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I'm hoping to fund the publishing of a graphical guide to 100+ hand illustrations of bicycle dropouts from ~1930-1990 in B&W

As a bicycle mechanic and vintage enthusiast, I've looked at hundreds and hundreds of frames built throughout the 20th century. I continue to marvel at the subtle variations that exist between each steel bicycle frame. To my eye, one of the frequently overlooked yet beautifully designed parts of a bicycle frame is its dropouts.

While resting out of the saddle to mend a fractured vertebrae, I substituted riding by passing time at my other interest - cycling related art. I was drawing a dropout and concluded that, despite being one of my favorite parts of a bicycle, it is always an overlooked piece of the frame. I sketched a few dropouts on frames I had on hand and I was hooked. The series of illustrations began, and my time was split between finding and drawing these dropouts, and researching more that I had never laid eyes upon.

With so many books on bicycle repair, training, and history, none captures the evolution and history of frame parts - let alone dropouts - to what we see today. With the introduction of mass-production aluminum and composite frames in the 80's, and their rise in popularity by the early 90's, part of the glory of a cast, forged, or stamped dropout carefully selected by the designers was replaced by ho-hum dropouts with no character. The glorious dropouts of the 30's to the 90's were lost.

With your help, I plan to finish illustrating as many distinct dropouts as I possibly can. The list is currently 78, I hope to locate and illustrate nearly 100 variations by the time I have the funding to take it to print. I would like to publish a book of all of the illustrations, and a complimentary poster for your shop or bedroom displaying all of the illustrations to highlight this overlooked but critical part of every bicycle frame. Your funding will help me obtain an ISBN barcode, digitize the drawings, have 500 books printed, and distribute them to local bike shops and independent bookstores around the country for sale in Spring 2013. Thank you for your support!

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I have a local self-publishing firm lined up that will help me produce the books from a PDF

I have a graphic artist lined up to help with the high-quality scanning, digitizing, and formatting of the book into PDF.

I have completed 36 of the illustrations, and am continuing at a rate of approximately 4 per week.


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