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Chicago and punk rock, together at last! The entire 1969 classic covered loud and fast on genuine heavy duty american vinyl.

5.25.12: Friends, the end grows near. We have but 6 short days to fund our fine vinyl record, so if thou hast been postponing thine pledge, crunch time is upon us! Let all the nectar and ambrosia of the gods be bestowed upon the fine folk who have already pledged, and let them be encouraged tenfold to share with their brethren the magick of ye olde Los Angeles Transit Authority!
Seriously, thanks a comically ridiculous amount to those who have pledged, we can’t believe we’ve made it this far, but we’re not going to make it all the way without your help! We have until this coming Thursday, May 31st at 4:36 pm PDT to reach our goal…and if we don’t? No sexy vinyl…no pulled pork dinners…no animal rights lectures…no graphic descriptions of sex appeal…
As a thank you for all the awesome pledges thus far, and a way to waste 3 minutes and 47 seconds of your life, here’s a hopefully hilarious video ofLATA's cover of I’m a Man, originally written by the Spencer Davis Group, covered by Chicago Transit Authority, and here covered by us. Enjoy! And pass it along!

5.17.2012: In our continuing efforts to bring you the best in exciting Los Angeles Transit Authority related nonsense, we have posted not one, but TWO videos on YouTube for your watching and listening enjoyment. First, Big Jim sobered up (mostly) enough to cut together a Bitchin' Music Video to give you a look at us hard at work making this fine record. Secondly Mr. Mike decided he just had to show off what a badass guitarist he is, so here we have a little rundown of Chicago Horn Parts played on Guitar. We hope you enjoy the videos, and if you want to like 'em on facebook so all your friends can see it too then that's even better! We're getting closer but we've still got a ways to go and only 13 days left to get there, so it's time to really get the word out! or, you know, give us more money, that'll work too...

5.11.2012: Well another week is in the books and we’re that much closer to our goal. Thanks again to everybody who is pledging and spreading that good Los Angeles Transit Authority word. Now, If you haven’t noticed, we’ve added a vegan option for pledges of a hundred dollars or more. If that isn’t enough for you though, we have also lowered the bar to have Los Angeles Transit Authority personally cover songs of your choosing! No, we aren’t getting desperate, if that’s what you’re thinking, (how dare you!) we’re musicians, and believe it or not, we like making music. And we really like passing savings on to you, the consumer! So for just 200 bux we’ll cover any Chicago song you want, and for 400, any song ever! (provided it was not written by Metallica)

We’ve also really got to give a great big thank you to our friends over at 100.3 The Sound. Not only are they the best classic rock station in our fine city, but Larry and Sheri over there have been kind enough to spread the word about Los Angeles Transit Authority over the airwaves. Which if I may be so bold… is… AWESOME! Check it out, here. Finally, we’re still chipping away at some other stuff for you. We’ll probably have some album art to show you sooner than later, and provided we can work out a rights issue or two, we’re looking to have a music video pretty soon for you all, too! So keep checking back, and spreading the word and we’ll keep good ol’ punk rock n roll coming your way as long as we can!

5.2.2012: Well, We’re a third of the way there! I’d say that’s reason enough to celebrate a little, though obviously we’ve still got a ways to go. Really, though, we can’t thank those of you who have already pitched in to get us this far, enough. Also we want to urge you to please spread the word, if you haven’t already. If you know a music fan, or a punk who somehow isn’t broke, or even better, someone with more money than sense, by all means send ‘em our way!

Now with the shameless begging and pleading out of the way, back to the more important job of giving proper thanks where thanks is due. We wanted to give you all something right now, because your support really does mean a lot to us,  and we managed to dig up some outtakes that we think you’ll find interesting. Think of it as a little insight into the painstaking process of working out how we go about reassembling these classic songs. So we present to you a small segment of us in the early stages of figuring out the Spencer Davis Group’s “I’m a Man” recorded live, August 14th, 2011, in Beer City Studios. Enjoy, and Thanks again!

04.19.2012: It's finally here! We have emerged triumphant from the hallowed depths of Beer City Studios in Van Nuys, CA, with the best damn punk rock cover of a Chicago record you've ever heard! It's most likely the only one too, but that's neither here nor there... the point is we need about $3,000 if we are to get it into your hands in a form befitting it's magnificence...and that means vinyl! Sweet, tasty, heavy duty vinyl...which if you didn't know, costs a pretty penny to master and manufacture. So, whether you're an audiophile with a vast collection of phonographs, or a vinyl virgin with a penchant for interior design (LPs frame beautifully, hint hint...), order your copy of our first vinyl pressing and be a part of Chicago AND punk rock history.

And don't think we're resting on our laurels just yet, there's still plenty of work to be done! We will keep you informed as we hound publishers for licenses and scribble album art on bar napkins. So stay tuned for new ridiculous videos, streaming songs (like the one right up there!) from the record, and any other fun stuff we can manage to throw your way. And please, don't hesitate to let us know what you think, or if you're interested and want more information.

Watch the video above, and if you somehow still have questions, see below.

(A special thanks to Bill at for his amazingly accurate transcriptions of Chicago horn parts. You kick ass Bill.)


Q: Chicago? Really...? Why Chicago?

Jim: Because F*#& you! that’s why...

Mike: What Jim meant to say, I think, was that he has always loved this particular record, and in fact has always thought it shared a thematic, if not stylistic link to seminal punk rock albums that would follow, by artists like the Clash, or Subhumans. Surely the exuberant mix of styles and disregard for genre trappings on display on Chicago Transit Authority could be easily compared to the arrangements on display in London Calling or Sandinista.

Q: No, seriously... what the hell were you thinking?

Jim: Well, you know I have been drinking pretty heavily, lately.

Mike: Of course it would be very hard to come up with a single reason why an  artist undertakes any endeavor, especially one of this magnitude. I assure you though, the forthcoming band biography, “Out Of Work With Nothing Better To Do: the Epic Saga of Los Angeles Transit Authority” should answer any and all such questions.

Q: Alright, so what in the world do you clowns need $3000 for anyway?

Mike: We felt that after the amount of time and energy we put into this project, it would be doing it a disservice to just slap the songs up on iTunes and call it a day. Part of what makes the original CTA the incredible work that it is, is the way it fits together as a whole record, and if we’ve done this right, the same will be said of our record. So that’s a roundabout way of saying that cutting vinyl costs a pretty penny. 

Jim: Also, and this will probably kill whatever measly punk rock cred I have left, but we really wanted to make sure that we didn’t cut any corners, and that the incredible artists who wrote the original songs collected here get their proper due, and of course, that costs something too.

Q: Ok, so you aren’t scamming us and buying gold plated guitars then?

Jim: I’d be lying if I said the thought hadn’t crossed my mind... but no. we are not. We are also not charging for the year or more that we’ve spent in and out of the studio... we do that because it’s something we love to do. So all we are looking for is the cash necessary to make a physical product, and bring this crazy dream of ours to fruition.

Q: I really, really want to try Big Jim’s world famous pulled pork, but I’m afraid I don’t live in or around Los Angeles, CA! What can I do?

Mike: Donating an exorbitant amount of money to our campaign, or living somewhere we want to go, or perhaps being someone we really want to meet, will all improve your chances of being graced with the presence of two degenerates in your home, cooking/ruining your dinner.

Q: Yeah, about that... Can Mike’s lecture about the terrors of the meat industry wait until after we eat?

Jim: No. Mike’s lecture will last the entire evening.

Q: If you shysters somehow manage to con the fine folks of the internet community out of even more than the $3,000 you are shooting for, how is  that extra money going to be spent?

Jim: Hookers and blow...

Mike: Again, what I think Jim is alluding to, is that we would most certainly take a small portion of any extra money that comes in, above and beyond what we have determined necessary to producing this fine record, to compensate ourselves for the year of work that has gone into the project. As for the rest of it, well, it’s never too early to start thinking about the next album is it?


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