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User-friendly for beginners;
Quality printing expected by pros;
A petri dish for creative children;
Attractive & Affordable for YOU.
User-friendly for beginners;
Quality printing expected by pros;
A petri dish for creative children;
Attractive & Affordable for YOU.
User-friendly for beginners; Quality printing expected by pros; A petri dish for creative children; Attractive & Affordable for YOU.
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    1. GEEETECH Creator on

      @Christoph Sobotta, as Mr Doug said, could your computer recognise the serial port (COM port) normally? You can try the V1.23.25 firmware for E180.…
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      Doug on

      Christoff, There is one thing I have found that will prevent the toolbox software from displaying the UPGRADE button. It seems that you have to be using an account that has Administrator privileges. If you are not in an administrator account, you cannot change the serial port setup to match the E180, and the software will be inoperative.
      If your normal account is not an admin account, then switch to one that is and run the toolbox software again. It can be somewhat of a nuisance to use a non-admin account, but is much more secure. I always operate from a non-admin account unless I have special needs, such as this.

      You said that your firmware is deleted. I wonder if you mean that the display is not functioning normally, and you cannot control anything. There is a posting on the Geeetech forum in the E180 thread that tells how to re-write the memory card containing the display firmware. It is fairly easy, and from what I've seen, the display can get corrupted if something goes wrong, which does seem to occur. My printer shipped with firmware v 13.16. I have not found any problem with normal USB or memory card printing with it, other than the extruder steps/mm are 30% low. That is easy enough to correct in your slicer as I may have mentioned below.

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      Christoph Sobotta on

      after working good with my E180, the machine doesn't work.The firmware ist deleted and I find no way to Upgrade. There is no signe that the controller will install the new programm from the Firmware Toolbox. I try to get in contact by email No answer. Please give me any sort of help because the machine is no longer usable.
      Christoph Sobotta

    4. Missing avatar

      Doug on

      The FW is V13.16 and the hardware is V1.4
      The latest version on the Geeetech forum is 13.16. If there was a later firmware version on the forum, I would have installed it already, providing I could find it. The extruder steps in 13.16 has to be 65. Given that 95 gives the right extrusion, the ratio 65/95 gives the exact short coming that both the poster in the Geeetech forum and I measured. How about some tools that gives the user the ability to make permanent changes to the EEPROM? I couldn't find a way to make the change stick.

    5. GEEETECH Creator on

      @Doug, what's the firmware version of your E180? You can find it in the "About" interface on the touch screen. Maybe you need to upgrade the version for new parameters. It is easy to do.

    6. Missing avatar

      Doug on

      When I removed the cover to the extruder and saw that the drive gear was exactly the same size as the one Geeetech ships on a MK8 extruder (11 mm OD), I had a strong hint that the steps/mm in the FW were low. This considering that the steps/mm were reported as 65 on the Geeetech forum, and they are 95 for my I3 Pro with the same drive gear.

      When I sent the command M92 E95 to the E180 and then checked the extrusion accuracy, it was right where it should have been. Did I receive the wrong drive gear in the extruder in my machine?, or did I get a firmware version that should not have been loaded?
      There is a simple enough work-around, but what is the real fix?

    7. GEEETECH Creator on

      @Doug @Robert, please join us in Geeetech 3D Printer User club
      Or Email to We will help you find the solution as soon as possible~

    8. Missing avatar

      Doug on

      I've been off on other things for a few weeks, but it looks like the under-extrude problem is built into the HW or FW and will NOT heal itself.

      I found that the skipping problem was caused by the USB on the computer I was using. The E180 works on the computer my other printer is connected to. I have never had a USB problem with the first computer, so I'm guessing there is something sensitive with the E180 com.

      I put the thing back in the box a few weeks ago. If there isn't a resolution in the next month and a half when my grandson comes to visit, I'll peddle the thing locally and buy him a printer from a company that lets their engineers support the product in a proper way, i.e., not through social media and a poorly organized tech forum staffed by people which appear to have no backup support when a real problem is presented to them.

      From what I've seen the hardware is more than decent; it deserves to succeed. It's the loose ends that they need to address in a coherent fashion, and that problem most likely lies with Geeetech management, not the tech guys.

    9. Robert Bersch

      Well I have had this thing for a few weeks now.. Not happy with it at all. Constant under extrudes way to adjust it. I'm watching it now not draw in the pla and printing like crap. It could be the Simple3D program which is also not good. I slice and save to the card and run it off that.. something that needs to be on near my computer to work is useless for me. Very disappointed in this machine.

    10. Missing avatar

      Trevor Casey on

      Thanks for the info, I had success by changing USB ports as suggested to me on the unofficial Facebook page and it all kicked in no problems. So now I can start to have a bit more fun without having to swap the memory card from printer to pc and back.

    11. Missing avatar

      Doug on

      Lauri, I adjusted the flow-rate to 1/0.7 and of course, things looked normal. Good thing it wasn't farther off; the adjustment range in Repetier Host only goes to about 1.5.
      The next task is to get an idea of what is causing the controller to jump to a new location in the middle of a print and then continue on with the job. My first thought was that maybe it was because I wasn't using a USB cable with a transient suppressor on it connected to a USB 3 port. I switched to a std. USB port, and it seemed OK 'till last night. I'll have to use the cable supplied or a different computer (or both). I didn't open the cable because this printer is for a grand child and I want to minimize repacking.

    12. Missing avatar

      Lauri on

      @Doug for now you can just adjust the extrusion multiplier in the slicer and you should be good

    13. Missing avatar

      Doug on

      I looked into the under-extrusion I have seen in the test prints I've made. I did the standard test of marking the filament, advancing it a known amount, and then marking the filament again after the second advance. When I compared the distance between the marks against the 150 mm that the filament should have advanced, it advanced only 0.7 of the expected amount. There is a Jan 1 posting on the Geeetech forum which describes the identical problem of under-extruding, with the nearly identical scale measured scale factor of 0.69. I checked the drive voltage on the stepper driver and it was nominal. Also, there was no indication of the steppers missing steps during the prints.
      It appears to me that either the wrong diameter drive gear is used in the extruder stepper motor, or the number of steps per millimeter set in the firmware is incorrect.
      What is the solution?

    14. Steve Bolton

      Got my e180 a few days ago and there was a screw rolling around lose inside the foam packing shell with the printer sealed in. Its come from somewhere inside the printer not the packs of parts that were on the outside.

      Sent photo and email and facebook message but nobody has responded. This thing is legally d.o.a. Could be broken, incomplete build , fire hazard. Etc. keen to get this thing running and pissed off at lack of response from geeetech.

    15. Missing avatar

      Doug on

      @Trevor Casey,
      I have setup my E180 with both EasyPrint and Repetier Host under Win 10. Windows should install the USB to Com driver automatically, although it was already present in the computer I used. EasyPrint should work for the E180 without too much effort as all you have to do is select it from a list, but in other programs, you have to get the baud rate correct, and in this case it is 115200 when you setup up the interface in other software. There are other settings relating to the firmware flavor, and I'm not sure I made the right choice (marlin/repetier), or if the right choice is there. Not everything works correctly in the manual mode of Repetier Host, but it does work, although I haven't tracked down the under-extrusion I have seen. I probably won't spend much time with EasyPrint. At first glance, there seems to be too many rough edges, and Geeetech has made it next to impossible to find the latest version on their web site. I had to resort to a general search engine to find it. Be careful, it's not hard to find a version that is grossly out of date on the Geeetech web site! V 1.1.7 seems to be the latest.

    16. Missing avatar

      Doug on

      My printer arrived a couple days ago in good condition. Also, very good build quality and workmanship! I immediately noticed that there seemed to be a detent in the operation of the bed in one positon along its travel. I removed the bed and examined the rollers and belt. No damage was evident. I removed the extruded rail and examined the rollers and bearings, everything seemed normal, but there is still pronounced detent at one point in the travel when the bearings are loaded as in normal operation. I am guessing that there is a problem with one or more of the 8 ball bearings in the rollers, but I haven't found it.
      A second problem showed up when I reinstalled the bed and checked the alignment. The large amount of spring tension that was placed on the adjustment screws when it was aligned at the factory caused the bed to be significantly warped in two axes. I loosened the springs and the bed and bracket returned to flatness.
      In this design, there is normal droop in the cantilevered arm, which results in the bed having to be lower on outboard side. There is nothing wrong with this, but unless there are two compensating spacers on the two inboard adjustment springs (or redesign of the lower plate), there will always be a large difference in the tension between the springs when the bed is aligned, which can cause the bed to flex. This is made worse by the fact that the bed is adjusted to give a full 130 mm of vertical travel and the springs have to be compressed significantly more than they need for normal service. I corrected this by installing a 1.1 mm washer under the inboard springs and reduced the vertical travel by a millimeter or two which avoided excess compression of the outboard springs. Now, there is similar tension in all 4 springs and it's not excessive.
      Another thing that I believe is necessary for good service is to apply some blue locktite to the threads of the adjusting screws, and maybe even the two screws that hold the lower plate to the extrusion, although they do have lock washers. The locktite prevents the adjustment screws from loosening due to vibration and temper changes. It works beautifully on my I3 Pro C; I rarely have to adjust the bed.

    17. GEEETECH Creator on

      hi @Radu
      Please send the photos to I will send the replacement asap.

    18. Missing avatar

      Radu Donca on

      My printer arrived yesterday. Overall, it is a good product, and I like the build quality.

      However, there are two problems. The first one is the same that Trevor Casey had. The screws for the filament holder are too short and the holes are not aligned. I fixed it with longer screws and a little bit of force...

      The second problem is the reason I'm writing this comment. The guide rail rollers under the table got damaged during transport. One of them is broken and the others have dents in them. Please tell me how can I get 4 new rollers so I can replace the faulty ones.


    19. Missing avatar

      Trevor Casey on

      Has anyone been able to get the printer connected to a pc running win10?

    20. Brian Kilo on

      Has mine shipped yet? If not, do you know when?

    21. GEEETECH Creator on

      your printer has been sent out, i will update the tracking number to you tomorrow.

    22. Missing avatar

      yurassik on

      I am backer 29 and yet I have to recieve nor the printer or the tracking number.

    23. GEEETECH Creator on

      @Trevor Casey We will check the problem asap.

    24. GEEETECH Creator on

      @Bill Jenkins I notice that you asked to buy a 3D wifi module. I want to confirm if you plan to use it with E180, if so, there is no need. If you buy it for your other printers, it is ok, please contact our sales for it.

    25. GEEETECH Creator on

      Hello @Brian This E180 has the feature of wifi connectivity, there is a wifi module in-built, so you don't need to buy the 3D wifi module.

    26. Missing avatar

      Trevor Casey on

      I'm backer 16 and my printer arrived this morning.
      As I am new to 3D printing I have not started it up yet.
      I am a little disappointed that the first problem I have (although minor for me) is that the screws to assemble the filament holder are too short ( or the counter boring for the screw heads isn't deep enough ) either way it's not a great start into the world of 3D printing if the manufacturers can't get this little detail correct.
      I fixed the problem by counter boring the holes a little deeper for the screw heads as I didn't have longer screws on hand.
      I hope I can get this printer up and running with the minimum of fuss now.

    27. GEEETECH Creator on

      @Bill and @Brian
      Sorry for the late of reply. We were busy with the packing and shipping these days, so that we forgot to check the comments.
      As to the Banggood and Gearbest, they are also very important backers for this project. They ordered long before the Kickstarter launched. So they can have a small batch to sell first. But as you can see, the prices are much more than what you get from Kickstarter. We are grateful for each of our Kickstarter backers, as well as Banggood and Gearbest.
      Your orders are scheduled to be shipped next week. We will update the tracking number to you.
      Again, I apologize for the late of reply.

    28. Brian Kilo on

      @Bill Jenkins - I agree with you, Bill. We aren't a priority when you consider retailers are already selling the printer. We contributed money to help develop this product but we clearly aren't respected by the company.

    29. Missing avatar

      Bill Jenkins on

      A timely response to questions posted here is considerately requested. Leaving questions unanswered for multiple days to weeks is not respectful or considerate. I am loosing confidence in Geetech.

    30. Brian Kilo on

      I got feedback from my nephew who got his from His included a free wifi module and the price was $245 including shipping. He really likes it. It's his first 3D printer so he may not know the difference between a good and bad print but he likes it so far. I hope we are getting the free wifi module. According to the campaign, the wifi module was supposed to be an add-on. It would suck if we could have got it faster and with a 3D module for less if we had just bought retail. I noticed shipping has been pushed back to Dec 30th from so it must be pretty popular.

    31. Missing avatar

      Bill Jenkins on

      Could you please advise what is the last pledge number shipped? I am backer #52 and it is the day before Christmas and I still have not received a shipping number. WHEN is this likely to ship? It was purchased as a Christmas present but alas no luck.

    32. Missing avatar

      Doug on

      Sorry for botching your name!

    33. Missing avatar

      Doug on

      Look at it this way. If this is your first printer, the minor delay gives you more time to gather the things you are going to need sooner or later. A few essentials IMO are an exacto knife, a retractable razor scraper, a set of small hobby files, some CA glue (SuperGlue) and of course filament and a list of things to print.

    34. Missing avatar

      Lauri on

      @GEEETECH Apologies for my negative comment. I was a bit too excited to get the printer for the holidays when I had plenty of time to play with it.

    35. GEEETECH Creator on

      @Lauri hi, please check the latest update.

    36. Brian Kilo on

      I ordered one from and I already have a tracking number with delivery in 4 days. When is the other going to arrive? I ordered one as a present for my nephew after telling him I was getting him one for Christmas. I didn't have faith this would arrive by Christmas. The one I ordered is arriving Friday.

    37. Missing avatar

      Lauri on

      I'm becoming concerned if the printer will get here in time for christmas.

    38. GEEETECH Creator on

      hi @Martin,
      The printers will be shipped out in sequence of backer number soon.

    39. Missing avatar

      Martin Radvansky on

      my backer number is 154
      when do you expect to ship it?
      best regards.

    40. Brian Kilo on

      @Ferry - The last 3D printer I bought from China came via DHL and only took two days. Most companies in China that send higher value items or larger items will typically use DHL or FedEx.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ferry on

      Hi @Geetech,

      When do you expect to ship the units? I don't know about most countries, but postal/courier services get pretty busy around this time of year, and unless you send it very soon, I doubt it will make it in time for Christmas. Thank you

      PS: I'm also unable to view your facebook page.

    42. GEEETECH Creator on

      @Creator Have you tried to visit other page. I have double checked, our page is open to everyone, and is visible to anyone from any country.

    43. Brian Kilo on

      @Creator - When I go to your FB page it says, "You must log in to view this page" and then has the place to enter name and PW or create a new account.

    44. GEEETECH Creator on

      Hello @Brian The geeetech facebook page is visible to the public.

    45. Brian Kilo on

      Is your Facebook page open to the public to view? I don't have and I don't want a Facebook account. I can't see anything on your Facebook page unless I create an account.

    46. GEEETECH Creator on

      @Bill Jenkins Thanks for the update.

    47. Missing avatar

      Bill Jenkins on

      I found the address section at it has been updated. Bill

    48. Missing avatar

      Bill Jenkins on

      My order # is dfcca70d49a2939f075f0dcf33a432dc I need to verify you have my correct mailing address as I moved since I placed the order. How can I do that? Thank you. Bill

    49. GEEETECH Creator on

      Hello @Doug you can join our faceblook group and ask questions here

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