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pledged of $400pledged of $400 goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter almost 4 years ago


It has occurred to me that there are two problems.  

Problem A) I love madden football games, and I'm unashamed.

Problem B) Xbox 360 is becoming obsolete, as evidenced by the fact that in my excitement in trying to perform all the new features heavily promoted for Madden 16, I have realized that none of them are in fact in the game.

Each year it gets harder and harder to shell out the money for the new game, but I've continued to faithfully do it. I've now come to the realization that EA Sports has taken my faithfulness, and tried to take advantage of my loyalty, by giving me a watered down version of the game to force my hand to buy an xbox one. This makes me a sad, bitter man.

After some research, it appears that the last two years games that I have purchased have in fact just been polished versions of the game from two years ago, Madden 25. I've come to the realization that I no longer even know what it's like to play Madden, as the game I thought I was playing is not even the game that now exists for all those privileged enough to be able to afford an Xbox One.

There is now a void in my life, as the thing I long for has been taken away from me by the man. He (EA Sports) is trying to force my hand into dishing out money for a new system I can't afford, while baiting me into purchasing the new game for the system I currently have. Personally, I believe it should be disclosed that a game you're buying is not actually the full featured game they are advertising. So without further ado, fight the man! Help THIS man. 

Bring me an Xbox One so I might taste the forbidden fruits of Madden in all it's upgraded glory. 

 You're my only hope.

Risks and challenges

The main risk is that before this project comes to completion, I might have been brainwashed into thinking the Xbox 360 version of Madden 16 is "not so bad", at which point I will have lost the battle for my sanity and forgotten the crystal clear perspective I have right now attained.

I must resist my unconditional love for madden that will make me forget my cause and passion for more.

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