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PARTY PARTY PARTNERS and QUIET HOOVES present ATTEMPTS:  The Path to Discovery's video poster

Party Party Partners and Quiet Hooves are bringing you Discovery Style Entertainment: "Saddle Up" on Black Vinyl. Join us on The Path to Discovery. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 5, 2010.

Party Party Partners and Quiet Hooves are bringing you Discovery Style Entertainment: "Saddle Up" on Black Vinyl. Join us on The Path to Discovery.

About this project

Hey y'all, this is Mercer West of Party Party Partners and Quiet Hooves.

Party Party Partners is a group of folks making music and art in Athens, GA. We operate a record label and book shows all over the whole world. Quiet Hooves is a real great band. We are asking for your support, kind reader.


Part 1: The Path to Discovery

Party Party Partners are currently pursuing Discovery Style Entertainment: that which brings you to the razor's very edge my friends. Party Party Partners and Quiet Hooves are currently on the path of discovery inside the cutting edge. Quiet Hooves have finished a brand new record, our second full-length Saddle Up. Saddle Up is 10 tracks of minimal pop gems written by Julian Bozeman and recorded on a magic carpet by Javier Morales. We will soon bring you a chest of actual jewels from the journey. You can preview two early mixes of the tracks from our album at the following hotlinks:

"My Girl"

"Can't Catch a Break"

We are very proud of this adventure and we have decided that we would like to share it with the whole world wide. Party Party Party Partners is teaming up with to bring you a telethon-style fundraising campaign: ATTEMPTS. We have a tiered prizing system on the right which will help guide you. Starting at a contribution of $15 you can pre-order the brand new Quiet Hooves LP due in late October 2010.

We are sending these rare tracks to Nashville Record Productions to print a limited edition run of 300 black vinyl LPs. Your support will help us pay for printing this run of LPs as well as contributing to the costs of making Saddle Up: mixing and mastering, materials for eco-friendly album artwork, CD and tape duplication, and assorted publicity stunts. Your support will also grease-wheel sundry assignments such as constant touring and video elaborations. Exciting developments constantly afoot: Quiet Hooves enter our Cold Mountain Hideaway in September to record tracks for a third album, "Night Mares".

We are now utilizing this moment to tell you about That Personal Touch.

Part 2: That Personal Touch (A Tradition of Loving Givingness)

That Personal Touch is a story about the chosen gifts which you may receive from our sagely-considered roster of artists upon receipt of your kindly support. Party Party Partners is not only Quiet Hooves but also a host of other distinguished guests:

The Dream Scene :

bubbly mommy gun :

Lord Scrummage :

Mouser :

Mans Trash :

Check the list below in order to commit fully to our colorful releases. We believe 100% in all of these artists and are excited to share this music with you. Choose your favorite prizes from these bands and we will send them to you as indicated on the appropriate tier level at your right! And hey, with downloads codes we will send you these downloads codes immediately upon commitment - why wait for your codes?

::: :::

Vinyl Releases from Party Party Partners

Quiet hooves - Saddle Up 12"
Quiet hooves - bigg boy 7"
bubbly mommy gun - ain't got no favorite color 12"
Lord Scrummage - From the Future 12"
The Dream Scene - Christmas 12"

Digital Downloads Codes

quiet hooves / the dream scene - split
quiet hooves / bubbly mommy gun - I WILL BE GOOD

Saddle Up
No Mare o' Mine
split w/ The Dream Scene
split I WILL BE GOOD w/ bubbly mommy gun
Live and Let Live (live at the caledonia)

4 Songs EP

ain't got no favorite color

From The Future
Assorted Benny/Lenny Stoofy releases

Storm Dumps

Complete 13 Album Download
Greatest Ts

Thanks for watching every body. Send me an email with all of your pressing questions, concerns, and schemes. Thank you for your ongoing interest in Party Party Partners, see you soon.

- Mercer West
Party Party Partners


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    We hope to form a more perfect union with you, Fellow Traveler. For $5 we will send you a digital copy of PARTY PARTY PARTNERS present ATTEMPTS, a PPP digital compilation. Here we have 2 hottest tracks from each of your favorite PPP artists.

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    At $10 you have become our dear friend. As our dear friend we wish to send you a hi-quality digital full-length album of your choice from our release schedule. Choose your pleasures wisely from Quiet Hooves, The Dream Scene, bubbly mommy gun, Lord Scrummage, Mouser, and Mans Trash. We will also send you the now-coveted PPP digital compilation. This two-part Digital Series can be yours starting at $10; send us an email after your pledge and we will give you download codes immediately. Even if we fail you can still keep the downloads codes.

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    Pledge $12 or more

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    You are our true companion, we will send you the Party Party Partners T-shirt in the mail in addition to our two-part Digital Series.

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    Pledge $15 or more

    25 backers


    Thank you for your contribution of $15, dearly beloved. Upon consummation of our journey together we will shower you with a special house-crafted package containing the limited edition Quiet Hooves LP Saddle Up. We will also send you the Digital Series listed above. Any vinyl record awarded in these tiers may be traded for 1 t-shirt and 1 full-length digital download, keep that in mind as we travel through the tiers.

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    Pledge $30 or more

    25 backers

    PARTY BOOSTER Every Party needs a Booster, thanks for your support. We are sending you any 2 vinyl records from our catalog, choose from The Dream Scene, quiet hooves, Lord Scrummage, and Bubbly Mommy Gun. We will also send you a t-shirt of your choosing, the Digital Series + 1 bonus code (!), and 3 Party Party Partners Official Postcards.

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    Pledge $40 or more

    10 backers Limited (10 left of 20)

    NEXT TO LAST FESTIVAL Ho-wee its over Halloween weekend and the days preceding in Athens GA. Party Party Partners will pleasure you with an amulet to navigate the 9 Layers of Dang with VAN DYKE PARKS, ESG, THE MUSIC TAPES, QUIET HOOVES, The Dream Scene, bubbly mommy gun, Lord Scrummage, Mouser, and Mans Trash and Edan, Noot D'Noot, Reptar, Skeletons, Bird Names, Halloween LIVE, Halloween Bands: Prince, My Bloody Valentine, Capt Beefheart, The Ramone, Sonic Youth, Los Meesfits, Noot d' Noot, EAR PWR, Mouser, DJ Dog Dick, Run DMT, Dope Body, bubbly mommy gun, Malaikat Dan Singa, Diane Cluck, Adrian Orange, Lickity Splits, Hot New Mexicans, Dead Dog, Witches, Avocado Happy Hour, Hume, Generation, How I Quit Crack, Rhythm Bandit, Sleeping Friends, Mans Trash, Marriage, Lazer Wulf, Elite Tha Showstoppa, Future Ape Tapes, Green Gerry, Grape Soda, The Back Pockets, Splinter Cake, Foot Ox, Steven Trimmer, Franz Nicolay, Clare and The Reasons, Circle Pit, Supercluster, John Fernanes + Jeff Tobias, Nutritional Peace, and The New Sound of Numbers and more. 9 star-crossed parties in chapels, clubs with volcanoes, nasty worlds, go bar, and the Botanical Gardens of Georgia. NOT ONLY THIS, you will also receive SADDLE UP on Black Vinyl and a T-shirt of your chosen variety. Y'all can sleep at Nasty World in your big T-shirts.

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    Our paths intersect more and more fellow traveler! You must be seeking to become a Quiet Hoof. Send us an audition tape but for now $50 will get you not only our new 12" record but also the BIGG BOY 7" and our debut album NO MARE O' MINE on cassette tape and CD. As a member of Quiet Hooves you will get the official hand-screened poster, a large CD of unreleased demos, and a hand-written thank you card. Furthermore we will send you a quiet hooves t-shirt, the Digital Series, and 3 postcards.

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    Pledge $75 or more

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    No mere membership in the club will not do it for you: Our Newest Partner! You our the newest partner in the fastest-growing industry, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity of Partnership. Even better we will send you any 2 records from our catalog as well as the Bigg Boy 7", the No Mare o' Mine cassette tape and The Dream Scene "Christmas" CD. As Our Newest Partner you also get VISUALS the virtual-musical VHS tape, 2 T-shirts and the Expanded Digital Series: Choose 3 albums from our current catalog of 15 digital releases, Partner.

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    At $100 you must want to be in the Black Vinyl Club, is that what you seek? We will send you our first 5 vinyl releases. Enjoy Saddle Up by Quiet Hooves and the BIGG BOY 7". Enjoy Lord Scrummage 'From the Future' and The Dream Scene 'Christmas'. Enjoy Bubbly Mommy Gun's "Ain't Got No Favorite Color. That's not all, we will also send you a T-shirt of your choosing, the Quiet hooves debut cassette "no mare o mine", and the Double Expanded 5-part Digital Series.

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    Pledge $200 or more

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    Who are you? Why are you doing this? We are sending you each Party Party Partners vinyl release: 5 records in all by Quiet Hooves, The Dream Scene, bubbly mommy gun, and Lord Scrummage. We will ship these to you in a Mr. David custom-designed Party Party Partners Record Hutch. Mr. David is a specialist in hand-crafted rare wood carpentry. We are also sending you the remainder from our 15 digital releases: our Triple Extended Digital Series. Then we have 3 t-shirts for you, the cassette tape, the VHS tape, and the official certificate of partnership. Charlie Key will paint a priceless picture for you based on your dreams (street value $1,000). We will also make a prank call of your choosing and record it for you.

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    Pledge $300 or more

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    We see a kindred spirit in you, Fellow Poet. We will take one of your inspired poems and bring it to life with song. We will compose a Song Poem based upon the words of your unfiltered potency. Choose wisely: Quiet Hooves, The Dream Scene, bubbly mommy gun, Lord Scrummage, Mouser, or Mans Trash will be the wings of your most rewarding flight. Each additional Song Poem will be penned for $150 clean. As tokens of our fellowship we will give you all the records and gifts above as well as a pair of Angel Vision Glasses, normally priced at $299.

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    Perhaps you are a Student Booker at a Liberal Arts College? For merely $500 of easy-go a PPP band of your choosing will come to play the Song Poem we have written together, Student Poet. Your favorite artist will also perform a host of other spirited tunes as well. Now booking Quiet Hooves, The Dream Scene, bubbly mommy gun, Lord Scrummage, Mouser, and Mans Trash at your esteemed Liberal Arts College. Oh but you may be a booker of some other stripe? Our answer is yes, we will come play for you anywhere in the United States. A suitcase of all the treasured gifts above will also be presented informally upon our arrival.

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    Why come to you when you can come to us? Come to Athens Georgia and we will give you free room and board for a week. We will set up in our recording studio in the Secret Squirrel Paradise Zone in order to write and record a full-length album with you and release it on Our Record Label, Partner. If you are the reclusive type we will write and record musical accompaniment to an entire album of your poetries and send you all manners of gifts above and below to help bring your words to life.

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    Thanks we will literally do any gross thing in the whole world for you thanks Big League Funder!

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