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Empire Way = Leslie Dietz, Rudy Yuly, 2 acoustics, and legendary Seattle producer Conrad Uno. Less is more.
Empire Way = Leslie Dietz, Rudy Yuly, 2 acoustics, and legendary Seattle producer Conrad Uno. Less is more.
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Finally! CD Release Time!!

Hey Everybody,

Leslie's back and we're ready to get back in the groove!

Technical difficulties with the CD production company have put us a bit behind, but we'll start mailing out CDs in about 10 days! We're also live on iTunes!

We're planning our CD release/Thank you party for Saturday Feb. 16. Put it on your calendar...more info. to come!

Thanks for everything,

Rudy and Leslie

Empire Way

We're live!

Our debut album is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc. Check it out!!

Real CDs should be completed and mailed to all our wonderful backers, hopefully in time for Christmas!

Thanks for all your support...and if you like the sound, share it with your friends!!

Empire Way

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Our cover art is here

Thanks to the fabulous Kaleo Quenzer (man of many extreme talents including graphic design), we now have our debut album cover art. This means we can post the album on Itunes very soon--probably within a week. 

Once the other parts of the CD art are complete (back and insides), we can put the CDs in production with the goal of getting you your CDs before Christmas!

This artwork has special, personal meaning for me. The picture (originally black and white) is of my mom Dixie in the early '50s when she was a teenager. The truck is actually an old Rainier Beer delivery truck her dad had picked up somewhere, and the picture was taken in our very own Rainier Valley, just a stone's throw from MLK, which was known as Empire Way back then.

Mom's suffering from stage four breast cancer now (and doing well for the time being, as wonderful as ever), so it's very significant for me to have her participation (little did she know 60 years ago!) on this project that's dedicated to her.

Take a look at Kaleo's work...and please--let us know what you think!

With gratitude,


for Les and Empire Way

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Les is ridin' the range!

Leslie is having a great time doing her OT internship on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona near New Mexico. In fact, she's been given a horse named Kiowa to ride anytime she wants. 

Anybody who knows Les knows that's a thrill that's going to be hard to beat...but we're working on it here on the home front. Here are some of the things going on right now:

- We have a new team member, the fabulous Sarah Ward Jones, who will be helping us with publicity efforts. 

- We got our first radio airplay! KSER 90.7 ( DJ Jerry Bennett has picked up "You You You"! If you'd like to request more, you can call their DJ request line at 425-303-9076

- The booking agent at Fremont's The White Rabbit saw our profile and heard some music at our Reverbnation site (www.reverbnation/empireway) and offered us a gig! Unfortunately, since Leslie is gone until January, we had to turn this one down. But it's a great venue...look for us there in the future.

- The CD is mastered. The work was done by Levi Seitz at Seattle's Black Belt Mastering. He was recommended by our hero Conrad Uno--and everything sounds amazing.

- We're moving forward with graphic design of the CD covers, with the goal of having them produced and mailed to you some time just after Thanksgiving.

Thanks again for all your support! We love you!

Rude n Les, Empire Way

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