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A True Story. In 1977, a young man stumbles upon the greatest comic book collection in history, sparking the subculture we know, today.

A True Story. In 1977, a young man stumbles upon the greatest comic book collection in history, sparking the subculture we know, today. Read More
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About this project

Based on a $50,000,000 true story...

In early 1977, CHUCK, a young, struggling comic book dealer in Boulder, CO unwittingly stumbles upon the greatest comic book collection in history.  The 18,000 comics, stashed away in the basement closet of a tiny Denver home, contained one pristine copy of virtually every comic book published during comic's Golden Age of the late 1930's, 40's and early '50's. This discovery remains one of the greatest collectibles finds of all time.  If discovered today, the collection would be worth more than $50,000,000. 

But the real story takes place in what happens next to our protagonist and to an entire subculture.

           ...the birth of collecting's modern age...   

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In 1970, there were perhaps only 12,000 comic book collectors.  But, by the end of that decade their number reached a quarter of a million. These were the most eventful days of the hobby, and EDGAR’S COMICS is that story.   

The collection could have been found by anyone.  But, we learn how Chuck’s unique life story personifies the adage, “luck favors the prepared”. With an existential drive and sense of purpose, he vows to change the world of comic collecting, forever. From the age of 13, Chuck’s entrepreneurial spirit, in the face of a tragic boyhood, places him at the center the hobby’s origins. We see how his early choices lead him, inexorably, towards that moment when he opens the door to a modern-day King Tut’s Tomb.

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The discovery of the Edgar Church/Mile High Collection is used as a lens, through which to tell the story of the adolescent years in the life of comic book collecting. Comic book collecting, as we understand it today, didn't exist until the late 1960's.  Back then, the hobby was a small, scattered, yet intense, network of hard core fans with limited access to shared information and hardly any sense of community. Gradually, from the primordial ooze of the 1960's, a cohesive subculture evolved and began to emerge in growing numbers, in a search to share with their own.

Edgar’s comics create conflict in a world run by “amateurs”.  While an amateur is in it for the love, that may not enough to take that passion to the next level; to help the community to grow and thrive. These comics literally force that culture to adapt with the discovery of a collection that wasn’t supposed to exist.

Our youthful lead character is forced to make hard personal and business decisions that challenge the establishment which, in this case, is driven more by emotion and less by practical reason.  As a result, he is beset by skepticism and scorn from the orthodox factions within the sometimes eccentric community that he loves.  Chuck becomes both respected and loathed. 

In fully developed “B” and “C” stories, Chuck is encouraged by a mentor (a proxy for his cruel stepfather), and pursues the woman he yearns for, all while wrestling with the ethical dilemma of what is right and what is wrong.  Does he get it right? And just how did this improbable time capsule come to be? Who was Edgar? Why do his strange, adult children want to throw away what Chuck knows to be lost treasure? Why is his daughter so bitter? How can Chuck buy this collection with less than $2,000? 

All of these questions are answered as we follow a young man’s journey through the most eventful days that this fanatical culture has ever known.

What are you trying to accomplish?

$15,000 is the minimum amount we need to complete the First Act of the Three Act screenplay.  This will take the audience up to the discovery of the collection, and a bit beyond.  We learn a lot about CHUCK and the world of comics collecting to that time.  There is definitely emotional payoff in what we are delivering, and what it means to a young man and the hobby.

What if you raise more?  

We can tell the complete story for $100,000.  The more we raise, the more we tell and to a higher production standard.

More questions?

Please ask.  We want to hear from you!  We're honest, up-front people and we will give you straight answers.  Please consider this your invitation to participate.  Send us a message...we will get back to you, fast.

Best regards to the entire Kickstarter Community, and a special thanks to you Patrons of the Arts.


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