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MODULAR-TECH patented footwear to Travel lighter, Customize and Reduce your carbon footprint.
MODULAR-TECH patented footwear to Travel lighter, Customize and Reduce your carbon footprint.
MODULAR-TECH patented footwear to Travel lighter, Customize and Reduce your carbon footprint.
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Production Update


Dear Backers,

I have just got back from our new factory in China and i'm really glad to tell you these guys are making a great job. 

High precision in workmanship, very accurate and careful to details. This is what made them succeed in managing to make our product for mass production. Many factories have failed before and you can't immagine how happy and glad i am to have finally found an ideal production partner with which we are looking forward to make our products for all the world and establish a long lasting and successful relationship. In two words, the product is now perfect.

For what regards delivery, it remains scheduled between 15th and 30th of September.

Change of Trademark

I also need to tell you that for both legal (trademark protection) and strategic reasons we have decided to change our trademark. Our company name remains Shooz Ltd but our trading mark is +ONE as we believe reflects the image and values of our products, enhancing the concept of modularity for customisation, sustainability and smart travelling.

Ok, now enough with the boring stuff and let's speak about the cool things... here are some pics of their amazing produce:





All the best and speak soon!




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    1. Anshul Chandra on September 16, 2016

      Haven't heard any updates since ? This was supposed to be delivery week ??

    2. Shooz Ltd Creator on August 5, 2016

      @Janet Celi, i actually haven't received your email could you possibly send it again at ? thanks!

    3. Shooz Ltd Creator on August 5, 2016

      @HeMingsheng Chinese factory has initially copied our concept and invested loads of finance, energies and time in the development making the product ready for mass production.. and finally has partnered with us. It's something that commonly happens in China, the factory making fakes becomes supplier of the original brand because of their knowledge in making the products.

    4. Shooz Ltd Creator on August 5, 2016

      Hi @Timothy it's really been an epic adventure and i'm so glad we have arrived at this point, now you guys will all get the shoes you were expecting and of impeccable quality, i can't wait to get your direct feedbacks as first users!!!

    5. HeMingsheng on August 1, 2016

      Chinese factories there, can you tell me? I was in China, I would like to know the progress. Thank you!

    6. Missing avatar

      Janet Celi on July 31, 2016

      Hi, Edo:
      I did find my recent comment regarding my design concerns for a woman's foot under "comments" category although I wrote it attached with the actual update. Where should I post so that I will get a reply from you? Grazie.
      Janet Celi

    7. Missing avatar

      Janet Celi on July 31, 2016

      Dear Edo: just to correct. The comment I sent you regarding update #12 was posted on July 8, not the 4th. I also posted another one on Kickstarter today that hasn't posted yet to cover my July 8 post which has not shown up on either update #12 or 13. Can anyone verify what I'm doing wrong in posting comments? Thanks.
      Janet Celi

    8. Missing avatar

      Janet Celi on July 31, 2016

      Dear Edo: thanks for this promising update. But would you please be so kind to respond to the email I sent you on July 4, and address the concerns I expressed there regarding the shoe design as pictured and the female shoe sizing? Thanks.
      Janet Celi

    9. Missing avatar

      Timothy Leung
      on July 31, 2016

      Wow! They're looking pretty promising! I'm so so proud of you guys for turning the crisis into an opportunity. When you are finish with the production, you should get some interviews with media sharing how you did it. The negotiations with that Chinese manufacture sound, and now look, EPIC! I'd love to learn from you.
      The soles look nice. And given that each sole is purposed for multiple skins, a general design is reasonable. I hope, in the future, the line can expend and cover the various characters of different soles (hard, soft, elastic; horizontal protection (gym) and hiking... You know, all those gimmicks).
      Once again, congratulations, Edo and everyone! I'm so glad it's getting this far!