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$68.00 pledged of $10,000 goal
$68.00 pledged of $10,000 goal


Flea on a bomb at Mavericks. photo Patrick Trevz
Flea on a bomb at Mavericks. photo Patrick Trevz

"The true story of Mavericks is more amazing than any Hollywood story". - Flea Virostko.  That is why I am making Discovering Mavericks.   The Mavericks are Jeff Clark, Peter Mel, Flea Virostko and Jay Moriarty.

I need three hundred friends to get the DVD and CD limited edition package to meet my goal.  So far I have two.  Only two hundred and ninety eight to go! I am a stay at home father so Kickstarter is the best way for me to raise money on short notice. If I don’t raise the entire $10,000 goal I get nothing. That is how Kickstarter works. Only 16 days to go.

Greetings. My name is Joshua Pomer I am a filmmaker. I started filming my movies when I found my grandpa’s super 8 cameras in the attic when I was eight years old. My grandpa owned a construction company in Connecticut named Associated Construction. He made it pretty big and even built the Hartford Airport and post office. 

He also loved filming with his super 8 cameras. After losing two of his sons to cancer he decided life was too uncertain and retired. He then traveled the world with my grandma filming their journeys. I found his super 8 cameras in the attic in a beach house in Niantic, Connecticut and soon after I moved to Santa Cruz, California. 

I finished my last film two years ago. It is called The Westsiders. It is the documentary of a group of surfers from the Westside of Santa Cruz, ca. I moved to Santa Cruz after that summer. And right away I was filming the surfers down at the lighthouse at Steamer Lane. 

I have wanted to make a Mavericks movie since I got home after all the film festivals with The Westsiders.(my last film)  We won awards at The Newport Beach Film Festival, The Santa Cruz Film Festival, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, The New York Surf Film Festival, The Maine Film Festival, The Los Angeles Film Awards.

 I have started filming and editing Mavericks Documentary. 

Peter Mel Interview on Great White Sharks from Mavericks Doc
Peter Mel Interview on Great White Sharks from Mavericks Doc

I need to rent a helicopter and camera crew for several days. Helicopter angles done correctly can offer visually stunning images. The cost is $3750 per day. That includes a state of the art FULL HD RESOLUTION camera, operator and steady system. I believe I need two-three days of Helicopter camera rental. I need the money in the next thirty days because the winter swell is just now arriving. The Mavericks Surfing Season is on high alert. 

My beautiful wife Nicole works at an awesome yoga store in Santa Barbara named Driste. 

So I watch Ava (our one year old daughter) while she is at work. 

I can offer you a special edition movie DVD and soundtrack CD pack of my Mavericks Documentary with twenty minutes of bonus footage, plus the HD iPod version. If I can pre-sell around 300 copies then I can pay for the helicopter. Once these 1000 copies are gone you will have to order the soundtrack separately. 

Limited Edition DVD/CD PACKAGE
Limited Edition DVD/CD PACKAGE

You will receive your SPECIAL EDITION DVD/CD package by March 1st. A well-known musician in the style of the film Into The Wild will score the soundtrack. Details on the soundtrack are being worked out now. The narrator is a well-known actor who is known for his strong character. 

Here is my calendar for the Mavericks Documentary. Film Mavericks from Helicopter – first swell over fifty feet in December. Continue Editing and have a cut of the film by January 15th. 2013.   Then submitting to film festivals as soon as I have the final cut. 

Follow your dreams my friends. And we will toast to our success, or valiant effort to finding the secret to making our dreams come true. Good Kickstarting to all! Joshua Pomer  

Nicole, Ava and Joshua Pomer
Nicole, Ava and Joshua Pomer

Risks and challenges

Once a project is successfully funded, the real work begins. Every project has risks and challenges, some people will love the film and other will hate it. All you can do is to follow your vision and try your best to share it through good editing, music, interviews and themes.

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