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Find and colonize planets, harvest resources for trade and research new technology to build the best Empire! A "Space Civ-Lite" Game
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Clarification of shipping details

The following was posted over at BGG by Dan Yarrington of Game Salute. It may help clear up some of the confusion about shipping. In short, I heard only that they 'started shipping games' last Friday, I was unaware that they had a schedule for that. I assumed they would send the Kickstarter copies first, and thus you guys would get them within a couple of days. Instead they had a planned schedule to get the games to arrive at everyone's home at approximately the same date. See below for details.

I apologize for any confusion caused by either a lack of details on my end, or my assumption that since shipping 'stated last friday' that the east coast kickstarters would receive the games 'any minute now.'

- Seth

Quoted message from Dan Yarrington:

Just wanted to provide a bit more detail and clarifications on the fulfillment process.

After reviewing the thread a bit, it seems the main confusion stemmed from the announcement that shipping began on Friday the 23rd, without further details. Shipping began that day for stores that were a 5-business-day ship (meaning it would arrive the following Friday), and then we stagger-shipped the rest of the product Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday to arrive by Friday / Saturday. So saying "These packages are expected to arrive to most Kickstarter supporters and Preview Nights stores the week of September 30th" would have been better.

I apologize that we did not communicate that more clearly to Seth and Michael and to all of you. I take responsibility for that error and the confusion it has caused.

Shipping times for UPS and USPS vary a bit, but we chose the best option for both cost and for timeliness. In many cases, we paid a premium to send games via Priority Mail that could have been sent via a slower service (Parcel Post or UPS Ground).

Our goal was to have product land around the same time for all Kickstarter orders and Preview Nights participating stores. Then regular preorders would begin shipping after that. We did run into some unexpected shipping delays here at the warehouse, so I apologize if you have not yet received your copy or a tracking number. We are working overtime this weekend to get the remaining shipments out the door.

Anyone who would like to check on the status of their order is welcome to contact us directly by emailing us through or calling us toll-free at 1-800-459-5516. If you have not received a courtesy notification via email by Tuesday morning (the email servers for UPS and USPS only guarantee that the emails will send within 12 hours though they're usually faster), please contact us and we'll get you all squared away.

We appreciate the opportunity to bring you these awesome games and we hope you all have fun playing!

- Dan Yarrington
CEO, Game Salute


    1. Creator SethJaffee on October 10, 2011

      @leslie: Really? They never got you a tracking number or anything? Could you maybe have called them to see if it arrived? Anyway, sorry about the inconvenience, and I'm happy you got your game - and that they started taping the promo to the box! Hope you enjoy the game!

    2. Creator leslie barkley on October 10, 2011

      True. I did receive my package the following day, it was well-packed and the promo was taped to the top box so no possibility of it being thrown out with the packing material. I recognize that one of my frustrations is that I had to travel to the post office each day to find out if the package had arrived since they shipped by USPS rather than UPS.

    3. Creator SethJaffee on October 6, 2011

      Perhaps. And perhaps in our excitement that the game has finally started shipping, we should still wait longer to announce it! With a shipment so big and so complicated, it probably would have been a safe bet to assume it would take a while to get the sorting and shipping logistics taken care of, so a "started shipping" date could easily be misleading (and indeed, in this case it was). I feel like I could have saved some heartache by simply not announcing that. :/

    4. Creator leslie barkley on October 5, 2011

      So were some US folks, mine was shipped 10/3 (although Baltimore shows nothing until 10/5) and I still didn't receive it - maybe tomorrow. So far not impressed with this Kickstarter project endgame. Delays in shipping from manufacturer, delays in shipping from order fulfillment = less than satisfactory experience = less likely to consider you guys in future Kickstarter projects. Perhaps you folks should be asking Game Salute for more than a simplistic explanation as posted since it was not the full truth.

    5. Creator Matt Lindhout on October 5, 2011

      I guess Canadians were left out of the "send packages out so they all are received at approximately the same time" idea? Mine just got shipped today, on October 5th, so I likely won't see it for 10-14 days yet. :(

    6. Creator nalves on October 3, 2011

      Received mine today! Thank you!

    7. Creator Chris Hinsz on October 3, 2011

      Thanks for the info. Sadly I strongly suspect that GameSalute isn't being honest with you. Their claim that: "These packages are expected to arrive to most Kickstarter supporters and Preview Nights stores the week of September 30th" & "Our goal was to have product land around the same time for all Kickstarter orders and Preview Nights participating stores. Then regular preorders would begin shipping after that."
      Would appear to be at odds with me as a Kickstarter just receiving my shipment notification on 10/2 and the game who knows when.
      Oh well, still excited to finally get the game in my hands.

    8. Creator Cole Busse on October 2, 2011

      Thank you for sharing this here. I gave up following the thread on the geek a while ago. It is too bad they could not have just followed the simple instructions Michael gave them.