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"Just Some Kids" - Student Film's video poster

"Just Some Kids" follows the adventures of two college students stuck on campus during Christmas Eve. Read more

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"Just Some Kids" follows the adventures of two college students stuck on campus during Christmas Eve.

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"Just Some Kids" is a student film project dedicated to bigger, better, and more entertaining.  For the past few months, passionate students at Furman University have been working tirelessly on pre-production for the film in hopes that their efforts will create a future for film and the performing arts at their small South Carolina College.

The story follows the adventures of Mike Lieberman and Andy Smith, two college students stuck on campus during the winter holiday as they build wild contraptions, ride horses, and try to make the best of a lonely Christmas Eve.  In hot pursuit are two campus police officers terrified that the kids' shenanigans will put them in mortal peril.

This is a student production in every possible sense.  Most of the technology has been built from scratch using materials purchased at local hardware stores and the challenge of mobilizing campus resources through a bureaucracy has been taken on by students who have never even taken a business class. 

We have had so much success so far, but in order to make our film come to life, we need your help.  With the standards of excellence set so high, the difficulty of funding has become an equally daunting challenge.  We need to raise enough money to purchase a DSLR camera that can produce photography of a high enough quality that we can compete with external media vying for the attention of Furman students.  However, despite the generous contributions of our student members, the camera we need (the Canon EOS 60D) is out of our price range.  Please, without the features and quality of this device, it will be impossible for us to capture all of the hard work put into this production on film.

We are just young people looking for a chance to pursue our dreams.  It is so hard for young people to successfully merge with the Film industry today, and with no filmmaking community coming out of Furman, our futures are looking bleak.  Help us take charge of our futures with just a small donation.  We don't think of it as simply a pool of money.  We think of it as a statement of faith, a symbol demonstrating that you believe we are capable of tackling this challenge, and that is something we will never forget.


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