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KYND is a place where you can upload your own designs on reusable note-learning decals for ukuleles, guitars and banjo. Sweet!


You just returned from one sweet Dave Matthews concert. You've seen that Jake Shimabukuro video. Bela Fleck has left you speechless. Phish- forget about it! No matter who your musical heroes. Whatever the reason, you've made up your mind: 'I'm gonna learn to play'. Two possible scenarios unfold. One, you're beaming walking in the front door sporting that new guitar, ukulele, or banjo. Oh Yeah! Two, you glance at that dusty thing in the corner of your living room. Hmmm you think to yourself. Am I gonna do it this time?

Now what can I do to learn this thing?

Increase your self confidence.  Learning to play an instrument helps all people set goals and solve problems. Still, lots of people give up after starting. We think it's two things: developing physical dexterity and memorizing your notes on the fretboard. 

That is where KYNDecals come in. Our customizable note-learning decals will help you stick to music.  Using digital print technology over the web, YOU can create tools to help tell your stories in music.

How do we do that?  By offering customizable note-learning decals at, a site where you create custom sets of note learning decals and get free music theory lessons from a professional music teacher. We feature a rotating list of fresh designs produced by in-house and guest designers.

What do we need your funding for?

There are 2 main components we need to develop on our website to realize our vision.

1) Build an image uploader and 2) Build a note template database of fretted instrument scale lengths (the layout of musical notes on your fretboard- measured in inches or millimeters).

How does the image uploader and note database work together?

First, you select the correct note template for your instrument from the database(to start - there will be 12 templates to choose from. 6 guitar, 4 ukulele, and 2 banjo). Imagine dialing up in a similar manner how you set appointment times on your smartphone.  For example dial up:

Guitar- 25.4" length 

major scale, minor scale, pentatonic scale in "A", etc..


Tenor Ukulele - 17.0" length

Blues scale or 'C' Pentatonic scale, etc..

Last step...use the image uploader to create the background. It could be those pics you took at your favorite Dave Matthews concert. Photos of loved ones. Anything. Rotate and crop your background images. Combine your personal background with your guitar or ukulele note template. Preview, approve, order. Voila!

Our mission is to create a new digital medium for music education in and out of the classroom.

 Support our effort!   In exchange for helping us reach our goal, we are offering as rewards 6 different pre-designed backgrounds that can be paired with any of the 6 fretboard templates below. And one sweet t-shirt ... 

REWARDS UPDATE: We have created 2 new rewards offering a create your own set once we have the customization tools in place! 

Reward Details

(1) KYND Set is defined as the following: one template paired with one background. Choose any background with any instrument template. You can mix and match. (6 instrument templates x 6 background designs).

1.  Templates:  Pick your instrument from six choices below (this represents the note templates on foreground):

  • tenor ukulele
  • concert ukulele
  • soprano ukelele
  • 5-String banjo
  • guitar, Standard Tuning (EADGBE)
  • guitar, DADGAD Tuning

2.  Backgrounds:  Pick your background design from the following six options (remember, you may mix and match any template with any background):


Rock Band

Tribal Smoke

Burst of Sun

Red Swirl

Purple Haze

3.  IMPORTANT. You will receive both an SC and LT version of your choice(s). This goes for either choosing an existing design reward or choosing to create your own from our website.

If, when we make our funding we will begin sending backer surveys to gather all the relevant reward info.

4.   T-Shirts:  we will contact all backers of this reward and share the final design for preview before going to print. Current design is "Be KYND. Support a Kickstarter project" on one side and an image of the decals on an instrument on the other side. Please specify your size; t-shirts are unisex.

What's printed on the decals?

KYNDecals contain the locations of musical notes on the fretboard combined with background themes. When the decals are applied to the back of the neck you have a virtual view of all the notes of the fretboard from the open strings to the twelfth fret.

How do they work?

Each KYND set consists of four separate decals. Each decal is color coded to indicate which frets they match. Whether you apply one or all four, you can easily reference the note(s) you're playing.  Your instrument's neck is transformed into a handy reference guide that you can use in real time as you practice or play!

What is the #/b symbol? The #/b symbol indicates locations of enharmonic notes (notes with more than one common name). For example: There is an enharmonic note between the notes C & D. That note could equally be called a C# or a Db. Wherever you see the #/b symbol, that is an enharmonic note between two natural notes.

How do I know they will stick?

Instruments come in all shapes, sizes, and types. So do the finishes used on them to protect and beautify surfaces. Generally speaking, there are two main types: glossy finishes & wipe on oil finishes

KYND (SC) Decals are for 'glossy' finished instruments. Made of high quality static cling, they are easy to apply, leave no residue, and are re-usable. Simply run under a little water, dry off and static charge is restored.  

KYND (LT) Decals are for oil or 'flat' finished instruments. Easy to apply they will not slide out of place or leave any residue. Made of a premier polyester fabric blend they look and feel great in your hand. Store them on their reusable backing when not on your instrument. 

I still don't get it, could you please explain more?

SC = static cling
LT = low tack

Best way to think of it:  which one of these is going to stick to the back of your neck?

For example, if you own a Taylor guitar, generally 90% of them are satin (oil) finished necks.  These are considered 'flat' finishes.  You'll find the static cling won't cling.  But the LT material will perform excellently and peels off easily without any harm or residue, even after one year!  This what testing has revealed so far.

Conversely, you may have a neck that was sprayed in lacquer or shellac. I own an acoustic guitar which has a lacquered neck.  I also have a classical guitar that has a french polished (shellac) neck.  These are considered 'glossy' finishes.  For both of these I use my SC sets.  I'm blown away by how well the static cling works.  I've tested dozens of materials and the SC comes out on top. When they lose charge I can run them under water, clean my guitar's neck, and re-apply.
I don't recommend putting an LT set on the glossy necks. They work and look really cool, but have the potential to leave sticky residue when you peel them off.  There is an easy solution if this happens:  use Naphtha to wipe it off. This is a common cleaner found on every music repair tech's workbench and works like a charm.

This is why we send you both SC and LT versions, to make sure you're totally covered.   

Our Vision  

Once we fulfill all backer rewards our priorities are as follows:

1) Develop the customization tools for This provides visitors the option to upload, preview, and approve their own images for a custom background KYND set for purchase.

2) Expand inventory by increasing the number of background designs to choose from. We currently have 6, our goal is 20 for all sizes of guitar, ukulele, and banjo families. See expenses for more details. 

3) Develop the Theory Girl free music lesson feature of Here, Sarah presents online music instruction using KYNDecals. 

4) Develop the Common Notes Program, an exchange initiative that keeps decals and packaging out of the landfill. We envision using Common Notes to provide kids with a rewarding recycling experience where they get new decals in exchange for old ones.

We work locally here in the Seattle area with our graphic designers and printers for all production. This product is made entirely in the U.S.A.


We've been pretty darn resourceful to get up to this point but there are some costs we cannot avoid, namely set up costs relative to printing and packaging. But this project's first and foremost goal is to pay for the website coding to bring adaptive customization online.

Website customization-  We set our budget for $5000. We base this figure upon quotes from a local web specialist.

Decal Development-  Our graphic design costs right now are averaging $100 to create one complete 4-piece decal set. This involves laying out the note templates to correct scale and measurement, then layering background and foreground together. We will immediately do a couple of banjo designs. Doing a larger order of designs will drive down our per unit costs. We estimate $200 -$1000 if we contract larger batches of designs. 

Packaging and Logo Development-  We've already got a few designs in hand and several packaging prototypes (one of which appears in the video). Set up costs for a packaging die will fall somewhere between $1000-1800. 

Theory Girl-  We've already invested in the equipment we need to broadcast lessons online. We use a Bamboo Capture tablet for writing and a couple of different software programs to deliver the lesson content. It's a labor of love...of music!  

Our success ultimately depends on the support of others. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for yours. We would be nowhere without it. If you feel it please share it!

Rob & Sarah

KYND- Know Your Notes Decals


please visit:


  • Take KYNDecals with you anywhere you take your instrument. They are durable, wrinkle free, and moisture resistant. KYNDecals are a great support to any learning media or used alone. Leave them on your instrument or keep them on their packaging--it doubles as a storable backing when you are not using them.

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  • You can use Know Your Notes Decals directly on your instrument or in combination with learning materials. Nobody likes to look like a beginner. KYNDecals are visible only to you. Only you know when they’re on. Stick them in their correct place on the neck of your instrument, start playing, and start learning your notes--it's as easy as that!

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  • intervals, scales, musical patterns

    playing octaves across your fretboard

    play the same lick in different positions or on different strings

    take chord patterns you already know and figure out what notes they contain

    transpose melodies into different keys

    memorization through singing: sing the name of the note as you play it

    count half-steps and whole-steps, then use the decals to write out all of your favorite scales

    play note-learning games, by yourself or with students (ex. using your decals, find all the G's across the fretboard)

    "getting around" within one position on the fretboard by using one decal at a time

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  • No matter your age, here are simple reasons to learn your notes:

    When you are able to pinpoint the same notes all over the fretboard you can begin to engage with music on music’s terms.

    You have been frustrated by your instrument rather than feeling freed by it.

    Improvisation is simplified--learn which notes work best with certain keys, chords, and scales.

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  • Our first generation of decal designs are engineered for the most popular sizes of guitar, ukulele, and banjo.

    GUITAR SETS- Acoustic or Electric / Fits All: short scale (24.9”), long scale (25.4”)(25.5") . Classical guitars (640-650mm) scale lengths.

    UKULELE SETS- Acoustic or Electric/ Tenor- Fits all models/ Soprano- fits all models/ Concert- Fits all models

    BANJO SET- 5 string banjo/ fits all models (26.25”)

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