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The REVOLVE is a tool for creating fluid and dynamic video footage; compatible with all cameras and affordable to all film-makers.
The REVOLVE is a tool for creating fluid and dynamic video footage; compatible with all cameras and affordable to all film-makers.
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manufacturing update #1

Posted by Jeremy (Creator)

Hello Backers!

I know you are curious about the progress of the project, so here's what's been going on up to this point.

Directly after the Kickstarter ended, Amazon collected payments from all the backers. They held onto those funds for 14 days (as is their policy) before transferring them to me.

That waiting period was spent finalizing our orders for the 16 separate components and accessories that we need from 7 separate suppliers. Those orders have been placed and production is underway!

We have our first look at some of the new components that were only in the prototype phase when the project was shown to you. Since the project reached our first modified goal, the rail clamp is being manufactured through injection molding. Below are some pictures of the mold being machined, as well as the first plastic parts out of the mold. We added stainless steel screw inserts for added strength. Looks great!

We are still shooting for a June shipment, but a few things have added time to the process. The first of which is the fact that we added new accessories and features as the project progressed. With those additions comes more designing, sourcing, sampling, and manufacturing. We know that the changes were good, so the extra time is more than worth it, and we know you will agree when you receive your Revolve.

I will continue to keep you updated as we move forward. Thanks!


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    1. 4R on

      What's the ETA, please?

    2. grahambot on

      June is almost gone - any update on shipping?

    3. Missing avatar

      david maas on

      Appreciate the update!
      Also ordered the monopod and can't wait to play with all this stuff.

    4. Jeremy 2-time creator on

      Daniel- the ball head and monopod are manufactured by third parties, and the orders have been placed and are on schedule. We have our manufacturer modify the monopod for compatibility with our system.

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel Zaleski on

      Could you please give more information on some other additional equipment like ball head and monopod?

    6. Thomas Ryan on

      Great stuff. Thanks for the update. I'm sure I speak for more people than just myself when I say, take your time.

      Really looking forward to getting my kit, and am more than willing to wait a little longer for superior quality :D

    7. Jeremy 2-time creator on

      sorry about the issue with the pictures, it appeared that there were more that weren't loading. If you can see the first image (with the 4 separate images within it), the it's loaded fine. Thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Todd Hakala on

      Not loading for me, either.

      Can't wait for it to ship!

    9. Strider Jordan on

      Pics not fully loading for me either...but so excited to see them!

    10. Ross Fowkes on

      I'm actually quite the fervent baker.

    11. Robbie Cervantes on

      Thanks for the update! But it looks as if some of the pictures are not loading. I am only seeing the first one on my end, anyone else getting this as well?