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The REVOLVE is a tool for creating fluid and dynamic video footage; compatible with all cameras and affordable to all film-makers.
The REVOLVE is a tool for creating fluid and dynamic video footage; compatible with all cameras and affordable to all film-makers.
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More on the way!

Posted by Jeremy (Creator)

I am very happy to hear from those of you who have already gotten their Revolve! We got a good number shipped out last week, and there will be a substantial number shipping out this coming week as well.

I have had a few of you contact me recently with a change of address, so if there is anyone else who needs to change their address please let me know ASAP so I can make that change before we ship your reward. Please just send me a message with your new shipping address. 

I have also had a few questions so far about mounting the accessories such as the ball head and friction arm. There is a zipper compartment in each carry case, and inside of that there will be a plastic bag that holds a small 1/4" mounting screw (this bag will also have the guide rods if you ordered the rail kit). This small 1/4" screw can be used to mount your camera, the ball head, and the friction arm to the Revolve Dolly. The bottoms of the ball heads are threaded with 3/8" mounting holes, but they each come with a 3/8" to 1/4" adapter so that they can be used with either size mounting screw. The friction arm can also be mounted with it's own included hardware, in which case you won't need the 1/4" screw.

Soon enough I will be posting some instructional material which will help guide you through these, and any other issues that you may be having, so please let me know if you have questions.

I look forward to getting the rest of the rewards shipped out to all of the backers, and to hearing feedback from all of you. 




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    1. Michael Crawford on

      Trying to get my Manfrotto tripod head on the Revolve, I think I need to take a trip to the hardware store to find the right sized bolt and then cut it down. None of the hardware that came with it works.

    2. Adam McLane on

      I received mine. Curious if the ball head was supposed to have a mount screw?

    3. Missing avatar

      Dave R on

      I am in CO and I received my Revolve today. Thanks Jeremy. It looks great! Now I'm just waiting to get my Genie and I'll have a full, inexpensive camera rig for time lapse photography.

    4. William Maio on

      I am in NY, and I received the package ! Yay.
      However, I ordered the ball head with the kit, but I cannot find it in the bag....

    5. Sherman Tillman on

      The bottom screw on the monopod, which should stay attached when you screw it into the resolve, detaches and will not stay. Going to a hardware store to check for a better screw. But others may wanna check.

    6. Sherman Tillman on

      Okay false alarm, I stopped drinking and figured it out...duh!

    7. Sherman Tillman on

      I got mine today, thanks. But the monopod does not screw into the resolve. It just keeps turning and turning. Either the threads on the resolve are not grooved correctly or the screw is not long enough.

    8. Roy Jones on

      Jut got mine in Alabama. Thank you!

    9. kenny on

      Still waiting patiently here in Singapore. :)

    10. Sherman Tillman on

      Still waiting for mine over here in San Fran. But, I wanted to know if you had any tee-shirts?

    11. Jonas Aji Narendra on

      I'll wait patiently here in Indonesia :D

    12. Joanne Harrison on

      Jeremy, would you be able to put up a message when you have posted the international orders?

    13. grahambot on

      Excellent. Thanks!

    14. Jeremy 2-time creator on

      Grahambot- the 3/8" to 1/4" adapter inside the ball head is adjustable. If you look through the middle of it you will see a slot for a flat head screwdriver, which lets you adjust the depth of the adapter.

    15. grahambot on

      Got mine over the weekend. Thanks! One question on the mount - the small mounting screw does fit through the bottom of the Revolve just fine, but it doesn't catch any of the threads in the ball-head mount. I see an adapter changing the threading from 3/8" to 1/4", but it's sunk to far inside the ball-head mount for it to catch the Revolve mounting screw.

      Any advice? Have others reported this?

    16. Felipe Gordillo Corvalán on

      mine is already in the way :)

    17. Sherman Tillman on

      Cali should get there's

    18. Sherman Tillman on

      Damn I'm in San Fran. Where's mne?

    19. Missing avatar

      JoonGi Cho on

      where's mine....ㅠㅠ

    20. DJ Paine on

      Jeremy will you let us know individually when it is posted to us? DJ Paine in Australia - dj {at}

    21. Missing avatar

      maik on

      Yeay, looking forward to getting mine :) Good job, Jeremy!