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$16,963 pledged of $50,000 goal
By Suppressive Fire Games, LLC
$16,963 pledged of $50,000 goal

Stretch Goals!

Stretch Goals Announced!

$52k - Linux - We'll ensure that a Linux version of the game is available to our our fans at Launch.  

$55k - Power module system - Further customize your playstyle by equipping up to two power modules that modify your combat, movement, and special ability stats. 

$60k - PSN/PS4/PS Vita + Wii U 

$75k - Additional scope - Two new areas. In one, explore a lab teeming with the aberrant descendants of eons-old genetic experiments. In another, discover a more explicit, in-depth reveal of your character's horrifying backstory. In each, face off against a new boss. 

$85k - Weapon handling system - 1 handed vs 2 handed combat mechanics. Modified accuracy and power will now come into play as you can choose to one-hand or two-hand certain guns. 

$100k - Armor customization- Customize your character's appearance with discoverable breastplates, gauntlets, shoulder plates, and headgear. Armor will have varying effects on movement, abilities, and combat. 

$120k - Crafting system - Collect mechanical components and electronics from the burnt-out husks of your fallen enemies to craft weapons, armor, and power modules

$130k - Cooperative wave-based multiplayer mode 

$140k - Competitive PvP multiplayer duels

Thanks for the support everyone!  I hear there's some other big game that's come out recently... but let's show the world our love for Metroidvanias!!  Tell your friends, tell your coworkers, tell your family members!


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