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A woman loses touch with her friends then her modern life. Influenced by the surreal and absurd styles of Lynch, Kafka, and Beckett.

The Miner will be a 12 - 15 minute short film. I will be working with a small but talented cast and crew. We will be shooting with HDSLR cameras. The shoot is scheduled for six days in mid March. This is the first time I will be able to work with paid professional actors. I am really eager to begin and get to work.


A young woman named Dana is out dancing and having fun at a nightclub. She goes outside to meet up with the friends she came with, but she can't find them. As she searches for her friends, she becomes lost in a desolate urban landscape. The connection to her modern life begins to fade away. She grows more and more desperate to find her way. She takes refuge in a strange makeshift basement mine. The Miner's offer to help her, but don't quite understand her. Her ultimate refuge comes from a childhood friend that takes her on a transcendent ride back to the part of the world she knows. In the morning she must decide what to do with the prior events. Will she explore them further? Will she transform? Or will she silently nestle back into her own familiar neck of the woods?

"We are like the spider. We weave ourlife and then move along in it. We are like the dreamer who dreams and then lives in the dream. This is true for the entire universe."   - Aitareya Upanishad        

I horribly misquoted this quote about the nature of reality at the beginning of the video. David Lynch read this quote at the screening of the Inland Empire. This is where I first heard of it. The quote heavily informed the writing of my film.

What's the money for?

$400 - modest pay for all main actors

$100 - hard hats/head lamps/other wardrobe items

$500 dollars is the minimum amount we need to make this movie. We have access to the camera/lighting/sound/editing equipment we are going to need, but we need to be able to pay our actors and buy various wardrobe items. Every dollar over our $500 goal will greatly increase the quailty of the production. 

DVD w/booklet

Throughout the production, artist Jenny Vu ( will be making several drawings of the set and the people and places involved. We will compile the best of these drawings, along with photographs and text, into a nice little booklet that will be coupled with the dvd. This booklet will serve as an in-depth look into the production, as well as an impressive collection of drawings.

What will happen to the film?

The film will be submitted to several national festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival. It will also be submitted to local festivals in Portland and the Northwest. A limited edition (approx. 50) DVD's with booklets will be made and sold. The film will also be screened for the BFA Thesis show at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. When the film is done, I plan to explore internet distribution avenues as well. 


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