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The REVOLVE is a tool for creating fluid and dynamic video footage; compatible with all cameras and affordable to all film-makers.
The REVOLVE is a tool for creating fluid and dynamic video footage; compatible with all cameras and affordable to all film-makers.
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progress and improvements!

Posted by Jeremy (Creator)

I would like to start by sending out another thank you to all of my backers and project supporters. You guys have been amazing and I am blown away by your support!

Now that we approach 200% of our funding goal, you might be wondering where that extra money will go. The bulk of it will go towards fulfilling the orders; with each new backer another revolve gets lined up for production. But also, the more orders we get, the more efficient the manufacturing process can become.

One step we would love to take to increase the speed, efficiency, and consistency of our manufacturing is introducing injection molding to the process. Our rail kit is an excellent candidate for injection molding.

Producing a mold for this part will be very expensive, but it has major upsides. The part will be much lighter, and will use far less plastic to produce, but will retain the strength of the original part. The carbon footprint will be reduced both in material and transportation resources. It will look better, and the high grade plastics will be incredibly durable. The part will also feature stainless steel inserts in each of the four screw holes to ensure that the threads will never be stripped.

The part will look more like the image below, rather than the block previously shown.

This CAD design was done with my limited skills; we still need to contract a professional designer to revise the part for structural integrity, and mold compatibility.

Here is where you come in! Like I said before, producing the mold for this part will be very expensive (but way worth it!). I have set my new personal funding goal at $20,000 and if we can get to that number we will be able to pay for the tooling and manufacture the rail clamps via injection molding. This will benefit everyone!

So- if you haven't already added a rail kit to your order do it now! You can click the "manage your pledge" button on the main Revolve Kickstarter page and add $20 to your pledge. I personally use the rail kit everywhere; it really is awesome!

Keep sharing this project- tell your friends and your uncles and your barbers and your pastry chefs and everyone you see to help us continue to raise funds so we can keep improving this already awesome product!

Thanks so much!



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