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We're KEEPAWAY! We're going to make our FULL-LENGTH RECORD! We can't wait to hone this music. Simply need the funds. THANKS!

Hello- thank you for coming to our Kickstarter page. We’re a Brooklyn band called Keepaway. People have called our music “deliciously heady and instantly engaging” (Pitchfork, giving our song “Yellow Wings” a 9.0), and “a boost better than [Lexapro] [St. John’s Wort] [smell of lemons][etc]" (The Fader). We are extremely grateful that you are interested in funding our debut full-length record.

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We’re a young but remarkably determined band. So far we’ve released an EP, Baby Style (Lefse Records), and the recent free download of collected tracks, Kompetitor (Lefse/ Greedhead Entertainment). Baby Style was the first music we ever recorded together. It was extremely well-received, garnering accolades in countless print and internet press outlets, leading us to play countless shows around the US, and even landing us on a magazine cover. Kompetitor just came out this month. It is a selection of unreleased material from the past year, including a few new songs, some remixes, a music video, and new artwork. We feel good about Baby Style and Kompetitor, but the full-length record is going to be a much more refined, cohesive, and powerful statement of artistic intent.

Since releasing Baby Style, we’ve had the opportunity to delve much deeper into what the potential of Keepaway means. As a band that employs the full gamut of super-contemporary electronic instrumentation (samplers, synthesizers, manipulated field recordings) in combination with more traditional guitars, vocals, and percussion, the possibilities and parameters for what we can do are largely unwritten. But through numerous performances, working with other artists, and marathon songwriting sessions, we’ve honed our particular vision and now stand poised to deliver a truly assured body of music. As the tracks on Kompetitor indicate, we’ve reined our distinct pop songcraft into more affective, compelling forms, with memorable melodies, tighter harmonies, and maturing lyrics. At the same time, we’ve further explored the more progressive possibilities of soundcraft, challenging ourselves to make as much creative use of technologies old and new, to achieve strikingly distinct sounds. And as our increasingly frequent remixes and collaborations with artists like Juliette Commagere and Das Racist attest, we have pursued our diverse genres of influence to arrive at a sound that we are increasingly proud to call our own.

We are especially excited to announce that we know exactly who we want to produce our full-length album. Sunny D. Levine is a Los Angeles-based artist and producer who has worked with such acts as Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Mickey Avalon, and the Happy Mondays, all while steeping himself in the Los Angeles production circuit that includes Daedalus and Flying Lotus. The last time we were in California, we had the chance to make one song with Sunny, “Sideways Smile.” The process was an incredibly energizing fusion of our creative spirits-- we felt like we’d found our George Martin, Brian Eno, and Birdman all rolled into one wildly talented guy. He gets us, and we love him.

Of course, getting back to LA and delving into Sunny’s studio is not cheap. As you know, the music industry is not what it used to be. The artists who succeed in today’s fast-changing landscape have to be persistently innovative not only in their art, but in the ways they make it happen. That’s why we’re so pleased to team up with Kickstarter to make our record. We’re united in our conviction that no matter the obstacles, there are ways to turn our dreams into realities, and, with diligence, even into careers. We’re inspired by wide-reaching creative business models, from Google to the Wu-Tang Clan. We want to broaden the scope of what a “band” can mean and do. We’ve already started a clothing line, Keepaway Klose, for which we’ve done all design and manufacture, and we are evolving our visual identity through artwork and music videos (we did the visual effects for our 100 video).

As we tirelessly brainstorm to come up with new ways to make Keepaway special, we know that the next, most significant step is to make our full-length album. We will treat our month in LA with the overwhelming respect such an opportunity deserves. It takes determined hard work to bring our ideas into the world. We are in this project to develop long-term creative careers. The time is now for innovating new models and strategies for careers in the arts, and we are committed to plowing forward on the vanguard.

So check out the series of rewards we’ve come up with, and give what you can. This is an investment we’re confident you’ll be proud of for a very long time.

Thanks, and have the best day!

Profoundly, gratefully yours,

Frank, Mike, and Nick


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