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Magnifi connects the iPhone 4 / 4S to your binoculars, microscope, or telescope allowing you to take pictures through the eyepiece.
Magnifi connects the iPhone 4 / 4S to your binoculars, microscope, or telescope allowing you to take pictures through the eyepiece.
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Magnifi iPhone 5 Launch! Pre-order in the next 3 days for shipment Friday Dec 21st

Arcturus Labs is proud to announce Magnifi for iPhone 5. It's official! The world's first photoadapter case designed specifically for the iPhone, now includes support for the iPhone 5!

(photo credit: Wired)

With Magnifi you can capture and share images from your favorite optical instruments like never before, making it the perfect gift for that "perfect" nerd on your holiday shopping list. 

New customers can purchase a complete Magnifi for iPhone 5 ($79.99US). Those of our backers that already have the current version of Magnifi need only to upgrade their case portion ($39.99US). All cases and eyepiece adapters within the Magnifi line are interchangeable via Magnifi's universal bayonet mount. 


* Limited quantities are available for the Friday Dec. 21st launch date. While supplies last, orders placed on or before this Thursday Dec 20th 10am (California Time) are eligible for shipment on the Friday December 21st ship date. Click the link above to visit our webstore, where you can calculate the total including tax and shipping, before checking out.

Note that we ship via USPS first class parcel. Tracking is complete for domestic destinations. International shipments include insurance, but tracking may not include some portions handled by the corresponding foreign mail service. We regret that we are unable to offer a more expedited shipping method at this time. This means that some shipments may arrive a few days after Christmas. Click the link above to see more shipping related details on our webstore. For an optical instrument fitting guide and additional information on the launch, please feel free to check out our FAQ: 

 Wishing you Happy Holidays, 

 The Arcturus Labs Team

Thank You!

And they’re off! We shipped the bulk of the Kickstarter Magnifi's out last week, with a few of the remaining units shipping out earlier this week. We want to thank you for your support during this journey! 


As you start to use Magnifi, make sure to re-watch the Kickstarter video and consult the included QuickStart Guide for reference. These will greatly reduce your learning curve with the Magnifi alignment process. 


We are happy to report that Magnifi is also now in stock and available for sale via our website ( at the retail price of $80 US (plus tax and shipping). Make sure to tell your friends and colleagues, whom you might have seen oogling your Magnifi :). 


Welcome to the Magnifi family. We could not have made it thus far without you, for which we are very, very grateful! 



When your unit shipped, you should have received an email containing a USPS First-Class Mail tracking number. For international orders, this number only shows tracking info up to the point the point that the package departs the USA. 


Domestic shipments generally arrive within 7 business days. International shipments do not have a guaranteed arrival time due to the potential for customs-related delays. Depending on country of destination, international delivery can take up to 20 business days to arrive. If you have not received your shipment by this time, please let us know via or a private message on Kickstarter using the “send message” button above the video on our Kickstarter project page. Contacting us in one of these two ways is highly preferred, as we are unable to respond in a timely or complete way to individual order-related questions posted in the general comments page of the Kickstarter project. 


We have attempted to contact privately the few remaining backers from whom we still need either their shipping address survey results and/or international shipping upgrade in order to send out their shipment. If you haven’t heard from us, and you haven’t received a shipping confirmation email, please let us know via email or Kickstarter message, as described above. 



If you encounter difficulty in using Magnifi, give us a chance to help you and/or make it right by sending us an email at We read each and every email that comes in (though it sometimes takes us a couple of days to respond). The same is true, if you have an idea for how we might improve Magnifi to better suit your needs. A picture is worth a thousand words, so feel free to attach images that help explain what you mean in more detail. 


We love hearing from our users about their uses for Magnifi. Little notes of encouragement can really make our day. We also love seeing images that our users have taken with Magnifi. We’ve even put one or two of them up on our website as examples (, with due credit and permission, of course ☺. Let’s keep the conversation going… 


Finally, we leave you with two Magnifi pictures for your viewing pleasure:

1. A butterfly wing - (loaner butterfly: Jonathan and Kristyn Rylander)

2. The recent Transit of Venus across the sun - (photo credit: Ryan Steger.)


Thank you again for your support and happy Magnifi-ing! 


With Warm Regards, 

Isaac and Xianne

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The Magnifis are Multiplying!

Thank you to everyone who supported us on Kickstarter! We are gearing up for shipment of the "#1 Fan" and "Just Can't Wait" rewards on May 31st. The rest of the rewards are also on schedule for shipment on June 30th.


Thank you again for your support! If you missed the opportunity to pre-order your Magnifi via kickstarter, we are pleased to announce that Magnifi is now available for via out website ( at the retail price of $79.99 (plus tax and shipping) with the original Kickstarter ship date of June 30th!


We thought we would send along a picture of the Magnifis as they continue to multiply.


Warm Wishes,

Isaac and Xianne

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We're Funded! (+Applications and Shipping)


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Wired, medGadget, and more, plus a Kickstarter Staff Pick


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