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Mobsters. Zombies. Killer robots. Demon priests. Sound like your typical animated film? Didn't think so... now let's get it made!
Mobsters. Zombies. Killer robots. Demon priests. Sound like your typical animated film? Didn't think so... now let's get it made!
7,576 backers pledged $441,900 to help bring this project to life.

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Help for a friend...

Happy New Year Goon Kickstarters, we’ll have updates on our progress soon but until then we wanted to put out a little PR for another project from our friend Bill Plympton.
For those of you who don’t know him, Bill is a LEGEND in the animation world and his films have inspired generations of animators.  We think his new film CHEATIN’ looks great and want to support him anyway we can.  So if you’ve got some spare change left over from the holidays you couldn’t put it towards a worthier project. Its even got CARNIES! (and you know how much we love those)

Click here to check it out!!!

Goon Kickstarter Staff

Happy Holidays Goon Backers!!!

Hey there, Goon Backers!

Hope this Kickstarter update finds you well and enjoying the holiday season! Our Kickstarter Elves are hard at work creating all your backer rewards! (they're like Santa's elves, but without the shackles of hygiene and common decency) We'll be taking your shipping information (t-shirt sizes, print preferences, etc.) in January so we can get this PRIZE TRAIN rolling in early 2013! Also, we're looking at February for the formal launch of storyboarding on "The Goon" movie, so our production blog will be landing around the same time! (don't worry, we'll keep you updated)

Have a great Christmas Goon Fans and a Happy New Year! We'll see you in 2013... it's going to be a BIG year for THE GOON!

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Well, Goon Backers, it's been a HELLUVA RIDE! It feels like a LIFETIME has passed since we first launched our Kickstarter --30 DAYS of excitement, anxiety, confusion, night terrors, surprise, and finally, euphoria! Thanks for the memories, gang! YOU made this possible, and no matter how high "The Goon" climbs, we'll never forget that you were here from DAY ONE...

But rest assured, the PARTY doesn't end here! We'll be firing up the reward factory VERY soon and delivering you all your great pledge rewards! (we'll be gathering all your info --shipping, t-shirt sizes, print preferences-- in the days ahead) Of course, we'll also be launching the PRODUCTION BLOG in the coming weeks, which will be a great source of information for all things Goon!

And last, but certainly not LEAST, we have our FINAL entry in the "Twelve Days of Goon Film Art," which just goes to show a GOON'S WORK is never done...

This is "Check Please."

THANKS & we'll talk to you all very soon!

"The Goon" Kickstarter Team

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New Reward Added... the COMPLETE Goon Movie Art PRINT COLLECTION!!!

$300 DONATION LEVEL - What BETTER way to celebrate our "Twelve Days of Goon Film Art" than with 11"x17" COLOR PRINTS of the ENTIRE SET!!! It's the ULTIMATE GOON MOVIE ART COLLECTION!!! Plus all preceding rewards! (not included with preceding awards of $500 or above... you guys are ALREADY getting copies of these with the Goon Movie Print Pitch Book!!!) International Backers please add $25 for shipping!!!

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The 11th Day of Film Art!!! A Day of Days...

Hey Goon Backers! First of all.... what are you doing on a COMPUTER! You should be CELEBRATING! This is YOUR victory!!!

Okay... we'll cut you some slack. You're probably waiting for the delivery truck to arrive with tonight's shipment of hooch, pork chops, and fireworks. In the meantime, enjoy DAY 11 of the TWELVE DAYS OF GOON FILM ART!!! ONLY ONE ENTRY LEFT!!!! This one proves you can't keep a good Goon down!

This is "Labrazio Laughs Last!"

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