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An original play for adults with puppets, masks, songs and multi-media created by Rogue Artists Ensemble.
An original play for adults with puppets, masks, songs and multi-media created by Rogue Artists Ensemble.
An original play for adults with puppets, masks, songs and multi-media created by Rogue Artists Ensemble.
293 backers pledged $22,029 to help bring this project to life.

Pinocchio's Head / Rogue Fundraiser 2013/ The Nose story

So much is going on! 

PINOCCHIO is set to begin rehearsals for our Fall Premiere in less than a week. Designers are busy prepping for a busy two months as we near our opening mid October. Thank you again for supporting the Rogues and the development of our dream project. We're not done yet and need your support to complete this incredible piece of theater so please read on and find out how you can help! 

Check out the incredible update below.. hot off the presses is the FIRST PHOTO of the NEW sculpted Pinocchio head sitting next to the mock up head from the workshop last fall. As you can see, we are stepping up our game and bringing on a level of artistry not seen on a stage... since... well... Gogol Project. Speaking of, check out the incredible musings about Gogol Project and more from Ensemble member Kris Bicknell below.

Completing the PINOCCHIO project is going to take not only an incredible amount of work but more money to pay for the venue and cover the costs of this $50,000+ production. Creating this level of artistry takes the support of many, including you. 

Please take a moment to view our 2013 FUNDRAISER and make a tax-deductible donation to support the completion of PINOCCHIO, our education and outreach programs, our space downtown and to cover staff and storage space costs. As a not for profit we must raise funds each year to keep going and we are counting on you to make a donation. Please help, show your support and share this with others! 

Make a tax deductible contribution here - Rogue 2013 Fundraiser! 

PS. Save the date and the YouTube link to watch our awesome LIVE PUPPET TELETHON (webcast live/ you can call in via Skype and be a special guest) on September 6th, 2013. 


Thoughts on being a Rogue by Ensemble member Kris Bicknell:

One Day, I Auditioned to Play a Nose. (That's Kris in the Nose costume below)

I had just graduated from college and I was looking for the next step in my acting career. Not knowing where to begin, I picked up the latest issue of Backstage West. Flipping through the audition listings, I couldn’t help but notice how boring and bland all the audition notices were. Then I saw it: “Rogue Artists Ensemble seeking movers and puppeteers for Gogol Project.” It stood out amongst the masses of audition listings like a giant, red nose protruding from an otherwise average and uninteresting face.

I auditioned for Gogol Project, and was eventually offered the role of 'Akaky Akakievich', and (the infamous) 'Nose'. On the first day of rehearsal, the theater was buzzing with an overwhelming energy. We sat down in a circle, about 20 people strong, and the various designers made presentations to the whole cast. They showed us the spectacular world that would be built around us, filled with intricate details, crazy characters, and a cacophony of sound. It was frankly a little overwhelming, and I didn’t think it was possible. But lo and behold, a few weeks later, I was standing in the middle of it all on stage. I was rubbing shoulders with a baker who had a croissant for a mustache, being harassed by mail clerks made out of envelopes, and dancing around the stage with a twelve-foot tall tailor. I knew then that I was a part of something special, and that I wanted to stay a part of it for as long as possible.

And here I am, four years later. Now an active Ensemble Member, I’m proud to say that I am still a part of this amazing organization, and that I’ve been a part of it in a variety of ways. I’ve grown so much as an artist and a person thanks to the Rogues (not to mention, I met my future wife back on that fateful first day of rehearsal for Gogol Project).

The Rogues have meant so much to me since my first interaction with them, and in that I know I’m not alone. We provide so much for the community of Los Angeles, through our education and outreach programs, through our workshops, and through our original productions. There is no other company, especially of our size, that does what we do. And that is why it’s so important that we keep doing it.

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