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A compilation of essays by women in the tabletop games industry about past and current struggles and secrets & tips for new designers.
A compilation of essays by women in the tabletop games industry about past and current struggles and secrets & tips for new designers.
A compilation of essays by women in the tabletop games industry about past and current struggles and secrets & tips for new designers.
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Books have been shipped from the printer!


Great news! 
I received my advanced hard copy in the mail, and everything looks great! The softcover books will be here next week (confirmed by tracking) and will be ready to ship out immediately (mailers are ready and waiting to be labeled and stuffed), so I am going to be "locking down" the BackerKit shipping addresses this weekend. This is your last chance to update your shipping address if you have moved or make any add-on changes to your order. I still have over 90 backers who have not filled out their BackerKit surveys! If you lost your ink to BackerKit, you can get back in by going to :)

More great news!
Hardcover books and art prints are expected to come in by the end of the month as well! Again, we will need your final shipping address by the end of the weekend, so we can mail your books to you!

Gen Con Pickup: If you would like to pick up your books (softcover or hardcover) at Gen Con instead of having them shipped to you, please send an email to by this Sunday at 9pm PST, so we can take you off the label export list. We want to have all labels printed and ready to go for when the books arrive, so there will be no more delays, and it will be impossible to change your shipping status after that point. We will be having signing times at Gen Con, as well, so you can get your books signed there by many of our contributors if you choose to pick them up!

Everything is finally all coming together, and we all just want to give another HUGE thank you to all of you who have supported this project from the beginning. You are all amazing members of our community, and we can't wait for you to have this book in your hands! 

 Thank you! 
- Elisa and the rest of the Girls on Games team!

The PDF has been delivered, and an update on printing status!


Happy 4th of July Weekend, Backers!

Last night, you all should have received an email from BackerKit (where you should have already filled out your survey) with a download link for the PDF of the book. If you didn't receive your link, please let me know, so I can investigate!

I have already received one message from a Backer about the .MOBI format not looking correct on certain Kindle devices. For my .MOBI level backers, please enjoy the PDF until I figure out what is going on there - I am going to try to have a new download with it fixed this weekend.

If you haven't signed up with BackerKit yet, it is a very simple process that will allow me to get your product to you. Without this information, I can't deliver your goodies, so please take a few minutes to fill out the survey. After all of this time, I still don't have 109 replies, which will make things very complicated when the actual books arrive. Additional pledge level physical and digital items are on the way, as well, and you'll need your BackerKit completed to receive them. Go to to complete your survey, update your shipping address, and download your PDF!

Softcover books are on their way, and I should have them in-hand before I leave for Gen Con on August 2nd. Depending on when they arrive, they will either get shipped to backers right before Gen Con or immediately afterward. If you are going to Gen Con and would like to pick up your book there, send a note to by July 25th. If you do (and only if you do), you can pick up your book at a signing at Gen Con. 

I'm really looking forward to hearing your feedback on the book, and I literally cried tears of joy when I pushed the "deliver" button. All of our contributors poured their heart and souls into this project, and we are so proud of what we accomplished.

Again, thank you all for your amazing support and patience. And happy reading!

- Elisa :)

Update and Delivery Status


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Update from the trenches


Hi Everyone!

I know this is another long-due update, but I wanted to chime in and assure everyone that I am still hard at work on this project and not going anywhere.

I've spent the last month in a crazy whirlwind around the world, jumping from convention to convention for work (a few weeks of which I literally had no internet connection), while working on two huge game projects with massive deadlines of their own, only to come home to a horrible flu that has completely knocked me on my behind. During all of this, though, the project has been progressing and moving forward, so I'm not making any excuses here. Convention season is well underway, and I intend to have this book in everyone's hands before I am called away again.

As far as the PDF is concerned, I'm taking a lot of flak from both sides of backers: those who pledged solely for the PDF and want it now and those who pledged for a much higher level and don't think it is fair for PDF backers to get theirs "first." I'm trying to please everybody and am working out a solution, but the good news is that everyone will have what they pledged for in-hand very soon. 

Please bear with me and rest assured that this is getting done. This project is full of blood, sweat, tears, and love - there is no way anybody involved is giving up now, so please don't give up on us!

So appreciative of your patience and support,

Another printer letdown, but a resolution is here!


Hi everyone!

I have to open this update by saying how much I appreciate game printers, after dealing with the book industry printers on this project. Obviously, I had a non-shipment of goods, which is why they weren't shipped by Xmas, and I didn't find out until the last minute.

Updates to you are my fault: it has been a crazy holiday season, and I'm in a huge crunch at my job on an awesome game called Apocrypha (from Lone Shark Games) that will be out later this year. Those are no excuse, but finding hours in the day to re-do the entire layout, find a new printing solution, and updating you fine folks is difficult right now, not to mention the daunting notion of disappointing you all again. I think that last part is the hardest, and I now have fresh eyes on all the Kickstarters I have backed and how they handle updates. It is really hard to write bad news.

So, a solution: the book is going to Amazon. I'm now reformatting everything one last time for their printing requirements, and just paying the extra cost to do it that way. It was one of my earlier options that I was trying to avoid, but at this point, especially with my busy schedule, it seems the smartest way to do this. I will be getting the books for all Backers, signing them, and sending them out, still, and then any future books can just be ordered straight through them and delivered directly.

This will impact the hardcover backers slightly, as there will be a delay on those. However, all hardcover backers will be getting a copy of the paperback when I get them, so you don't have to wait. I will pay the additional shipping cost on that, so no need to worry.

The last thing this impacts are the authors that still haven't given me a chapter, which was the initial cause of this snowball series of delays. Today, I will be writing one last-ditch email effort to them to see if they can contribute by end of day Tuesday, which is when the book will be sent to print for hopefully the last time. Also, if you were a backer on the "Share Your Story Level" and never sent in your piece, now is your last chance! 

There is about a 3-4 week turnaround on books printed through Amazon once everything is printed, plus shipping time to me and then to you. Convention season is rapidly approaching, so I'm not allowing this to go any further, and everyone in my immediate life has been put on notice that this is my #1 priority after my work duties - kids, make your own dinner! ;) ...I'm only slightly kidding, here. This will get done.

My gratitude goes out to all of you,