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Painter Riva Lehrer draws portrait of graphic novelist Alison Bechdel.
Painter Riva Lehrer draws portrait of graphic novelist Alison Bechdel.
81 backers pledged $5,204 to help bring this project to life.

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San Francisco - World Premiere

Tell your San Francisco friends about
"The Paper Mirror" World Premiere

When: This Sunday, June 17th, 7pm,
Where: Roxie Theater, 3117 16th Street, SF


Many thanks & San Francisco Premiere


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We made it to $5,075!

Wow we made it to $5,075 - even with 2 hours to go! Thank you to all of the very recent supporters!! Deborah Orlov, Carol Kinney, Giovanna Pompele, Shira Bezalel, Judith Rosenzweig and Veronica! And thank you Ronit Bezalel for getting the word out! 

I am very grateful to everyone.

Warm regards,

21 hours left!

Hi everyone, 

We have 21 hours left in the campaign! We’re at $4,722.00. Would you consider telling a friend, posting the campaign on facebook, or increasing your pledge to help us reach $5,000? You can copy and send this link: 

Thank YOU for your generous donations! It’s been a whirlwind of activity between finishing the sound mix, animation and now creating master tapes and DVDs. Right now as I type, the talented graphic designer, Jess Weida, is sending her designs to the production house where postcards and posters will be made. 

 San Francisco here I come! I am getting excited for this upcoming weekend where the world premiere of The Paper Mirror will take place in San Fran at the Roxie Theater, Sunday, 7pm. If you know someone who lives in the San Francisco area, please tell them about The Paper Mirror premiere. It’s part of a program of short films and the program is called “Queermation!” Here is the link: 

Website design is the next task as well as getting the film into other film festivals. Check out our website in the next couple of weeks: We could not do all of this without your help. I have been touched by all of the many donations coming from strangers, family, friends and colleagues. My initial goal was to raise a baseline of $2,650. Now it would be great to reach $5,000 so we can create a powerful outreach campaign, including an expansive website, possibly having it audio described as well as having a version with closed captioning. After the Kickstarter campaign closes, we will send you a report to let you know when you will receive your rewards, etc. 

 Many thanks to everyone! 

Warmest regards, 
Charissa King-O'Brien

We reached our goal and beyond!

We reached our goal and beyond!  This is amazing! Thank you to our recent donators:  Rebecca Parrish, Alice Dreger, Jenell Johnson, Chris Dingess, Stephanie Fontana, Laura Ferguson, Margaret Fink, Jonathan Cohen, David Tomashek, Fossa, Dominique Leonardi, M.N. Kennedy, and Gayle Keresey.

Thank you Toni Armstrong, Jr. for your $500 donation - you are our new Associate Producer!

Thank you to Alison Bechdel who is donating a number of her books and autographing them.

Thank you to Riva Lehrer who spread the word about this campaign and recently offered to include a quick drawing in her catalogue. She wrote this on the facebook fan page: "Anyone who donates 100. or more can request what they'd like to have a drawing of inside their catalog of my work. All books will have some drawing inside, of various levels of intensity...and depending on my current level of caffeination."

Thank you all for your generosity!