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Mobsters. Zombies. Killer robots. Demon priests. Sound like your typical animated film? Didn't think so... now let's get it made!
Mobsters. Zombies. Killer robots. Demon priests. Sound like your typical animated film? Didn't think so... now let's get it made!
7,576 backers pledged $441,900 to help bring this project to life.

New Print Donation Level Added!!!

Hey Goon Backers! Based on fan request and the overwhelming popularity of our "Twelve Days of Goon Film Art" we've added a PRINT REWARD to our donation levels!

And guess what... if you've ALREADY donated $150 or more, you're LINED UP to receive one! (don't you just LOVE finding out you're getting MORE great Goon stuff!?)

$100 DONATION LEVEL - "You'll get YOUR CHOICE of any ONE of our "TWELVE DAYS OF GOON FILM ART" as an 11"x17" COLOR PRINT! All OPTIONS will be displayed on the MAIN PAGE of our Kickstarter! (you'll get to make your selection after successful completion of our Kickstarter campaign!) PLUS all preceding awards! ***International donors will be charged an additional one-time shipping fee of $20. (includes all items from preceding awards)"

"When Seafood Goes Bad" Only ONE of TWELVE exciting options!!!

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Approaching $300K!!! New Film Art!!!

Attention all GOON BACKERS!!! We're heading into the FINAL STRETCH! Only 6 DAYS LEFT to make all our booze-induced, zombie-smashing dreams COME TRUE!!! A VOTE for the Goon is a vote for AMERICA!!! Rally the troops! Let's hit $400K with time to SPARE!!!

Speaking of RALLYING the TROOPS, here's everyone's favorite demon conjurer, the ZOMBIE PRIEST, spending a little quality time with his slack-jawed followers! Looks like TROUBLE for the Goon and Franky!!!

This is "Get Those Tasty Bastards!"

Click here for LARGER VERSION!!!

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Farewell and Adieu to You Fair Spanish Ladies...

Goon Fans won't have any trouble recognizing the STAR of THIS installment in our Goon Film Art series! He's tall, dark and handsome, and he's got a delightful SINGING VOICE... just don't go messin' around on his DOCKS!!! That's right, say hello to FISHY PETE!!!

Great news! We've almost reached 4000 BACKERS!!! And with SEVEN days to go, we'll need ALL your help to continue the fight to bring great characters like Pete to the BIG SCREEN where they were MEANT to be seen!!!

We hope you enjoy this piece we lovingly call "When Seafood Goes Bad."

Click here for LARGER VERSION!!!

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Goon Friday Goodness!!!

Hey Goon Backers! Some EXCITING momentum in the last few days... let's keep it up!!! GREAT job spreading the word! Keep that donation ENERGY flowing! Onward to $400k!!! 

And here's our NEXT installment of the "Twelve Days of Goon Film Art." You'll recognize this piece from the promotional materials of our Kickstarter campaign, but now you'll see it in its FULL glory! It's the Goon and Franky as we know them BEST, walking the streets of "the town with no name" on their daily COLLECTIONS! You can almost SMELL the slightly-used meats!!

This is "Thug Life."

Click here for a LARGER VERSION!!!

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A Special Message from Eric Powell to Goon Backers!!!

Behold... the Goon Father!