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The Fiber Optic Tapestry is a canvas of light, woven from fiber optic thread and responds to information on the internet.
The Fiber Optic Tapestry is a canvas of light, woven from fiber optic thread and responds to information on the internet.
122 backers pledged $7,095 to help bring this project to life.

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Programming the Tapestry

We laid the boards out in an array, prior to assembling them in the panels. This way we could assign their panel location.

Testing the boards in order.

After this phase, we were ready to begin programming the piece with Luke Loeffler.

The tapestry in place in the studio.

We met Luke while we were residents at Eyebeam last winter. Luke worked with us to experiment on programming the piece to interact with internet data.

We made plans to have Luke work with us virtually in our studio at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Luke would arrive telematically. We configured the router and computers so that by using SSH, we could share the computer with him.

Monitoring the IP addresses of the networks.

We set up a camera through Skype so that we both could see the tapestry and we could work together through cel phone, chats, and email.

The view of the tapestry in Oklahoma, where Luke worked with us.

The view of the tapestry in the studio..

It has been absolutely revelatory to collaborate on this project in so many modalities, to work together in the same space, and over distance.

Physical Construction of Tapestry

Since we launched the project on Kickstarter, we've been working non-stop. It is so exciting to see our dream come to life. It's an ideal collaboration, matching skills and talents.

It is so labor-intensive. All aspects are handmade, it really is digital, in the sense of digits, the hand, fingers and numbers - transferring the tradition of handweaving to the networked present.

We received a notice from Atlantic:

Artists Hand Weave Tapestry from Fiber Optic Thread

We thought you'd like to see some of the stages of the work.

Nora and Hannah Levy, who worked with us, sorting plugs.

Cutting plexiglass panels at Eyebeam.

Nora assembling the plexiglass panels.

Marshall gluing the panel boxes together.

That's a beautiful joint.

More to come, thanks for your support and interest.

Fiber Optic Tapestry Update - for Backers


Thank you again for your generosity. We're really pleased to announce that we've reached almost one-sixth of our fundraising goal within a short period of time.

We're working hard in the studio, assembling the panels, and attaching them to the circuits.

We are incredibly excited with the modifications we've made to the original prototype; the new LEDs are much brighter, define the weave more clearly, and the new data communication easily allows us to scale up (add more panels) to the tapestry.

Luke Loeffler, our programmer has successfully updated the software he helped us develop for the prototype, and has completed initial testing by telneting into the Tapestry computer from Oklahoma!

The response we've received in emails and contributions has been immensely encouraging; our project was the lead entry in this article below by Matthew Zuras in Switched.

Advances in Textiles, From Bacteria Dresses to Acoustic Threads

Tomorrow we expect to have all the panels wired and ready for programming. We'll keep you informed, and followup with a more detailed communique, including photos and video.

Nora & Marshall

p.s. While we are really pleased with this fundraising effort, we still need to push on for more support, so please tell you friends and colleagues about our project. Thank you.