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Mobsters. Zombies. Killer robots. Demon priests. Sound like your typical animated film? Didn't think so... now let's get it made!
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Goon Film Art Update... a BIG ONE.

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

Hey Goon Fans... we've got our NEXT installment of our GOON FILM ART series for you and it's a special one. In fact, even though we've got NINE pieces left, this one's going to be tough to beat. As filmmakers, we feel every great film should be summarized by one KEY IMAGE... something that encompasses the CORE of what the film's about. The CONFLICT... the EMOTION... the very HEART of the movie. And for "The Goon" it's what you see here... the moment of SUPREME LOSS for young Goon. As the dreaded mobster LABRAZIO stands over him, pistol still smoking in his hand, Goon cradles his dying AUNT KIZZIE, the very CENTER of his universe, as she slowly slips away...

The Goon's life will now change forever.

This is "Darkness Falls."

Click here for LARGER VERSION.

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On The Second Day of "Goon Film Art" My True Love Gave to Meeeeeeee...

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

...a painting of GOON with Aunt Kizzieeeeeeeeee..."

That's right, Goon Backers! Time for a NEW ENTRY in our parade of awesome Goon Movie production art! We're picking up right where we left off with a very heartfelt moment between young Goon and the "only woman who ever cared for him," his beloved AUNT KIZZIE, the carnival's reigning STRONG WOMAN!

We call this "Tough Love." Hope you enjoy it! Also, only 10 days left!!! Spread the word at your Halloween parties!!! Trick, treat, and DONATE!!! Thanks!!!!

Click here for a LARGER VERSION!!!

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"We Are Blur!!!"

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN Goon Backers! We hope you're out there battling the undead and smashing things with billy clubs to celebrate the holiday! We've got a special update for you... a behind-the-scenes TOUR of BLUR STUDIO!

You've all seen footage of David, Eric, Tim and Jeff promoting the Kickstarter campaign, but they're only a FRACTION of the creative force that makes our Goon efforts possible. These are the incredibly talented men and women of BLUR STUDIO.... and yes, we drink BEER and play VIDEO GAMES, but you will never find a more DEDICATED or HARD-WORKING group of artists. For 18 years, they've fought to maintain an independent voice in the crowded field of computer animation... a fight that continues with "The Goon" animated feature. Your dollars could not support a more PASSIONATE group... and we won't let you down!!!

"The 12 Days of Goon Film Art" Begins NOW!!!!!

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

Hey Goon Fans! We're excited to announce a VERY special series of updates! Each day for the remainder of the Kickstarter funding period we'll be releasing one NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN piece of PRODUCTION ART from "The Goon" Movie! Hopefully, it'll get you even MORE excited to see this great world brought to theaters!

Our first entry begins the ONLY way it can... with a lowly, GORILLA-FACED BOY working in a RUNDOWN CARNIVAL that's just arrived in a mysterious TOWN WITH NO NAME...

This is piece is entitled "Life is a Carnival."

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"The Goon" on Last Call with Carson Daly!

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

Hey everyone... the crew at "Last Call with Carson Daly" stopped by Blur to chat with Tim and Jeff and was kind enough to help promote our Kickstarter efforts! Check out the video below! Please share with your friends and help spread the word! Also, we JUST CROSSED the $200K mark! Very exciting, but lots of work left to be done! (11 days left!) We appreciate ALL your support! More updates coming soon!!!