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$10,556 pledged of $300,000 goal
By Hyper Hippo Productions
$10,556 pledged of $300,000 goal

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    1. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 20, 2012

      Hi everyone, please read the latest update for a very important announcement: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/642736004/leviathans-online-monsters-in-the-sky/posts/373103

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      Kyle Noseworthy on December 19, 2012

      Not to be a jerk, but the way things are going, it does not appear that you will reach your goal. For those of us that are interested in the game, what's your next plan?

    3. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 17, 2012

      Hello Dickstarter,
      Good idea, we just completed a live event (shown on a regional television news broadcast today) that has footage where we engaged people directly and having them try the physical game. As you note, it really was received well plus provided very positive feedback about backing us given we were able to discuss and show some of the advantages the video game will offer. We will look into linking some of the footage if possible from the news site once archived.
      Also, another item we are planning is a video showing our concept of the players journey, how & what we have designed already for this experience, (showing features & flow such as the scenario/campaign, multiplayer, tutorial modes, highlighted options for movement and firing, experience for captains and crew that modify initiative, movement, to-hit, repairing, elevation, and LoS (clouds) + fleet faction point system to tailor preferred tactics, and finally our vision of the next three phases the game will take.
      We are still very early in development, but are working feverishly to ensure the confidence fans can have in the game as well as our teams level of expertise/execution. Thanks!

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      dickstarter on December 16, 2012

      I think the difficulty you're having with raising funds here is that not many people have played the tabletop game that this is based on.

      Your kickstarter video seems to focus on the backstory and lore, but we're talking about adapting a tactical tabletop game. How vital is the story really going to be to the actual play experience? We're not talking about an adventure game or an RPG here.

      I recommend you actually show people playing the tabletop game. Maybe if they see people having fun playing it, they'll want to have that experience for themselves.

    5. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 12, 2012

      Thanks Jesse - we hope you enjoy our next update tomorrow which will be a snippet of in-game footage as well!. Thanks for the tip, we actually had a banner in the front page rotation and on BGG right now - be sure to look for it :)

      It would have been a blast to attend GenCon - and we do plan to do so as well as Origin, and the BGG one in Dallas (again, we just attended that conference for the first time this year) this year if the Kickstarter is successful and the project goes through.

      Stay tuned for more updates - we plan to show as much progress and continue connections with team members over the next few days to ensure backers see how the game is really progressing even now behind the scenes!

    6. Jesse White
      on December 12, 2012

      Looks great! A passing thought to get some more backers could be to advertise on something like boardgamegeek (or heck any war game themed site or forum, many tabletop gamers would love this). Shame you missed GenCon; having a stack of fliers or something like it in the Catalyst booth/area, which usually draws a lot of attention, could have given you a lot of visibility. I think this could be something wargamers could really get behind.

    7. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 8, 2012

      Hello Farmerboy - thank you for your support!

      The start of the campaign may have been slowed by the gradual roll-out of thegame to our target circles - but fair and awesome comments here tended to indicate backers also wanted to see in-game demonstrations to assist with seeing what we in-vision the experience of the game may be.
      Although the climate has shifted with awesome games such as Star-citizen of late which were really mid development and more of a 'finish-starter' campaigns, we realized and agree this is the new expectation for backers to see before fully committing to funding a project.
      We did see this trend while already in submission - and are aiming for several key updates over the next 7 days including:
      - A demo showing the proof of concept,
      - An interview with members of the team and some of their release experience,
      - Television coverage of a live event (next Saturday) to begin starting some momentum for support. .
      Realistically, the campaign does have more than 9 days to become the average 30 day campaign drive in which we hope that with all the initiatives over the next 7 days will begin to gather confidence & support momentum.
      The concept is very rich, something steampunkesque games sometimes lack (aside from Valkyria Chronicles perhaps) plus proof of the commitment and experience the dev team brings.
      We can assure all backers we will do everything possible to get the word out on this campaign - as we know it is far more than a reproduction of the boardgame (already a great product) given the industry talent and experience behind it.
      Stay tuned! Be sure to spread the word! We have over 1 month to go to work together with backers to be at the ground level of a new strong brand (proven from the same folks who publish Battletech and Shadowrun - and wouldn't have been great to have been one of the first backers on those products in 1985 and 1991 respectively? They know how to round out great game experiences!

      Please be sure backers to comment regularly on what you feel we can do to add more compelling updates! Obviously demos (our concept one on the way next week - another early January with more detailed experience) and team interviews - but any other ideas in addition to our noted ones above are always welcome!

    8. Missing avatar

      Farmerboy on December 8, 2012

      I love the concept, but given the state at which the fundraising is currently progressing, I fear the worst...

    9. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 7, 2012

      Thanks for your support Aaron!

    10. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 6, 2012

      Hi Chris, thanks a lot for backing this project and for believing in it's potential. We have not factored in an Android launch for our initial goal, but if we can achieve some of our stretch goals it is definitely something we have considered.

    11. Chris Callicoat on December 6, 2012

      I am excited about this and have made my pledge already. I will say that if it were announced for Android also I would be more than willing to increase my bid to include two copies of the game.

      And thank you for the hard work, ignore those that are looking to create havoc for the sake of creating havoc. Their chosen user name should say it all.

    12. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 5, 2012

      Thanks Gustavo: Yes we have our project roadmap in place for gating goals & targeted release dates.
      Currently, our releases take into account known risks & assumptions & have us at 7 months post-kickstarter campaign for completing the core game (@ 6months for iOS, +1 month later to complete port to PC).
      ***see the details section of 'update #5' on the updates tab for the high level deliverables)***
      If the project is fortunate enough to reach a further stretch goal as well (details to be released when campaign looks to hit our the kickstarter target) we also have already estimated & planned up to 3 further release dates (over 13months total) for these additional features and ports, which backers will be polled to determine the order in which they would also be developed & released as well.

      NOTE: The dates above are based on all pre-project estimates from our production team. If backers demand to have additional features when the campaign hits our target that make sense, we will ensure the project is re-evaluated & course correct as necessary to ensure clear dates to reach are transparent within 1 week of the Kickstarter campaign coming to a close.

    13. Gustavo Barona on December 5, 2012

      Thanks. Also is there a rough timetable of release if the goal is met at this time? Like 6 months to beta, 1 year to ship or 1 year to beta 2 years to ship an so on?

    14. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 5, 2012

      Hi Gustavo, priority just indicates who will receive the first wave of keys that are provided for the closed beta. Anyone who pledges below the CPO will still have access to the closed beta, they will just be a part of the second wave of key releases.

    15. Missing avatar

      dickstarter on December 5, 2012

      Will the browser-based version of the game be free to play?

    16. Gustavo Barona on December 5, 2012

      Question for the creators. What is the difference between the "Beta Access Key" at the Leading Airmen Level and the "Priority Beta Access Key" at the Chief Petty Officer level? Are pledges at the Leading airmen level not necessarily going to get Beta keys as soon as beta launches? For instance will there be two initial beta invite waves, first wave for the Chief Petty Officers, and a later wave for the Leading Airmens?

    17. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 5, 2012

      Thanks Paul, Michael! Also, thanks for continuing to spread the word everyone!

    18. Michael Holzgruber on December 5, 2012

      I posted a link to this project on some steampunk-related FB-sites, hope this helps.

    19. Paul Moore on December 5, 2012

      WOLOLO! Looks like a great project - good luck Hippos, Snails, and Lemons!

    20. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 4, 2012

      Hello Dave, thanks for the support!
      We really look forward to making this great game, even more so it will be made in BC!

    21. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 4, 2012

      dickstarter: You have explained your opinion and skepticism, and we have been more than fair and clear in our responses to you on your queries. Further discussion on opinions for costs of modern games of quality serves no purpose in this section. and would ask you respect this. All we can ask is, as you follow the campaign over the duration, we can alleviate any apprehensions and perhaps have you see how great the game will be! Thanks for your time and pledge!

    22. Missing avatar

      Dave blanchard on December 4, 2012

      Have to support a fellow BCer. Cool lookin game.

      Dickstarter it seems you are looking for something here...

    23. Missing avatar

      dickstarter on December 4, 2012

      @Creator: There is only 1 untextured, non-animated 3d model on your updates page. An art student could have made that in a week. Please explain where the other $150k, that you claim to have invested in this project, went.

    24. Missing avatar

      dickstarter on December 4, 2012

      @Creator: I have made videogames for many years, and I know the costs associated. Many great 3d games have been made for less than the $150k you claim to have spent. If you had actually spent $150k on this game, you would have already shown us the results.

    25. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 4, 2012

      No apologies necessary!
      In addition to the concept art you are referring to, and the models on the update page (no problem if that was skipped) we also intend to add more of our assets progress and proof of concept demos often over the next 45 days through the kickstarter project, as well as gather opinion and impression on them from all backers.
      There are also far more costs to any game project than just assets that can add up very quickly. We have ensured no dollar invested here will go to legal fees, license rights, advertising, studio costs, etc. as we have already taken on those expenditures and risks on our own funding before starting this kickstarter to ensure backers truly are backing what they will play - and what they work with us to experience!
      We want to ensure this project is made for those who are truly have a passion for a steampunkesque tactical game as well as be part of the production of it, and that it is not another cheap game offering in the hands of a large publisher just looking at the project bottom line and bronze-taxing it to fit a quarterly budget. We hope that gives you a better perception not only of our project fiscally, but our intent on really making a great game for this genre!

    26. Missing avatar

      dickstarter on December 4, 2012

      @Creator: You claim to have invested over $150,000 in this project, yet your kickstarter page only shows a few pieces of concept art. Sorry if that makes me a bit skeptical.

    27. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 4, 2012

      Hello dickstarter,

      We appreciate your concerns and for taking the time to voice them here. If you get a chance, please check out our update section which addresses the question on the team's competency and background. This is not an unproven team by any means, having worked together and contributed to the success of over 29 triple AAA titles shipped & a global MMO over the past 14 years respectively.

      On the note regarding the Kickstarter target goal, making video games is not inexpense, unless you are a company reproducing games that lack any real immersion or imaginatation. We are intending to make this game feel far more than just a digital reproduction of the offline game. Our goal is to have a more complete experience that also breaks the entrance barrier many physical games have with rule sets, and has compatibility for several platforms such as iPad, PC, and Mac at release - far surpassing typical browser-based offerings of board games to date.

      The backers are in no way being asked to front the total amount of this game. We think it is great you point out your frustration with many games that do ask this, and are in the same belief as you in this regard! We have to date invested more in this project than half the current target goal even before coming to Kickstarter for pledges with various costs such as Licensing, marketing, research, and inital asset demos to ensure we can build a game in a timely fashion that can make the entire fan base and property a solid experience.

      This project is a passion for all of our development team. In addition to our industry experience, we have played table-top games since Blitzkrieg, Warhammer 40k, and Battle Tech as far back as the early-mid 80s. Enjoyed dystopian type RPGs like Space 1889 since the 90s, and of course like many who are backing this project enjoyed steampunkesque genre stories like Miyazaki's Castle in the sky, Last Exile, and even going back to our childhood with stories by Jules Verne (20,000 Leagues, etc.)

      We really appreciate all feedback we have received to date, as we are very excited about making this game a reality with the support of the Kickstarter community!

    28. Missing avatar

      dickstarter on December 4, 2012

      Finally, if the game is going to be browser based, why do I have to pledge $15 to get a copy? I assume it will be free when you release.

    29. Missing avatar

      dickstarter on December 4, 2012

      Also, you should not be asking $300k to translate a table top game to an online browser game. Why should kickstarter backers pay for all the development costs when your company gets to keep the profits?

    30. Missing avatar

      dickstarter on December 4, 2012

      It annoys me to see unproven companies asking for huge sums of money with NOTHING to show.

    31. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 4, 2012

      Hi John,

      It's true that the project is in early development, but we view this as a plus. We truly believe that if we can get a community to rally behind an already great game and contribute integral feedback about the design features they want, we can make a game that truly caters to fans of Leviathans and the genre.

      We do plan to show demos and updates as the campaign progresses to allow backers to visualize the game experience. I also want to point out that our communication plan stretches much further than the initial fundraising campaign. We hope to have backers and devoted gamers work with us throughout the development cycle of the game. We want to show an idea we have, take in feedback and make sure we are spending our time and energy on what matters most. We will post videos, sneak peeks, polls and other features to allow our community to tell us what they want.

      Player vs. player is at the essence of the game and is very much a part of the plan. We have designed a very comprehensive idea of the multiplayer experience, and what features and modes it will encompass.

      We want to ensure the final product is an experience that closely matches the expectations of the backers. Coming to kickstarter with an almost completely developed product does not provide backers a say in the design but in fact could almost be taken as a campaign to purchase instead. That we feel is not what the kickstarter process is about, and we truly want our backers to feel they are a part of the process.

    32. John Brewer on December 4, 2012

      Some of the people I've directed here have expressed concerns before backing this project; specifically, that there is very little content showing what the finished product will look like, what the gameplay depth and complexity will be, and if PvP will be available (this last point I'm almost certain is yes, but I thought it might be useful for you to know some people are coming to this page, watching the video, and coming away with that question in mind.)

      Finally, can we expect a video of a tech demo to alleviate some of these concerns in the near future?

      Thanks, and Good Luck!

    33. Alrik2 on December 4, 2012

      I wish you the best of luck with this Kickstarter-Campaign. I liked Crimson Skies and I loved Battlefleet Gothic, and BattleSpace. So this game looks like a perfect candidate for me. Unfortunatelly I do not have a gaming group where I live, so I am super excited for any great tabletop-wargame to make it to the digital world.

      I look forward to playing this game when it is finished!

    34. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 3, 2012

      Hi Kevin,

      Two great questions.

      1) Yes, you will need two copies of the game. However, we will do our best to make all versions affordable. The pledge reward at $45 will land you 2 copies of the game and you get to choose which platform you want them for.

      2) Depending on the level of pledging we receive, will determine the number of platforms we can build the game on.

    35. Kevin McCarthy on December 3, 2012

      Two questions

      1) If I want to play on my tablet AND my PC (not at the same time), do I need two copies of the game?

      2) Will the Kindle Fire (original) be supported (i.e. will the game be available in the Amazon app store)?


    36. Hyper Hippo Productions Creator on December 3, 2012

      Michael - Thanks for your support!

      Kyle - Hello! My name is Tristan Rattink and I am the Associate Producer working on the project. I will be posting updates throughout the campaign on our stretch goals, rewards and other major developments. We definitely have concepted tie-ins to the physical game in our stretch goals. We would love to be able to provide that connection between both experiences. We hope to share more as the full potential of our goals is realized.

    37. Missing avatar

      Kyle Noseworthy on December 3, 2012

      Will there be a tie-in with the physical game? I.E., are the painted "busts" able to be used as figures for the tabletop game? If not, I would like to suggest adding something along those lines as a stretch goal.