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CA$ 19,694 pledged of CA$ 31,000 goal
By Zugalu Entertainment
CA$ 19,694 pledged of CA$ 31,000 goal

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      Greg Collaborator on

      @Jan-Henrik Wilhelm The best way to give us feedback is on our community forums You can also let us know on any social media. We definitely like feedback. Thanks and we will look at the PS4 controller.

    2. Jan-Henrik Wilhelm

      This game looks awesome guys. I really like the environments and the voice acting. Although I had some problems with my PS4 controller with the demo on PC and got stuck. What would be the best way of giving you feedback?

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      @Zugalu Entertainment: Will there be a DRM free version (GOG, Humble) available? (This would be an useful entry in the FAQ section.)

    4. Blue Gear Games LLC

      This is amazing - both in visual and talent from the designers! Where have you guys been all my life...haha! I love this type of shooter style game! Hoping this will fund. Good luck with your campaign guys!

    5. Paul Long Jr

      I like the demo a lot and think this will be a great little game to play. Have you looked at porting it to the Amazon Fire box?

    6. Zugalu Entertainment Creator on

      @Tibbo, Thank you very much for checking out Technolites. Yes you will be able to get a PS4 digital download if that is your system of choice. Please let us know if you have any other questions Thank you again.

    7. Tibbo

      Attractive project!! May you confirm digital download will be available for PS4 as well?

    8. Missing avatar

      Greg Collaborator on

      @Christopher Thank you for checking out our demo, we really appreciate that. Your suggestions are great and we are working on making some of your changes already. We are smoothing out the controls as we speak and hopefully can implement this by the end of the week. The game is still in early development but we are still trying to put as much quality into the demo as we can. Hopefully we can get your thoughts throughout the development process. Great video and thanks again!

    9. Christopher Hardin on

      I played the demo, and I'm actually fairly hyped for this game.
      I had a few suggestions for the game, but nothing too major.
      Here's the video showing the reasoning if that's okay:
      The sensitivity on controller is fairly extreme, making it hard to dodge between shots. The mouse is perfect for it, but the key-mapping is pretty wonky.

      There is no volume slider, only on and off. Not usually a big deal, but the music was really loud when I started up the game.

      Hitboxes aren't quite how they look. I was getting hit by things that I wasn't visibly touching.
      With those critiques, I still really enjoyed the demo and look forward to seeing this funded.

    10. Missing avatar

      Joseph Sithole on

      Sincerely hope this project is successful, always good to see local talent succeed!

    11. Zugalu Entertainment Creator on

      @Dave Thank you very much. Any feedback on the demo we would love to hear it on our new Technolites forum page found here:…

    12. Zugalu Entertainment Creator on

      @Andrea Scattolin The Price for the game here on Kickstarter is 25% off retail price, as a thank you to all the early supporters. Thank you so much for being one of those supporters.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      Nice to support a local dev. Good luck guys.

    14. Andrea Scattolin on

      This project seems to be quite interesting. I am happy ti fund it.
      I have a question: what do you mean with "introdctiory price"?