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The REVOLVE is a tool for creating fluid and dynamic video footage; compatible with all cameras and affordable to all videographers.
The REVOLVE is a tool for creating fluid and dynamic video footage; compatible with all cameras and affordable to all film-makers.
The REVOLVE is a tool for creating fluid and dynamic video footage; compatible with all cameras and affordable to all film-makers.
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    1. Jeremy 2-time creator on

      Private messages sent- thanks for the questions guys. If you have any more questions feel free to send me a message

    2. Ryan Jackson on

      Hi Jeremy,

      I received the Revolve a while back but was with the defective part in the monopod. I was wondering if I could get the new part shipped out to me?


    3. Ben Acton on

      Cheers Jeremy I got my revolve dolly. Just a quick and maybe dumb question, how do you attach the monopod to the dolly to use as a steadicam, as when I do it there is little friction between the two and they spin because of the plastic on metal.

    4. Ross Fowkes on

      Hi Jeremy

      Got my Revolve today and I'm really, really impressed by the quality of the build!

      Just tested it out and absolutely love it.

      Well done! :)


    5. Jonas Aji Narendra on

      Hi Jeremy, I'm a backer from Indonesia. May I ask you my shipping details? (tracking numbers, courrier,etc) so i can get a track on the shipping status. Thanks.

    6. Pierre Foisy on

      Got the kit today and it's great. I was wondering if I could use something else instead of the small screw to attach the ball head with. As a suggestion for improvement: using the double white lines to make the wheels parallel is not precise (probably in most cases it won't be a factor), having something to stop the wheels so that they are, like a groove, would be nice.
      Thumbs up! Great product and can't wait to use it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Haikal Aziz on

      Hey Jeremy,

      I've yet to receive my Revole yet too. :/ My friend got his last week, is there a tracking number of some sorts on the piece? Thanks! ;)

    8. Jeremy 2-time creator on

      Mads + Ben- I have sent you messages.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mads Liljendahl on

      Hi Jeremy.

      I haven't received my Revolve yet, and I can't wait to get my hands on it.
      An update would be most welcome :)

    10. Ben Acton on

      Hi please could I get an update on my order please, I am in dire need of it for filming projects

    11. Stan

      Sam ~ Depending which carrier you use most of my packages are delivered to my door without charge. (FedEx, USPS, Canada Post).
      UPS is the worst when getting gifts. They act as your broker, so you end up with the Customs, Tax and Duty. Many times they won't deliver the package but leave you a post card saying the package is in, and you can pick it up at their shipping outlets.

    12. Sam on

      Maybe I should move to Canada (especially as the postman can just leave parcels on your front door step, that wouldn't be such a good idea in London!), or stick to UK based Kickstarter projects from now on. Am a little bit nervous about the custom fees that may be due on my Genie...

    13. Stan

      No problem for me.
      The postman just left the package on my front door.
      No duty, customs, or taxes. Worked out good.
      A Canadian backer.

    14. Jeremy 2-time creator on

      Sam- Very sorry about that! There is really nothing I can do about the customs fees, and I have to pay them as well when I receive my parts from the manufacturer! It's an unfortunate part of doing business internationally, but at least we are able to ship worldwide! I hope you enjoy your revolve once it arrives.

    15. Sam on

      I think my Revolve is sitting in a Customs office waiting for £20 of fees to be paid before it gets delivered. £20!!! Was not expecting it to be that much and and now slightly worried about some of my other Kickstarter-backed projects... :o( Excited to finally have a play with my Revolve tho.

    16. Missing avatar

      noisebot on

      ahhhhh nevermind. read back further and found what I was missing. awesome!

    17. Missing avatar

      noisebot on

      my revolve kit arrived today, looks great, I'm excited to try it out soon. I'm afraid I have a bit of a dumb question though... how do you attached the ball head mount? I didn't find a screw that fits into the bottom of the mount in the kit, are we supposed to supply our own and I just missed it somewhere? that's about the only thing I'm not so sure of...

    18. James Troi on

      Sweet, my revolve arrived today, in Melbourne, Australia. Can't wait to get out of work and use it. Looks and feels great. Thanks for the excellent work Jeremy.

    19. Ben Acton on

      Excellent, thanks for getting back.

    20. Jeremy 2-time creator on

      @ben- nearly all of the remaining international orders w/ monopod went out last week and the rest will be shipping today and tomorrow. International shipping generally takes 6-10 days

    21. Ben Acton on

      HI Jeremy thanks for getting back to me before, what I gather from the earlier posts is that you have now sent out the packages including the new monopod fix to the UK, when can we expect them.

    22. Jeffrey B George

      Curious, has anyone been using the rail kit? I bought 1-inch PVC pipe and I am thinking smaller pipe may work better? I am finding the pipe is probably too flexible as the pipe bows outward and the wheels begin trying shift off the pipe, even with the guides. I am curious if the smaller pipe will allow the wheels to nestle down and confine the wheels a little better? I am finding the rubber wheels have a little spring to them... So excited by the product and can't wait for the mono pod fix from your post today. Best!

    23. Jeremy 2-time creator on

      Hi Neal-

      It will be shipping early next week, thanks!


    24. Missing avatar

      Neal Ashford on

      Hi Jeremy. I've got a couple of projects coming up and it would be great to use the revolve kit on them. Do you know when you will be sending mine to the UK?

    25. Jeremy 2-time creator on

      @ Ben + Sherman- we will finally get the monopod parts in this week and can ship those last orders out! Thanks so much for your enduring patience!!!!

    26. Ben Acton on

      Hi Jeremy please could you let me know when I can expect my revolve dolly package with the new monopod, cheers.

    27. Sherman Tillman on

      Hey Jeremy do you have an idea when I will receive the upgraded mono pad?

    28. Phil Smit on

      Hi Jeremy, just to let you know my Revolve arrived this morning here in London, UK. It had to spend a day with Customs who levied a VAT charge, hey ho!
      All looking good though, can't wait to give it a go.
      The quality feels really good!
      Thank you!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Depuydt on

      @Adam Selby: I'm affraid it's not stuck, it's probably also broken off inside your monopod (same issue I encountered myself).
      I had to remove the monopod from the screw and then used pliers to remove the screw...

      (and yes, your monopod is broken now!)

    30. Adam Selby on

      Anyone have any suggestions for removing the monopod mount screw from the bottom of my camera? It's stuck in mine.

    31. Greg Spence on

      Nevermind, I found the thread about adjusting the inner screw in the ball head.

    32. Greg Spence on

      Jeremy, I can't figure out how to mount the ball head. I read down below that the single screw that came with the rail kit was used to mount the ball head, but its not large enough.

    33. Missing avatar

      Tim Sharples on

      The revolve kit arrived today, thank you very much all looks promising. However, the one rail kit, and two friction arms haven't come with it, will these come in another package? I was a Pro Kit- Backer.
      Many thanks in advance.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Depuydt on

      First conclusions:

      The aluminium rail combined with the metal guide rods was probably not the best idea for sliding noise, but it's resolved (and can be done a bit better even) with just using thicker - cushioned - tape around the guide rods.

      The dolly itself is brilliant, as told before, the monopod, not so brilliant. In fact, I regret having purchased the monopod at all. The mentioned issue about the bottom of the monopod was the first thing I wanted to avoid and after a mere half an hour of testing, the top screw above the handle was broken!
      I'm lucky my camera did not fall, or it would have a very costly accident...

      Just reinforcing the bottom screw might not be enough I'm afraid..

    35. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Depuydt on

      As a quick update: testing the rail, but ran into a couple of small issues already:
      -the aluminium rods are 30 mm diameter and when locked into the rail kit have 1-2mm space too little for the guide rods to fit in between, had to bump up the space a littel bit by adding cardboard between the clamps.
      -the noise caused by the guiding rods sliding against the aluminium. Your wooden rods probably didn't show this issue? (and as a hint: tape doesn't solve it, but it does reduce the sharp noise a little)

    36. Jeremy 2-time creator on

      Archerphoto- Thank you very much! I do plan to include an instruction booklet with future kits, but did not get around to it for these orders (you guys already know so much about me and the project anyway!) thank you for the advice!
      Jeroen- please do let us know!

    37. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Depuydt on

      Just bought 2x 2 meter long aluminium rods (30mm diameter), in other words, we'll be testing the rail kit soon!

    38. Missing avatar

      Archerphoto on

      Great job. I've just received it. A little more marketing is advised, some sort of welcome letter and a link for instructions, but the general sensation is AWESOME. I am very happy with the Revolve and with the process. I wish you an even greater success. Keep your level and be sure all of your customers receive info about your upcoming projects, because most of us are going to be supportive. Thanks and congratulations.

    39. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Please hold back my entire shipment and send it
      WITH the Monopod since your supplier appears
      to have some solution.

    40. Jeremy 2-time creator on

      Eric- Glad to hear your reward has arrived! As outlined in the last update, the monopod has some issues, which we have been working to remedy. As for the rail kit, the redesigned clamps may not appear as solid because they contain less material than the ones shown in the video, but they are actually a substantial upgrade in every way!
      Hope you enjoy using the Revolve, I'd be glad to see any results!

    41. Missing avatar

      Eric Wingtorn on

      finally got mine in the mail! i was a lil disappointed at how flimsy the monopod seemed, and the friction arms smelled really funny. i have put it outside for the day, hoping it goes away. also after fiddling with it, i found that its design of how it tightens all over is ingenious, great job, Jeremy! the rail kit looks more solid in the promo video, but i will try that out soon enough.

      the dolly looks like the most solid part of the project and i look forward to trying it out for my films soon. its wheels required a light center shave.... but works fine otherwise. (probably from the mold)

    42. Jeremy 2-time creator on

      @Jeroen & sgllama- So glad to hear that overseas backers are beginning to receive their packages! Happy to hear that things arrived safely and that you are pleased! Your feedback is much appreciated! THANKS!!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Depuydt on

      Just unpacked everything and tried setting it up - see if I could make all the parts fit - and it's BRILLIANT!
      Good build quality and it's amazing how much was stuffed in that "tiny" package.
      Congratulations once again and best of luck in continuing your business!

      We'll keep you up-to-date on any improvements we might encounter for your future upgrades, hope to provide you with some valuable feedback while using it...

    44. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      (In the UK) just picked up my package at the post office; everything looks great. Won't have a project for the revolve itself this weekend but I've snaffled a friction arm to use on a tabletop tripod - great timing!
      Looking forward to using the Revolve for real.

    45. Jeremy 2-time creator on

      @M Brennan- the rail kit will accept any pipes/tubes/dowels with an outer diamter up to 1-3/8". 1" PVC pipe has a 1.33" OD, is super cheap, and works great for shorter rails (up to about 4 feet). After that, it tends to sag a bit. I have found that 1-38" wodden dowels (such as curtain rod) works wonderfully even at longer lengths because it is very rigid

      @Jeffrey- thanks so very much for your kind words! Your support means so much to me !!

      @Jeroen- Ouch! I'm sorry about the inevitable import duties! I had to pay my share when the parts arrived to me in the USA, and unfortunately there is no [legal] way around it. Glad to hear it has arrived!

    46. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Depuydt on

      Package arrived and we had to pay import rights of € 33,00. Thanking my government for ripping me off. :)
      I'll report on the condition of the received goods when I have the package in my own hands.

      Thanks for posting so soon after my reply in your last update!

    47. Jeffrey B George

      Jeremy, I just wanted to commend you on your professionalism in handing all comments. You are so patient, sympathetic, eager, and always kind with your answers. I am very impressed. I sure can't wait to see what ideas you come up for the future, I'll definitely be a backer once again. :-)

    48. Adam Nixon on

      This kit is awesome! I'm going out today to buy the PVC and shooting with it tonight. Now I'm wishing I had purchased the monpod. Do you have a link to make additional equipment buys? Thanks for coming up with a novel sollution to a big-budget problem!!

    49. Missing avatar

      M Brennan on

      Hi Jeremy - Thanks for sending that plate so fast. We are psyched to use this tomorrow. Is there a preferred pipe size for the rail kit? I knoiw 3/4 pvc is thicker than 3/4 emt, wondered if that matters. Or should it be one inch, and is the emt more solid than pvc? Just curious, if someone has already used their rail kit and can weigh in. Thanks again!

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