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Do you shave with a shave brush and shaving soap? If you do this project is for you.  If you don't, now is the perfect time to start!
Do you shave with a shave brush and shaving soap? If you do this project is for you. If you don't, now is the perfect time to start!
172 backers pledged $13,173 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Stuart Mc Keown on

      Received my package yesterday and must say I am delighted with everything, you guys really provided some awesome bonuses. I was not expecting straight razor but stoked with the surprise.

      Just one question from a newb, is the straight razor shave ready?

      I will definitely be backing Occam's razor!!,



    2. Paul Holmes on

      Received it and it looks awesome. Great Presentation.
      Definitely, owe you a beer.


    3. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      First time backer here. WOW!!! The box full of stuff i received was amazing! I didn't even know about the straight razor bonus until I opened my box. (I intentionally avoided all updates because I wanted to be surprised) This is fantastic. Immediately shaved a test patch off my arm with the straight razor. Ive never used one. Totally bad ass. This is amazing guys. Well done.

      Whats this I hear about a wooden scuttle? I got a sweet white mug in my package.

    4. Samuel Tounge on

      Just got home from work, and was very excited to see my rewards sitting on the table. Love the bonuses and as soon as my paycheck comes in I plan on backing the Occmans Razor it look amazing! This was my first project backed and I'm very pleased to see it go through with flying colors.
      You can also check out my Blades Grim collection on Instagram @teddy ear117

    5. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on


      That is so awesome! Thank you for all the support and enjoy the goods. We are very excited about Occam's Razor and well make sure we take good care of you!


    6. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      I received my kit today and all I can say is wow you guys have really done an amazing job and im super impressed I also picked up one of your gallow stands and was first to back your occams razor I believe I think im set minus a good strop but ill contact yall about that soon once again thank you for everything

    7. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on


      Awesome to hear! Thank you all for the support and thank you for the kind words. Interesting about Play-doh... I am going to go try it! :-)


    8. Chris M

      PSA: 2 drops vanilla, 1 drop bay rum, 1 drop sandalwood: Smells exactly like Play-doh. Take that how you will.

    9. Chris M

      To make this short, basically everything Patrick said. You guys are amazing. The delivery time, quality and the fact that you threw in extras is incredible.

    10. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on

      Thank you everyone for the kind words! We are really happy to be delivering the products ahead of schedule and thank everyone for the support. Our new kickstarter will be going live any day so please make sure to follow us and share once live! :-)

    11. Patrick Senay

      Boy i'm impressed.... I've backed over 85 projects and honestly, you have been the fastest and most reliable one! Your extras in the package make it so sweet of a deal. Truly i can,t wait to try those scents! Props to you Luke and your team!

    12. Missing avatar

      John Fontecchio on

      Luke - I received my $35 package and was pleasantly surprised to see a straight razor in the box. Thank you. I will try creating my own scent tomorrow morning. I am also very interested in supporting the single edge razor project. I will keep checking for the kick off.

    13. Laughing Hamster on

      As a fellow Idahoan, i love it that I share a state with the best shave company around. Keep up the great work guys!

    14. Kevin Kintner

      I received mine today, thanks for the straight razor. I have been wanting to try one for a while.

    15. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on


      It is all good. I should have announced that we upgraded to the blade. We will send everyone out the wood scuttle :-)

      Thank you for the kind words and for being grateful. We will be releasing our new kickstarter next week. Most likely Tuesday. :-) It will be an amazing Single Edge razor.

      David - Sorry to hear about the bottle :-( those things are crazy strong it is amazing that one broke. I will PM you Monday.


    16. Missing avatar

      David Jones on

      I got my package this morning, and overall am very pleased. I can't wait to start experimenting with the various scents. unfortunately (I'm sure due to mishandling by the post office) my bottle of Tobacco scent was shattered in the box. I love the straight razor bonus that was included.

    17. Missing avatar

      Joe F

      Hey Luke, i fear i came off as the jerk who complains about free stuff, that was not my intention and i apologize. I didn't realize the scuttle had been swapped for the the razor, the intent of my comment was more wondering if i missed an announcement or something to the like. I'm actually very thankful for the straight razor, and excited to use one now for the first time. It's just the thing i needed to take the plunge from the DE safety.

      Thats' really over the top for you to still send the wooden scuttle, it's something i was really looking forward to and swung me on the 35$ pledge. Though i don't want to seem ungrateful, and don't mind paying for it since you already upgraded (and shipped) us to the razor instead! Please let me know as i'm happy to support you and your product and plan to continue doing so.

      Speaking of which, any chance of some inside info on when you may be firing up your next Kickstarter?

      Thanks so much again for everything, from a very satisfied customer.

    18. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on

      It was our goal to go bigger and get the group a Razor rather than the wood scuttle.

      But we will send out the Scuttle as well.

    19. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on

      Joe & Adam,

      We are sending out the wooden scuttles on Monday :-)

      Glad to hear that you are excited to use the product. Enjoy,

    20. Missing avatar

      Adam Fienman on

      I have the same ? As Joe. Everything is looking great. Very excited to open my package to find some nice extras. I'm looking forward to shaving tomorrow.

      But, I was expecting to see a nice wooden scuttle. What is the plan for the scuttle bonus from update #2?

    21. Missing avatar

      Joe F

      Just got my package today and so far so good, everything well packed and in place. Quality matches the high standard i've come to expect from Blades Grim products. Thank you for that, as well as the SUPER fast pledge shipments.

      I only have one problem with my order, i'm missing the wooden shaving scuttle that was mentioned in update #2. Is this being shipped at a later time possibly or am i missing something?

    22. Missing avatar

      Douglas G Scott on

      Wow! Just received my package, and I'm so excited! Thank you so much for the razor as an extra! My only disappointment is that I already shaved this morning.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tristan on

      I just received my package and was advised that it was scanned in by USPS as broken. When I opened the box the sandalwood scent was indeed broken but everything else was awesome. I'm looking forward to making some new scents.

    24. Paul Holmes on

      Sale on Dyslexic Z stands?
      Good to see a KS Campaign that goes out early.

    25. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on

      We did the Z stands backwards... Because we are special :-( especially Joey :-) Ohh well I wanted to start over on the stands NOT...

      Things happen but we will get out all orders next week.

      Thank you for the support everyone!

    26. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on


      We hope they will go out this week but waiting on the Z stands to bent... Hopefully this week.


    27. Missing avatar

      Douglas Huskins


      Any ETA on the $95 and higher groups? BackerClub ETA?

      Impatiently waiting,

    28. Missing avatar

      Tristan on

      Getting stoked to get all of my pledge stuff. I love my Grim straight razor and my Smolder shave soap and aftershave.

    29. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on


      Thank you for the support. I will send a PM.


    30. Missing avatar

      Sophie Lismonde on

      Hello Luke,
      I filled in the survey, it just asked to confirm my adres, no other options. Is this correct or did something go wrong?
      Also I am a backerclub member, no action to take there either?
      Thank you so much and happy shipping �

    31. Paul Holmes on

      No issue. I have a butterfly already. Might add a black brush though also.

    32. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on


      The safety razors will all be 3 pieces since only 33 sold. The brush will be white :-) The survey's would not let me change once sent :-( My first time making them sorry I should have given an option. We are giving everyone bonuses. Plus unlike the Laser or Whale razors... We will actually ship you your product :-) super thankful for the support. Sorry for any of our NEWB mistakes.

    33. Paul Holmes on

      Do we choose the colour of the brush and what type of Safety Razor (3piece vs butterfly) ?

    34. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on

      Hello everyone! Soap is 4oz we will be listing the non-scented 4oz on the site shortly. Survey's have gone out so fill them out.

      Our un-scented aftershave and pre-shave is called snake-oil. We are getting ready to ship once we have a majority of the survey completed... So please fill out the survey :-) Thank you everyone.

    35. Paul Holmes on

      Only Scentless Soap I see is a sample. BTW can you confirm the size of the soap?

    36. Missing avatar

      Carlton Thomas on

      Will there be survey going out soon for shipping info?

    37. Missing avatar

      Nate Williamson on

      When will we enter shipping information, etc.? Will there be a survey?

      Thanks!! Love the project/products.

    38. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on

      Samuel - We have one of the top selling aftershaves on the market (top's seller on Amazon as well): this same formula can also be ordered in "Snake-Oil" and that is our scentless formula. You can then post shave and aftershave use the shave scent recipe you enjoy like demonstrated in the video as a cologne. I hope that makes sense.

      Charles - Yes we do. We used to make a ton of strops. We still do some customs. I will work with the team to get our strop production back online and come up with a nice strop for The Blades Grim. Thank you for suggesting that.

      Paul - Sorry for the late response. We have the unscented soaps over on our site and I will update you all more on options shortly.

    39. Samuel Tounge on

      I really love this idea and cant wait to try it out. However I'm curious of what you guys might have planned for after shaves. Because if you have a scented or even a non-scented after shave I feel that it might affect the scent of the shaving soap.

    40. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      Do you have any plans to have a Blades Grim strop made in the future

    41. Paul Holmes on

      Maybe you can have an option to add additional unscented soaps for a charge.

    42. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on


      Thank you so much for backing our project. We are very excited to get everyone their goods. I know you will really love the Grim razor.


    43. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on


      I don't see how I can setup custom engraving for options in a way that will make sure the orders get what they want. Send me an email and we will see what we can do. Thank you for backing.


    44. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      I'm super excited about this project I have wanted one of your razors for two years now since I found out about your company but never had the chance to get one this is a great package deal and I am very happy to be able to support the blades next purchase will definitely be a gallowstand thanks again and keep up the great work

    45. Missing avatar

      Adam DeRito on

      Will we have the option to have the straight razors in the packages custom engraved like the option available on your retail site?

    46. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on


      Have no doubts this will be funded we are only a small ways from funding. Yes we will be selling it on our sites once funded.


    47. Missing avatar

      Jeff Grainger on

      You people are the best!!!! Can't wait to see the new product line-up. Keep up the great work!
      Jeff g

    48. Missing avatar

      Samuel Saleeb on

      @creator, Will you still sell this on your website if the project doesn't get fully funded?

    49. Luke Webster - The Blades Grim 3-time creator on

      @Valdemar we plan on giving lots of bonuses and upgrades for all the tier's. I cant say yet what they are but I feel everyone will be very VERY happy. We also plan on shipping on time.

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