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The card drafting, token shaking, giant attacking, dice rolling game for 3 to 5 players ages 12 and older.
31 backers pledged $1,942 to help bring this project to life.

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Stadium is Live!

Posted by Joe Magic Games (Creator)

Stadium is live!

Here is a secret just for my insiders:  You can get the game for half price by choosing the "Blue Cape Society Reward."

The reward level doesn't give any details, but you can get the full game plus all stretch goals for half!

Thanks for your support!


Get a copy of "Other World" for $10 less!

Posted by Joe Magic Games (Creator)

Thank you for supporting “Giant!” Because you supported it we want to give you a reward! Those who have not previously supported Joe Magic Games will not get this inside deal. We have a new project out called "Other World!" Other's can get the game as a reward if they pledge $49.

You can get it for $39!

Here’s how: Choose the $1 "Ranger" reward level and pledge $39. This will let me know that you were one of our previous supporters, because you got this update, and upon completion of the production I will send you a full copy of the game including shipping in the US! Thank you for your support! I hope you love the game!

(Please add $14 for shipping outside the use for a total of $53.)


The Demise of Dr. Frankenstein is Live!

Posted by Joe Magic Games (Creator)

There’s An Angry Mob Outside With Your Name On It

From designer Mark Hanny comes a new game now of Kickstarter!

Hard to believe that 83 years ago, on November 21st, Universal Pictures brought us the classic cinematic adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. To celebrate this, Mark Hanny is proud to launch the campaign for his game The Demise of Dr. Frankenstein. A light, exciting worker placement game with varying available actions determined by dice, Demise of Dr. Frankenstein has been compared to the likes of Kingsburg, Yspahan, Firenze, and The Manhattan Project.

The earliest iterations of Demise came into being four years ago and now, with over thirty dedicated playtesters having weighed in and dozens more having experienced the game at conventions, we are thrilled with the mad creation Mark’s original brainchild has become.

Running until December 21st, this will be Mark Hanny’s seventh game campaign on Kickstarter. It is also a first for him, however, as this is the most grandiose crowdfunding project he has undertaken as he seeks to manufacture this game professionally and in high volume. The Kickstarter campaign will feature the game for $42 at the standard tier and other pledge levels will include games from Mark Hanny’s previous successful campaigns. The campaign also provides an excellent bulk reward level perfect for retailers (6 copies of the game for $150).

The Game:

Eastern Europe-- a hotbed of mad science. Scientific advances have given men knowledge they do not yet fully understand and arrogance to attempt to defy the laws of nature. A group of imbalanced, but brilliant individuals race to create life and reject death. This is a grisly and often criminal undertaking. In the end, when the townsfolk come bearing torches and pitchforks, will you meet your demise in a blaze of glory, having conquered life and death? Will you be the legendary Dr. Frankenstein-- or will you be just another nutjob with a lab full of spare limbs and torsos?

In Demise of Dr. Frankenstein, you will influence conspirators (based on die rolls) in order to further your ghastly experiments. Place your limited supply of worker cubes in the Clinician Grid to represent lab work and research or on various special actions in the Curator area to represent the unusual knowledge and curiosities the village librarian secretly shares with you. Bribe the local constables the turn a blind eye on your roaming creatures, shady associates, and strange equipment you smuggle into town (Officer cards). Visit the local Undertaker to get the body parts needed to bring to life your greatest monstrous masterpiece. All the while, your faithful ally, Igor, can assist you in a variety of ways. Fun as mad science is though, it comes at a price. As you steal corpses and as your abominations harass the village, the citizenry gets increasingly ticked off at your shenanigans. So when they come for you, bearing their torches and pitchforks-- and I assure you they will-- will you prove yourself to be the greatest mad scientist around, the one and only Dr. Frankenstein, or will you be just another nutjob with a lab full of spare limbs and torsos?

Number of Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 60-90 minutes

Suggested Ages: 12+

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Rewards Sent!

Posted by Joe Magic Games (Creator)

Giant rewards have been produced and sent. Thanks again for all your support!

Happy Gaming!

We're Funded!

Posted by Joe Magic Games (Creator)
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Thank you to all the supporters who came through!

I will get to work now and make sure your rewards come to you as quickly as possible!