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Our van was broken into in Brooklyn and most of our gear was stolen. We're asking people to help us out so we can still go on tour.


Thanks so much to everyone who donated early and helped us reach our goal in less than one week. Your generosity and support truly mean a lot and add a really big silver lining to a difficult situation. 

For those of you who have yet to donate, just know that our goal was not even enough to cover 1/3 of the cost of the stolen gear, so any continued donations will be put to very good use. 

While our second album is coming out in April, we're already begun the process of recording our third album. This Kickstarter has lived up to it's billing and given us the push/motivation we needed to keep up our creative spirits and move forward.



On January 10th, someone broke into our van in Brooklyn and stole pretty much everything we own: drums, amps, guitars, pedals, PA - the complete list is on the bottom of this page. 

We followed the proper protocol: filed a police report, called local music stores, checked out ebay, craigslist and other sites online, looked into car and homeowners insurance claims. Sadly, we have not come found any gear and we recently learned our insurance is not going to cover anything - not even the repairs to fix our van door that was ripped open. 

There is never good timing for something like this, but on February 27th we are about to embark on a 7 week tour that will take us down the east coast, out to Austin for SXSW, up to the Pacific northwest, down to California and back through the midwest before returning to Brooklyn on Saturday, April 14th to celebrate the release of our upcoming album, Whistle Tips

We love touring and playing shows, but it’s hard to do without instruments. So, we’re turning to the generosity of our friends, family and fans to help us get what we need to make this tour happen. Reaching our goal will only cover a fraction of the cost of the gear we lost, but it will be a big first step towards helping us get the gear we need for this tour and future endeavors.

And if you donate enough - you can make our drummer get the tattoo of your choice. Talk about leaving a permanent mark. 

Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated. Thanks to all the bands who have contributed to our online mixtape and thanks to everyone who has supported us over the past few weeks and past couple years.

Dinosaur Feathers


TUE 2/28: PHILADELPHIA: Johnny Brenda's w/ Grandchildren

WED 2/29: WASHINGTON DC: The Black Cat Backstage w/ Grandchildren
THU 3/01: BALTIMORE: Metro Gallery w/ Grandchildren
FRI 3/02: CHARLOTTESVILLE: Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar w/ Grandchildren
SAT 3/03: RALEIGH: Kings Barcade w/ Grandchildren
SUN 3/04: ATLANTA: 529 w/ Grandchildren
TUE 3/06: ATHENS: Caledonia Lounge w/ Grandchildren
WED 3/07: SAVANNAH: The Savannah Stopover @ The Jepson Center for the Arts w/ Oberhoffer
THU 3/08: BATON ROUGE: Spanish Moon w/ Built to Spill
FRI 3/09: NEW ORLEANS: One Eyed Jacks w/ Built to Spill
SUN 3/11: DENTON: 35 Denton Festival w/ Built to Spill, Battles, Thee Oh Sees
MON 3/12: HOUSTON: Fitzgeralds w/ Built to Spill, Lucero
SXSW 2012: Dates to Come
TUE 3/20: ENGLEWOOD, CO: Moe's
THU 3/22: BOISE: Tree Fort Music Festival
FRI 3/23: SEATTLE: Tractor Tavern w/ Loch Lomond, Lemolo
SAT 3/24: COTTAGE GROVE, OR: The Axe and Fiddle w/ Loch Lomond, Lemolo
SUN 3/25: PORTLAND: Mississippi Studios w/ Loch Lomond, Lemolo
MON 4/02: MINNEAPOLIS: 7th Street Entry w/ Oberhofer
WED 4/04: NORTHFIELD, MN: The Cave @ Carleton College
THU 4/05: MILWAUKEE: Cactus Club w/ Control and Shy Mirrors
FRI 4/06: CHICAGO: The Empty Bottle
SAT 4/07: TOLEDO: Frankie's
WED 4/11: BOSTON: Church w/ Grandchildren
THU 4/12: PORTLAND, ME: Empire w/ Grandchildren
FRI 4/13: HAMDEN, CT: The Outer Space w/ Grandchildren
SAT 4/14: BROOKLYN: ALBUM RELEASE: Glasslands w/ Grandchildren, Steel Phantoms


2 Behringer Eurolive B212A powered speakers and power cords and speaker cables
Behringer Eurorack 16 channel mixer and power cord Multiple microphone cables

Bass equipment:
Vintage Gibson Custom 1972 EB-0-style bass, left-handed in large rectangular case (short-scale, pickup in center position, two knobs)
Vintage Ampeg V4B c. 1972 (non-master volume, toggle-switch version -- red electrical tape on power cord, one red chicken-head knob)
Speaker cables
Ampeg SVT-15E w/wheels
Ampeg SVT-210E (large dent in the side)

Guitar equipment:
Gibson ES-135 wine red w/humbuckers tan gibson case Souldier Guitar Strap
1960's Fender Silverface Bassman - black tolex, no master volume switch
Custom black Lopoline 12" speaker cab w/ 1970 fender twin speaker and blue grill cloth
Handmade 2x12 speaker cab - brown w/beige grill cloth and three speaker jacks in the back
A few packs of D'addario guitar strings

Guitar pedals:
Pedaltrain Mini pedal board w/bag
Menatone Howie w/ 7 knobs
Vintage Block-Logo MXR Phase 100 (late 70s, I think)
1 Empress Superdelay
Wampler Ego compression pedal
Korg Pitchblack true bypass chromatic tuner
2 braided guitar cables 

Drum equipment:
26" Gretsch Catalina club bass drum-black sparkle
16" Gretsch Catalina club floor Tom - black sparkle
13" Gretsch Catalina club rack Tom - black sparkle
14" pulse percussion snare drum - aluminum
20" Zildjian K Ride Cymbal
18" Zildjian Avedias Medium Crash Cymbal
14" Zildjian top beat high hats
2 Gibraltar Cymbal stands
1 PDP cymbal stand
1 Dixon Drum Throne
Lp percussion wood blocks
DW 5000 single kick pedal
DW 5000 high hat stand


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    Our drummer, Nick Brooks, will get the tattoo of your choice. This price does not include the price of the tattoo. There are also a few caveats: 1) No face, head or neck tattoos, 2) No tattoos below the elbow, 3) No genital tattoos, 4) No bigotry, 5) No tattoos involving Aerosmith, 6) No tattoos involving the Olive Garden or Friendly's. If you have any questions about this option, you may contact us directly.

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