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acaia is a Simple, Modern Coffee Brewing Scale Designed with Brilliant Functionality in Mind, For iPhone & Android.
acaia is a Simple, Modern Coffee Brewing Scale Designed with Brilliant Functionality in Mind, For iPhone & Android.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Rhynot on

      Love the concept, but unusable as a scale—after a minute, it starts counting backwards. It's basically drawer fodder now.

    2. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @Phillip You can download the android app on google play store:…

    3. Phillip Vogel on

      where can I get the app for my android?

    4. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @Justin Thank you! We wouldn't make it without you all!!!

    5. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @philip Yeah! That's something very interesting! Definitely looking into it!

    6. Justin Ryan on

      Congrats on the SCAA award!

    7. Missing avatar

      Philip Kwong

      Hi Aaron. I used the scale everyday and like it more and more. I was discussing it with my friends during a coffee gathering today and we thought that you might consider adding another thing in your next edition(if you're planning to do so) - a temperature probe so that we can monitor the brewing temperature which is part of our usual brewing profile.

    8. Joe Krueger on

      Yes, mine too counts down. It seems to be a heat issue as my friends was doing the same thing and he put a cork heating pad on it and it seems to have stopped the issue.

    9. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @Jacy I've sent you an email, could you take a look and help me identify the counting down? Thanks.

    10. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @Josh Sorry for the inconvenience. I am sending you an email regarding this!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Lacy on

      Hello - our scale is also counting down when weight when adding water. Plead advise.

    12. Missing avatar

      Josh Albarelli on

      Hi Aaron - I too am having problems with my scale. The first few times it worked flawlessly, but now it will count down the weight as I add water towards the end of my brewing. Please help!

    13. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @Amanda Sent you an email regarding this!

    14. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @Mike Our team is moved by your comments. Thank you, we try to do our best. Not sure if we are par with iphone but really appreciate it!

    15. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @Jason Thank you for your support! We will continue to improve the APP. Working on the android and also the new update on iOS now.

    16. Missing avatar

      Amanda Bradshaw on

      I received my scale and it's wonderful so far. Occasionally though it does this thing where it will start counting weight down as I add water and then I stop and it keeps counting down. What do I do?

    17. Missing avatar

      Mike Kavanaugh on

      Aaron, I received mine today. Thank you for doing such an amazing job on the features, design, packaging, and shipping. The level of detail you've gone to in each of these areas is amazing, and is in the same class as my latest iPhone (which is high praise)! I wasn't expecting the packaging to be so gorgeous.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sone Lovan on

      Hi Aaron! First off, you guys have been terrific in terms of communication and delivering the acaia quickly, even with the hurdles! I have a question for you. Is it normal to see the ER.303 after turning the power on? It eventually goes away and the scale functions. Is this normal or does it need to be replaced?

    19. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Aaron. Nice job on this project. Got my black scale, and love it. It operates really well, and the interface is not as complicated as I thought it would be. I haven't used every feature yet, but am really impressed so far. The iOS app seems to work really well. Thank you!

    20. Paul Brock on

      Aaron, I know you are working hard to get all the scales out, and I am getting excited for mine as I read all the great comments from those that have already received theirs. I was curious, if you could check and let me know where I am at in the queue? Thanks!

    21. Colin Cabalka on

      hey Aaron! super excited to get the scale. Haven't received a tracking number yet.

    22. J Hoss on

      @diane and@aarom- thanks for the help. Worked great!

    23. Phillip Vogel on

      just got mine and its great thanks

    24. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @Sharif Please check message! Thanks!

    25. Sharif Sharifi on

      Stoked on getting mine, any ETA on the ones coming out to Vancouver, BC ?

    26. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @Philip Glad you like it! However, the serial number is only printed on the early birds backers. So you cannot find it!

    27. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @gregory The last batch should be on its way, we will send out shipping notice when it goes on the Fedex. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the delay!

    28. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @J Hoss You can try to use a credit card (continuously) to swipe off the bubble from the edge. We notice that because the blue protective film we were unable to catch all the bubble when apply the protective film. Sorry for the bubble, let me know if it works.

    29. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @Lee Thank you! The list started with the early birds! I'll tell my team!

    30. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @Steve You have been a great backer, thank you so much. We will keep on improving the APP coming months, please let us know any feed backs or suggestions!

    31. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @RJ I hope you like it!

    32. Diane Bekel on

      J Hoss: I also have a black model and saw air bubbles on the top. There's a second protective laminate that is much thicker. I took it off and reapplied it to the surface. It does seem to be the same type of material as a screen protector.

    33. Missing avatar

      Philip Kwong

      Hi Aaron. Remember that I had some worry about the dual display initially? After using it for some time, I want to tell you that it works like a charm and I am very happy with it. Just one minor question - I remember I read somewhere that there is a serial number printed at the bottom, but I cannot find it.

    34. Missing avatar

      gregory vance on

      Hi Aaron. I am a non-early bird backer and am wondering if a scale has been shipped to me. Do you notify the backer before the scale is sent? Thank you!

    35. J Hoss on

      Aaron, received my scale this evening. Arrived in perfect health and cannot wait to brew with it in the am. Minor issue(cosmetic) under the weighing platen there appears to be a couple of "air" bubbles. I have the black model. Reminds me of when I apply a screen protector to my iphone. Yes, I did remove the temporary protective laminate from the platen.

    36. Lee Carter & Caleb Garn on

      Just got my scale, it's beautiful and I can't wait to brew with it! However, I noticed that my name is not on the backers list on your website :(

    37. Missing avatar

      Steve Myers on

      Hi Aaron. I received both my white and blue scales yesterday. Both look terrific and are working fine. Great packaging! I love the look and functionality, especially the dual timer and scale reading. Wonderful job on your part and a fun project for me to have followed.

    38. RJ

      Received mine tonight. It is very beautiful. Excited to be using this!

    39. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @Will We have a S3 upgraded to android 4.3, the connection was not very stable, but it can be connected. We are still working on to see if there's a workaround. However, our main focus is to bring the Android APP 1.2 out to you asap!

    40. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @Bob thanks!

    41. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @philip Yes, we need to do a better job at photo shooting! Gold is pure awesomeness!

    42. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @truman Replied in your mailbox!

    43. Aaron Takao Fujiki Creator on

      @james @ashley @howard Thank you, your feed back means a lot to us and the whole project team!

    44. Missing avatar

      Will P on

      So can anyone confirm that devices running 4.3 can run the app?

    45. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Williams on

      Aaron, my beautiful scale arrived today and I used it right away. Very, very nice. I love it.
      @Will P, my 4 month old Samsung Galaxy S4 mini runs android 4.2.2 jellybean and is also incompatable. Samsung did recently announce many devices will be automatically updated with 4.4.2 Kitkat operating system soon. Hopefully this will solve our problem, although I am not sure.

    46. Missing avatar

      Will P on

      The android market is saying that my Galaxy s3 is incompatible. "This app is incompatible with all of your devices."

      I know you mentioned that you were having some trouble with samsung's bluetooth libraries. Are you giving up on the s3 entirely?

    47. Missing avatar

      Philip Kwong

      Received my gold version a few days ago. It looks much better in real than in the photo.

    48. Truman Severson on

      Hi Aaron,
      Last friday, March 21st, I received an email saying my scale had shipped, only a few hours later I received an email saying it had been delivered by Fedex. I had not been given the opportunity to chose any shipping details(like the option to require a signature upon delivery) and because of this the scale was left on my front porch and stolen. I have no way to retrieve it and have been looking forward to using it both at home and in my cafe since backing in November, is there any way i can receive (or purchase if need be) a replacement Pure White scale? It would mean the world.

    49. Ashley Sin on

      Thank you for the quick reply on tweeter! The scale is nice and I'm very happy with this project. Actually this arrived sooner than other project I pledged around the same time. Solid product. Love the black scale. Thanks a lot!!

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