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This film follows several independent developers exploring why they make games.

This film follows several independent game developers examining why they make digital games. The film delves into their creativity and explores some of their thinking and design strategies.

Game developers operate in terrain that demands both programming logic and aesthetic quality. The work is hard, however that's what they want to do. We explore how the developers go deeper into the notion of entertainment and discovery.

We thank all those who have contributed in advance!

The games they are making strive to create  meaningful digital experiences

Director statement:
Smaller games are jostling around in quite different spaces to the big game market arena. Each has a place.

US AND THE GAME INDUSTRY is a close study of the care and ability that goes into the production of smaller scale games. These games offer a fresh beauty, high skill and expert executions. There is laughter, thrill and the feeling of attentiveness which provides a 'being in the moment' philosophy. The new era of digital explosion is only reminding us again that we are human and that we believe in the possible.

This is a segment of an indie-cade 2011 crowd getting an opportunity to have a go with an Alpha version  of Douglas's J.S.JOUST (2012). JOUST is one of Die Gute Fabrik's games  

Developers appearing in the film include: the thatgamecompany team over three yearsduring it's development of the game JOURNEY (2012), Jason Rohrer, Douglas Wilson of Die Gute Fabrik and more.

US AND THE GAME INDUSTRY follows people massively engaged. It puts us all back into  fifteenth gear.

First shot scenes were gathered in March 2009. We share developer growth and developer reflections during exclusive glimpses of building phases.

This project seeks your support to assist in its completion. The funds raised through Kickstarter will enable us to continue, to complete shooting and edit the great footage we have. 

Producer/ Director: Stephanie Beth.
Supervising Producer: Clay Westervelt.


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