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Designs by leading artists worldwide. Precise down to the micro-millimeter
Designs by leading artists worldwide. Precise down to the micro-millimeter
Designs by leading artists worldwide. Precise down to the micro-millimeter
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    1. Missing avatar

      Roberto Mignogna 6 days ago

      News for shipping to italy?

    2. Allister Lloyd Ching 6 days ago

      About time for an update? :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Clemens on June 11, 2018

      Any news regarding the EU friendly shipping?

    4. Elad Burko 3-time creator
      on June 1, 2018

      @Michal Hyland - If you are referring to a tracker that will help you find your wallet with a smart phone then we are sorry but this feature is not part of the Micro Wallet. We created the Micro Wallet to be as slim, small and comfortable as possible and the trackers that are available add a lot of bulk. Thank you for your comment and support!

      @Catherine - Thanks for the comment. It is not possible to downgrade and receive a refund on the difference once the campaign is funded. Thank you for the support.

      @Meh-Ki Zaire White @Adiya ‘aar’ Rachman - We will reach out to you to assist you and ensure you get access to your survey. Thank you for the comment and support!

      @F @Clemens @Michał Rychlewski @Leif - We apologize if we offended, as that was not our intent. We are looking further into this issue to see if we can sort it out. Our objective is to ensure all backers receive their rewards as soon as possible. We thank you for support and understanding.

    5. Leif
      on May 31, 2018

      @Clemens you have a seriously one sided view of the world and quite obviously no experience in the delivery business.

      In this case, the only part of the address that matters when sending outside of the country is the destination country in the written language of the sending country. The receiving country sorts out the rest.

      After 25+ deliveries from the US, this has never been a problem before from kickstarter projects.

      Every conceivable written character is in ANSI and UNICODE, there is no reason for these addresses to not be printable in this day and age.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michał Rychlewski on May 31, 2018

      @Clemens: From my experience it seems, that only US based companies have this problem. The rest of the world, somehow, does not.

    7. Missing avatar

      F on May 31, 2018

      @Clemens I have funded lots of international kickstarters and this have never been a problem before. If the systems can't handle valid addresses in other countrys THEY should do the cleanup (like the airlines do). So no, that is not how things work if you think international.

    8. Missing avatar

      Clemens on May 30, 2018

      @F Well your local delivery might be able to read non English characters, but international delivery requires a common set of characters. And that is the English one, whether you like it or not. ... that’s how things work

    9. Missing avatar

      F on May 30, 2018

      And, of the 20 or so kickstarter I have funded, this have never been an issue. I have always inputed my correct name and address (including non english characters).

    10. Missing avatar

      F on May 30, 2018

      Not allowing non english characters in delivery addresses is wrong and frankly stupid.
      It's disrespectful for all you non english backers.

    11. Aditya 'aar' Rachman on May 27, 2018

      Hi Team, similar issue with other projects. Address 1 & 2 in your survey form char/letter count is very short (around 30). This create difficulty for us who has very long address (we want to make sure it gets delivered). Please make it longer. Thanks.

    12. Missing avatar

      Meh-Ki Zaire White on May 25, 2018

      I never actually got a survey link and when I click the link to recover my survey I still don’t get anything. Any other way I can get my survey?

    13. Missing avatar

      Catherine on May 24, 2018

      Hi, I was wondering if I switched my pledge level from 3 to 2 wallets, how many days would it take for the balance to be refunded? Thanks

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on May 22, 2018

      Any tracker option?

    15. Elad Burko 3-time creator
      on May 22, 2018

      Link to share for all 8 posters:

    16. Elad Burko 3-time creator
      on May 22, 2018

      @Piyush – Some of the shares at the beginning of the campaign were only for one poster. At the end of the campaign a fellow backer gave us the bright idea to provide the opportunity to share for all posters and we did so. If you shared in the beginning of the campaign it was for 1 poster and later in the campaign the share was for all 8 posters. The good news is that it’s not too late to share to get all 8 posters. Here’s the link to share for all 8:

      @Enes Topcu – Thank you for your comment. We are still currently in talks with several logistics warehouses that specialize in crowdfunding fulfillment sorting out the details and therefore can not confirm any final details regarding shipping. Once we finalize with a logistics partner and know more we will share this information with all backers via an update. That said, we are confident that shipping will be EU friendly because of the success we have experienced with the shipping of our last 2 crowdfunding campaigns. We’ve shipped rewards to over 10,000+ backers in Europe and the rest of the world without issue in the past and we plan to do it again! Thank you for your understanding and support.

      @Jorim Teilemans – We will be happy to help you with the issue. Thank you for your support!

    17. Missing avatar

      Jorim Tielemans on May 19, 2018

      @Elad, could you please answer the question of albert and Gianluca? I'm currently stuck at the survey with 4 wallets and 3 pouches. The FAQ clearly stated that an additional micro wallet would be 15 USD, not 16 as on BackerKit.

    18. Missing avatar

      Enes Topcu on May 16, 2018

      Hi Elad, I am Enes Topcu. I backed this project with 4 wallets with 49 USD. I want these wallets to be send to Turkey but our customs are very problematic. Total invoice needs to be less than 22 USD. So can you please invoice each wallet for 5 USD? Otherwise, I am afraid i cannot get your amazing wallets and deal with custom officers here. Thanks in advance! Enes

    19. Missing avatar

      Piyush on May 15, 2018

      Thanks for the survey and explanations.
      I do have a question regarding the posters that you sent to us. It does not contain all the artworks as posters. Is it because not all the artwork is available or something else?

    20. Elad Burko 3-time creator
      on May 14, 2018

      @Oliver Bastian Fahrni - In your case the survey was sent to the email associated with your Facebook account. Check the Facebook settings for that email address. Once you find it you can access your survey via the recovery link -

      @Remy - Sure, that is a great idea. We will work on this and share images of both sides of each wallet. Depending on the design some will have artwork on the inside oval panel while others will be white. Thank you for your support!

      @Allister Lloyd Ching - Thank you for the support and assistance. It is appreciated!

      @Jiří Markvart - Due to the success of the logistics of our last Kickstarter campaign we think we will be sticking with the same logistics partner for this campaign. It is not yet final so can not give any details yet. The good news is that our last project shipped out 10k+ orders without issues to EU and we plan to do the same this time around. Thank you for the support!

    21. Missing avatar

      Gianluca on May 14, 2018

      Hi, i received the email to select colors and addons, but to add a micro wallet it requires 16 dollars instead of 15 as in the FAQ. What do I have to do to add a micro wallet for 15$?

    22. Jiří Markvart on May 14, 2018

      Hi there, do you already know where are the wallets going to be shipped from? Or what will the declared price on the package be? I'm asking to avoid dealing with the customs or VAT payment since there is 22 EUR limit for orders outside EU to avoid it.

    23. Allister Lloyd Ching on May 14, 2018

      @Oliver Bastian Fahrni: had the same issue, so I changed emails and informed the creators that I've back to send emails on my new Email :)
      hope you get your survey soon :D

    24. Missing avatar

      Remy on May 14, 2018

      Really excited to get the survey but finding it hard to get good/big resolution pictures of the front/back covers.
      I've tried screenshots of the Designs available, as they cycle too quickly, but they're tiny.
      I also note that some designs have the internal side printed whereas others are left white, which is a real shame for such great artwork, and makes even less sense for the blacks ... ?

      Are these going to be printed double-sided , or left bare?

    25. Oliver Bastian Fahrni on May 14, 2018

      I haven't received an email with the survey yet. My kickstarter account is linked with facebook, might that be the problem?

    26. Elad Burko 3-time creator
      on May 14, 2018

      @Björn Klaassen Bos - Thank you for your comment. The Charcoal design for the Coin Pouch is the same as the Graphite design of the Micro Wallet. The Green and Blue designs are different colors of this same textured design. We will work on a zoom in of these designs for backers to have a closer look and will share them when ready. Thank you for your support!

      @Mathew - There are 11 Artist Designs and 3 Black designs that are available to choose from. We based our decisions of selecting new designs based on the survey responses from our backers and the winning options where; black textures, patterns, and geometric designs. Either way, you’ve done well… you can’t go wrong with the blacks. Thank you for the support!

      @Binh - You can check out our Slim Wallet on our website - - Thank you for your support!

      @Paul Korber - It is not necessary to upgrade shipping to the trackable and insured method. The standard shipping method used is not trackable or insured but is reliable. We successfully shipped over 6K orders from our last Kickstarter campaign for the Magic Coin Pouch via this standard method of non-tracked shipping.

      @Allister Lloyd Ching @David Hunter - Thank you for your comments and sorry for the confusion. You need not worry, the Micro Wallet comes already with RFID Protection as you thought. The RFID Blocking Cards Add-on option is for anyone who wants to add RFID protection to any other wallet they have. Thank you so much for your support!

    27. David Hunter on May 13, 2018

      Yes, I contributed to this wallet because the RFID was supposed to be included? What happened? Now it's a $9 add-on option? Also, the RFID was supposed to be built-in, not some cheap slide in credit card chip that takes up more room.

    28. Missing avatar

      on May 13, 2018

      @creator In the FAQ it stated add $15 for extra Micro wallet, but in the survey, the addon cost $16. Can you fix it?

    29. Allister Lloyd Ching on May 13, 2018

      RFID Card? I thought there was a built-in RFID card?

    30. Missing avatar

      Paul Koerber
      on May 13, 2018

      Why would it be necessary to pay $4 for Upgrade shipping? How is it shipped without this additional charge?

    31. Missing avatar

      Binh on May 13, 2018

      What is the slim wallet option exactly?

    32. Missing avatar

      Matthew on May 13, 2018

      I thought there would be more flat colour options. All those designs and I chose black and black.

    33. Missing avatar

      Björn Klaassen Bos on May 13, 2018

      The colorschemes for the coin pouch don't match the ones on the link given. Do you have an overview of what the pouches look like? I can kind of figure out how the ones named after designers look like, but blue/green are pretty broad. Also, what's the difference between black and charcoal. It would be great to have a look at these before having to decide which one to add.

    34. Elad Burko 3-time creator
      on May 13, 2018

      @Maximiliano Campos - Yes, you have chosen the right wallet design if you selected 'leather'. Leather is 'Black Leather'. Thank you so much for your support!

    35. Elad Burko 3-time creator
      on May 13, 2018

      @Backers - All surveys have been sent out. If you haven't received your make sure to check your spam or promotions folder. For more info see our latest update.

      @Justin Kenny - We plan to ship out in August 2018. See schedule on campaign page for more details. Thank you for your support!

    36. Sunata Pongsakiat on May 13, 2018

      Quick update: The survey has just arrived.

    37. Missing avatar

      Brandeis LaBarbera on May 13, 2018

      @Maximiliano- when did you receive a survey? I haven’t received one yet and curious on when it was sent.

    38. Missing avatar

      Maximiliano Campos on May 13, 2018

      @Elad Burko, I just want to confirm one quick thing with you. Since I am visually impaired I just wanted to make sure I was choosing the right wallet for me on the survey. If I want the leather textured black should I just choose the option on the survey that says leather? I know there is a “jet black” but there was no black leather option just one that says “leather,” so that is what I picked but wanted to make sure. Thank you so much in advance for your assistance! =)

    39. Ben Gollow on May 13, 2018

      Yeah I haven't recieved a survey yet.

    40. Missing avatar

      Brandeis LaBarbera on May 12, 2018

      I don’t believe the survey was sent yet.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jeppe Fjordside on May 12, 2018

      Im not sure i got the survey, what should i do?

    42. Missing avatar

      Justin Kenny on May 11, 2018

      When do you expect to have all of you orders completed and all sent out? I’m looking to know the latest that I can expect to receive my order. This is a birthday gift for someone and I’m hoping to receive it before their birthday. Thank you

    43. Missing avatar

      Brandeis LaBarbera on May 10, 2018

      So sorry! Just saw your response to someone else that it will be at the end of the week.

    44. Missing avatar

      Brandeis LaBarbera on May 10, 2018

      When will you be sending out the survey?

    45. Missing avatar

      David Schwalbe on May 9, 2018

      Hi! Excited about the wallets. I have not received a communication. Should I have?

    46. Elad Burko 3-time creator
      on May 8, 2018

      @Biboo Chung – Sure, we will add this to our next update that should go out this week. Thanks for the support!

      @won.k @Evan – We share in your excitement! We plan to send out the posters to all eligible backers by the end of the week. Thank you for the support!

      @Shalev Ahr - We are putting the finishing touches on the survey and expect to get them to you by the end of the week! Thank you for your support.

    47. Missing avatar

      Evan on May 7, 2018

      Really excited about this project! I am also dying to get these prints on my wall. Any ideas as to when we will be receiving the artwork download?

    48. Missing avatar

      Shalev Ahr on May 7, 2018

      When will you send the survey?

    49. Missing avatar

      won.k on May 5, 2018

      I shared the link to public for free posters few days ago. When will the download be available?

    50. Missing avatar

      Biboo Chung on May 1, 2018

      Is that possible for posting several clear photos of the black design wallets so we can see the details of the texture of the wallets.

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