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Mobsters. Zombies. Killer robots. Demon priests. Sound like your typical animated film? Didn't think so... now let's get it made!
Mobsters. Zombies. Killer robots. Demon priests. Sound like your typical animated film? Didn't think so... now let's get it made!
7,576 backers pledged $441,900 to help bring this project to life.

The Birth of Franky!!!

Only THREE DAYS LEFT, Goon Backers, and about $80K to go! Let's keep up the FIGHT!!!

Today, we've got a special treat for you... some of the EARLIEST test animation EVER produced for "The Goon" Movie! As a means of CASTING the perfect voices to play Goon and Franky, we grabbed lines from existing films to 'audition' the actors. As you'll see in the clip below, we chose PAUL GIAMATTI and some dialogue from his film CINDERELLA MAN to see how it fit the character. Needless to say, we LOVED what we saw... and the rest was history!!!

We'd go on to finesse artistic elements in later tests (scene lighting, facial animation, etc.) but this little piece of animation got everyone VERY excited about the possibilities! Hope you enjoy!

Braaaaaaaains!!! (as related to Fiscal Responsibility)

Hey Goon Backers! We wanted to take a moment to give you a little more information about the FINANCIAL DETAILS of our Kickstarter campaign... namely, how we're SPENDING your hard-earned dollars! But of course, a simple PIE CHART would never suffice, so we've prepared a very special "Goon-esque" graphic of our BUDGET BREAKDOWN. Which is to say, we HOLLOWED out a ZOMBIE SKULL and CARVED UP his HEAD GOO!!!

As you can see, FEATURE FILM-quality story reels are a TREMENDOUS undertaking, and we hope this answers a few questions for you. On behalf of everyone at Blur Studio, It's VERY important to us that you understand EVERY DOLLAR is going into creating the greatest STORY REEL we can possibly produce... one that will give "The Goon" Film a real shot at becoming a reality... and we couldn't have done it without YOU!!!

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Zombie Chimps... Giant Squids... Undead French Mimes...

...need we go on? There's ALL kinds of reasons to LOVE "The Goon." It's truly unlike ANYTHING the entertainment world has ever seen, FILLED with every supernatural, unholy, delightful abomination you could possibly imagine... and there's only TWO GUYS who can keep all that INSANITY in check. And one of them is a pupil-less MIDGET. Here they are, the way you KNOW and LOVE them... BEATING the TAR out of everything in their path!

With only FOUR DAYS left, this is "Street Cleaning."

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Election Day!!!

It's time to ASK yourselves an important QUESTION Goon Backers... do we want FOUR MORE YEARS of chubby-cheeked squirrels and enchanted rabbits? Or do we want to ELECT someone who BACKS his policies with a TWO BY FOUR!!? Do your civic duty and vote GOON on this election day! (And more importantly, STRONG ARM your FRIENDS into voting as well!) We promise you, the Goon is TOUGH on the issues that MATTER... like underpopulation of GRAVEYARDS, equal distribution of ALCOHOL, and FLAMING ZOMBIE HOOD ORNAMENTS in every driveway! Only FOUR DAYS left and $90K to go! Let's change the future of this country!!!

And as always, THANK YOU for your support!!! (oh, and you should probably vote for President at some point, too)

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There's a NEW SHERIFF in Town...

Okay, he's not that NEW... in fact, he's actually over a HUNDRED years old. (but he looks GREAT for his age) What's his secret? Well, it just so happens he feasts on the flesh of zombies. A little bizarre, sure... but as Goon and Franky find out, there's NO ONE you'd rather have at your side when the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE shambles around the corner! DAY 7 of our TWELVE DAYS of GOON FILM ART continues! We're running out of art, and you know what that means... we're running out of TIME! Let's take it into the HOME STRETCH, Goon Backers!!!

This is "The Buzzard."

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