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Designs by leading artists worldwide. Precise down to the micro-millimeter
Designs by leading artists worldwide. Precise down to the micro-millimeter
Designs by leading artists worldwide. Precise down to the micro-millimeter
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    1. evidemment 7 minutes ago

      Been a while since last update :-(

    2. Jason Tipple about 1 hour ago

      I guess if they shipping hasn't started yet my son won't be getting his birthday presents for September the 11th 🤦‍♂️

    3. Missing avatar

      Scott Bennett about 8 hours ago

      Since these seem to have not shipped yet, can the survey be reopened for address changes again?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jeff martin about 23 hours ago

      yes wondering why this has not shipped yet also?

    5. Missing avatar

      Hal 1 day ago

      I know the actual shipment will take time but may we know the estimation on when delivery going to start?

    6. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      I have be receiving emails advertising this wallet for weeks now, but I have not received an update on shipping the Kickstarter campaign wallets. Is there an issue with our pledges?

    7. Missing avatar

      James Inglis 1 day ago

      This is starting to become annoying. As has been said it's been almost a month since the last update and we were promised an update this week, the week is almost at an end and still nothing.

    8. Antreas Kentia Dimitriou 1 day ago

      Any update regarding the shipping please?

    9. Missing avatar

      Bob Winstead 1 day ago

      Any updates available, its 8/16/18 and no updates since July

    10. Jennifer 2 days ago

      Hi, Can you please tell me if the product has been shipped. My husband throws away all of my mail that he thinks is junk. I want to know if it is time for me to worry.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ilia Briker 4 days ago

      Will this be shipped by the end of August?
      I feel this is gonna be pushed to September - when I will be out of the country and unable to receive the package.

      Please update us!

    12. Kimura Ryo 5 days ago

      @williamchandra copycats? where i wanna see them!! LOL

    13. Missing avatar

      Yingmann Yukol 5 days ago

      It’s mid august and do you have any update on shipment? Thank you.

    14. williamchandra 5 days ago

      When this ever be shipped? I already see some copycat on sale 😅

    15. Rudy Tjandra on

      Hi did my payment fail? Can you confirm? =)

    16. Missing avatar

      Marco Cheung on

      Any updates? Can’t wait to get my new wallet in hand

    17. Kimura Ryo on

      @Elad Burko, Glad to know it's on track! Thanks! Can't wait to get myself a fresh new wallet!

    18. Missing avatar on

      I'm glad to hear that you will start shipping soon. The thing is I just found out that I may need to change my delivery address, is that still possible?

    19. Elad Burko 3-time creator

      @backers - We will post an update next week about final stages of production and shipping. All good news. Stay tuned!

    20. Kimura Ryo on

      Hi guys, it's Aug. Just wondering about shipment updates. Thanks.

    21. Kévin on

      Any news about shipping ?
      You know that if you're late on something you should say it instead of hiding it ;)

    22. coRxx on

      and? how is it going? when will you start shipping?

    23. Missing avatar

      Maxx on


      How's production coming? Any fun pictures, cool happenings? Any kind of anything? Hope all is well. Looking forward to the wallets!
      Have a great day ☺

    24. Missing avatar

      Clemens on

      Sorry for being a pain about this, but do we have a official statement right now wether it will be EU friendly?

    25. Elad Burko 3-time creator

      @Mühlmann Marc - If you want to change your address you will need to do so in the survey. Find the email we sent you with the link to the survey in your inbox > click the link to get into your survey > edit your address.

      If you can not find your survey email you can access your survey by clicking the link below and entering the email address associated with your Kickstarter account.

      Thank you for your support

    26. Missing avatar

      Mühlmann Marc on

      Hey guys,

      My shipping address has changed and I would like to know if it is possible to change it!

      Thanks and kind regards,

    27. Elad Burko 3-time creator

      @Backers - Yes :) Delivery is on track so hold tight! We are in the final stages of production and expect to ship product out rewards to all backers by the end of August. Thank you all so much for your patience and support!

    28. Missing avatar

      Johan on

      Is the delivery at the beginning of August or at the end? I am moving on August 12th.

    29. Alay Patel on

      Hey guy I understand the production is on track but still can we get an update on what is happening as of now?

    30. Bryce Nielsen

      Anyone who is already complaining/asking about shipping should have their wallets shipped last as punishment.

    31. Missing avatar

      Elliott Landon on

      Why is everyone going mad at the delivery times when the project from the very beginning has clearly stated that delivery would be AUGUST!!!

    32. Hunter Snider on

      Lol... Why are you guys asking about delivery?! The campaign page says August. The creator has said multiple times that the project is on track.

    33. Hunter Snider on

      Lol... Why are you guys asking about delivery?! The campaign page says August. The creator has said multiple times that the project is on track.

    34. Lorin on

      My current wallet's falling apart - I need this new one soon :(

    35. Missing avatar

      Vincent Malotaux on

      I do not understand your comments : it is explicitely written that the orders will be shipped in August, why are you asking about that now?

    36. Missing avatar

      King Yeung Yu on

      Backer #1166 here. Still waiting.... From many of the comments here, it may not be worth the wait but I would like to at least see what I paid for. When is it coming to Hong Kong?

    37. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Child on

      Hey guys, when can the Thailand backers expected the deliveries to arrive?

    38. Elad Burko 3-time creator

      @Faheem Mithwani - You can change your selection of design via the survey without causing any delay. Once surveys are locked-in you will no longer be able to make such changes. Thank you for your comment and support!

      @Kit Ng - We are in production and on schedule to ship out in August! Thank you for your patience and support!

    39. Kit Ng

      When can we expect our delivery !?!!!!

    40. Missing avatar

      Faheem Mithwani on


      Would making changing the design for the wallet now result in delayed shipping

      I noticed that the responses are not locked in yet

    41. Elad Burko 3-time creator

      @Allister @Edy @Charles @Alex @Clemens @Hugo @Kingsley @Erwin - With our focus on production we plan to update once every 2-4 weeks; dependent on the news we have for backers. So far it’s all good news as we are on track with production. You can expect an update this week! Thank you for your patience and support :)

      @Roberto - We are on track with production and still plan to ship out all rewards this August. Thank you for your patience and support!

      @KingVoodoo - No need to worry, we transitioned to IGG InDemand after our KS campaign ended. You can read more about this in our update #11 which was posted on April 24.

      @Clemens - We are currently focused on production and have not yet finalized logistics as of yet. We plan on closing with a shipping partner in the coming month and will do our best to ensure fluid worldwide delivery. Thank you so much for your comment and support!

    42. Missing avatar

      Erwin on

      @creator, any updates?

    43. Missing avatar


      Hello....anybody there?

    44. Missing avatar

      Hugo Demenois on

      Yeah, any news would be very welcomed... cheers from Lyon FR :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Clemens on

      It’s been some time... hope everything is still in order?

    46. Missing avatar

      Alex Linser on

      Could we get an update please?

    47. Charles Louis Dirienzo Jr

      Are there any updates?

    48. KingVoodoo on

      I saw this on Indiegogo, should we be worried?
      Is it time to request a refund?

    49. Missing avatar

      Edy Jeong Choon Hwee on

      singapore? any news?

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