable first level demo (more than just the alpha demo we released earlier).

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