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A great power lies deep in the earth. A band of heroes, monsters, and royalty race for it. Can you claim it? If so, can you keep it?
A great power lies deep in the earth. A band of heroes, monsters, and royalty race for it. Can you claim it? If so, can you keep it?
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Errata Ratified

Posted by Patrick Roach (Collaborator)

Hey all, 

We have given it a few months and collected some questions, from live play throughs and from emails from you fine folks.  We have put together and Errata Document, which puts out some rule changes, and an FAQ.  

This document is intended to be a living one, and so if you have a rules question, please email us,

We are posting it on the Lairs Board Game Geek Rules Forum, feel free to ask questions there too.  Also, we would love a BGG rating if you have the time to click some stars while your are there.  

The only rules updates we made affect the play of several Legacies; The Coward's Horde, The Horrid Apothecary, and the Queen's Tourney. So before you play any of these, please check the Errata out. 



Got anything going on Tonight?

Posted by Patrick Roach (Collaborator)

A little last minute, but I wanted to invite y'all to our Lairs Release Party. Yeah, we know the game already arrived, but I wanted an excuse to buy a cake. 

If you are in or near Columbus, and are free tonight (Thurs, 3/1) , come join us at TableTop  Cafe.  We will have some free giveaways, cake, and you know games. 

You can find our more on our facebook event page, but for those of you who aren't into that sort of thing, here are some details: 

Where: Tabletop Game Cafe 4316 N. High St, Columbus, Ohio 43214

When: March 1st (today yikes!) 7 PM - 10 PM

Coming to a Doorstep Near You

Posted by Patrick Roach (Collaborator)

Where Things Are  

US games are arriving throughout the next week or so, check your inboxes for shipping numbers if you haven't  already.  

European games are en route as well, having been released from port last week.  

The only outstanding parts are the wooden dividers, and bits, which are scheduled to go out mid next month. Thanks again, for your patience.  

Pics and Reviews  

We know it might be a bit before you get to play the game proper, but when you do please drop your thoughts on our Board Game Geek Page. In the meantime, we would love to see some pics!

Shoot us an email with pics, questions, accolades....  

Crab Dash  

We wanted to give a shout out to some fellow Ohioan game creators, Cohio Games. Cohio has a Kickstarter running right now for their next title, Crab Dash.  

If you are like us, then you have always wanted a humane venue to bet on hermit crab racing. Crab Dash is fun, fast paced, and no crabs were harmed in the making of the game.

Our Shipment Has Arrived at the Warehouse!

Posted by Alex Papadimoulis (Creator)

I'm excited to finally be able to report that the US-bound shipment has finally made it to our US-based fulfillment partner in Florida. The UK-bound shipment is still "in the works", and we are trying to find as much information as possible about what the hold up is.

Why the Delay? DIY Logistical Headaches

Having successfully produced threedifferentgames and a children's book in China, I felt pretty confident that we could produce another product without a hitch. So what changed? There was one variable that I didn't even realize was a variable: the previous times, we had a competent freight forwarder.

You see, I had naively assumed that, when we request that items be shipped from a factory in China to a certain address, they are actually get shipped to that address. 

Apparently, that's not how international, ocean-bound cargo works. At least, not without the help of a competent freight forwarder. Those of you familiar with this likely already have their palm on their forehead.

I won't get into all of the details (in part, because I don't fully understand them myself), but long story short: the "Ship To" address on a commercial invoice is more-or-less just an "FYI" to customs, and indicates where the goods will eventually be delivered. The factory is generally just responsible for getting the shipment to the departure port, and filing this commercial invoice with the cargo company.

A customs broker needs to still clear the inbound shipment at the intermediate warehouse, someone needs to pay the intermediate warehouse for drayage fees, and then a delivery company needs to pick it up from the warehouse to take it to the final address. At least, I think. This was all done in a frantic rush.

Lesson learned: make sure you have a competent freight forwarder who can arrange door-to-door delivery with your factory. We had just gotten lucky last time.

Wooden Tokens & Organizer Add-ons

Unfortunately, by the time we sent a copy of Lairs to the folks producing our wooden add-ons, their production schedule had already gotten crazy backed up. Even with the shipping delay, we weren't able to produce them on time. 

So, instead of shipping the wooden add-ons with your game, we're going to send the game first, and the wooden add-ons in the coming weeks. 


We'll update as soon as fulfillment is ready to begin.



International Shipping Update

Posted by Alex Papadimoulis (Creator)

Most of the games (and, as it turns out, logistical complexity >.<) was for the America-bound shipments (Orlando and Cleveland). Our other shipments, to England and China, will serve backers in Europe/Africa and Asia/Pacific regions.

It took us a little longer to track down precisely how our Europe-bound shipment would be arriving, but we found them! They are cased neatly on a couple pallets, in one of the thousands of containers on the CMA CGM ZHENG HE:

As of this morning, the Zhenge He was making her way through the Suez Canal. We weren't able to find a whole lot more information on the voyage (feel free to look yourself), but we do know the final destination is the Port of Southampton (England), so we imagine she will travel through the Mediterranean Sea and then up the Atlantic Coast in the coming weeks.

As for the Asia/Pacific pallets... those have just arrived at our fulfillment partners in China! The games had a much shorter journey within China, and that means our Asia/Pacific backers should start seeing their copies of Lairs arriving soon. 

You should start seeing emails with shipping and tracking information, so please make sure to update your profile on Backerkit if your address has changed.


Alex, Sean, Pat