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____Safety__________ ______Customization____ __________Convenience____ _________________Beauty____

____Safety__________ ______Customization____ __________Convenience____ _________________Beauty____ Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on January 8, 2013.

About this project

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States that have Driving laws requiring the use a handsfree device while driving for ALL drivers include:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Maryland
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • West Virginia

Why do they have these laws, and why is it spreading to all of the states? The leading factor in many car crashes is distraction, and the most common distractions are hand-held cellphone use and texting.  Bluetooth built into cars do not offer any phone privacy, and limit Bluetooth to just your vehicle.

"When we developed our necklace, we were thinking about the benefits it can offer society in all aspects. Safety is by far the most important of all."

Auranova vs. Other Bluetooth


The Best Necklace...Period

Auranova is the necklace of the future designed for the present. We looked at all necklaces and made the best necklace. We looked at all Bluetooth headsets and made the best headset. Lastly, we combined the two without sacrificing anything, leaving you with convenience, seamless functionality, vibration notification, the best electronics, customization, safety, individuality, and beauty.


How did we design a necklace and ensure its beauty and quality? We found a company that has vast experience and superior connections with jewelry. Neoglory Jewelry fits this description perfectly. Neoglory uses world renown Swarovski Elements. "SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is the premium brand for the finest crystals manufactured by Swarovski. The designers’ choice since the founding of the company in 1895, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS provides creative talents from the world of fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design and lighting with the latest on-trend crystal innovations." With such invaluable resources, our designers have amazing assets at the tips of their fingers.  The SW Model Faceplate is just the beginning of such stunning Swarovski potential.


Auranova is so revolutionary that after a thorough patent search, we found no filed patent that comes close to our product. We filed a provisional patent immediately and are currently patent pending. This will allow us to confidently expand on all areas of our device, offering security while we keep up with technological advancements.


Connect Auranova to your:

  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Computer
  • Gaming Consol
  • and other Bluetooth devices


The design of Auranova is completely unique and allows all of its complexity to be disguised behind simplistic beauty. The device is composed of four pieces:

  • the electronics cord
  • supporting cord
  • electronic base
  • interchangeable faceplate
These pieces seamlessly combine to make an individualized piece of jewelry.

Electronics Cord

This cord alone has unmatched innovation hidden inside. We started off with a simple and reliable 2.5mm headphone jack to save space without sacrificing sound. Next, we developed a completely new earphone. This took an extreme amount of creativity; we needed to develop the smallest, yet most comfortable earphone, while maintaining superior audio quality. The electronics cord is reinforced with woven fibers to ensure durability, memory, and strength. Along the cord, there are two splitter attachments where the supporting cord securely connects. Lastly, we come to the amazing vibration motor. The motor is encased with two layers: a dense, plastic layer ensures it does not shake itself apart, and a soft, smooth outer surface allows the vibration waves to transfer onto your skin comfortably.

Supporting Cord

This cord does exactly as its title states; it supports the device around the neck. The cord loops through the hole on the faceplate and connects to the electronics cord. As simple as this piece is, it serves several hidden purposes. It allows the device to stay balanced while the earphone is in use, prevents the base from sliding off center, and keeps the vibration motor appropriately located on the neck.

Electronic Base

Connections This is where the whole necklace joins together and the functionality comes to life. To start off, the 2.5mm jack insert doubles as a charging insert for the device allowing for internal space to be utilized more efficiently, and less external design interference. The earphone is nested in the back nearly flush with the base.

Buttons On the back, right of the base is the slider switch.  This switch is all that is needed to activate the vibration feature of Auranova, dramatically simplifying several steps into one. The volume buttons, of course, adjust the audio volume to your personal preference. Located between them, is a multi-function button that performs several tasks such as initial pairing of the device, answering calls, and activating voice commands.


These unique, beautiful, and absolutely stunning faceplates are what makes Auranova so individualized and customizable. The silver-plated stainless steel works of art speak for themselves.

+ Launching Faceplate

SW Model Faceplate with Swarovski Elements

General Specifications 

  • Talk time =~ 3-4 hours
  • Bluetooth Software =~ Version 3.0 (Pairs with hosting 4.0)
  • Materials - Encasing for the Base, Vibration Motor - high grade Poly Carbonate          All Faceplates - silver-plated stainless steel and iron in magnetic pairing locations
  • Dimensions =~ Base - 4cm (1.57in) (diameter) x .8cm (.3in)          Faceplates - 4.15cm (1.6in) (diameter) x .9cm          Electronics Cord - 45cm (17.7in) length x 2mm (diameter)          Supporting Cord - 38cm (15inch) length x 1.5mm (diameter)  
  • Internal circumference =~ [Supporting Cord - 38cm (15in)] + [Section of Electronics Cord - 5cm (2in)] =~ 43cm(17in)
  • Shipping Weight =~ .3 - .6 kg

Reward Types


  • 1 Black electronics cord
  • 1 Black supporting cord
  • 1 Black electronics base
  • 1 + Launching Faceplate


  • 1 Black electronics cord
  • 1 Black supporting cord
  • 1 Black electronics base
  • 1 + Launching Faceplate
  • 1 SW Model with Swarovski Elements

Tooling and Manufacturing

The current progress of our project thus far is:

  • ID Design -------------------------------- Complete
  • Mechanical Design -------------------- Complete
  • Prototype --------------------------------- Complete
  • Field Testing ---------------------------- Complete

Once the pledging amount is reached, then such processes begin (they are completed simultaneously):

  • Mold Tooling ---------------------------- Pending (20-25 days as told by manufacturer)
  • Bluetooth Licensing -------------------- Pending (5-10 days as told by manufacturer)

Final stage

  • Manufacturing Mass Production ------ Pending (5-10 days as told by manufacturer)

Upon meeting our pledge amount of $100,000 tooling and licensing will begin immediately.  We will continue to oversee each stage on a daily basis and keep our backers informed of all major updates.


Note: The cords were longer in the prototype in order to test different lengths. The optimal internal cord circumference is 43cm (17in) = 38cm (15inch supporting cord) +  5cm (2in section of electronics cord).

Risks and challenges

The major challenges of any product are finalizing the product and working with the manufacturer to make sure the production is as the design intended. Working with Neoglory, we do not see this as a big issue. Our bluetooth manufacturer has made it their mission to provide us with reliable quality, quick lead-time and good after-sale service. With commitment to price and quality, their skilled engineers are engaged in advancing down cost solutions without sacrificing quality, and the technicians make full inspection on all products before shipment. With ten years of experience working on tooling, sampling and manufacturing, we are very confident working with them. Shipping is not an issue with our product, as we are finalizing two-day shipping with DHL. We will be ready and excited to fulfill the awesome rewards from this kickstarter campaign.

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