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Mobsters. Zombies. Killer robots. Demon priests. Sound like your typical animated film? Didn't think so... now let's get it made!
7,576 backers pledged $441,900 to help bring this project to life.

"The Goon" Exclusive Digital Comic Bundle is here!!!

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

GREAT news, Goon backers! The wait is finally OVER!! The Goon KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE Digital Comic Bundle is now available for download!!!

Each qualified backer ($10 or more) will be receiving a REDEEM CODE via EMAIL to use at the DARK HORSE DIGITAL website to DOWNLOAD Eric Powell's FIVE FAVORITE GOON COMICS!!! (the email contains all the instructions you need!)

We appreciate your patience... enjoy your Goon comics! And most of all... THANKS for being a GOON BACKER!!!


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T-Shirt Size Charts

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

Hey Goon Backers- we've had lots of requests for SIZE CHARTS for your t-shirt rewards, so here they are! Please complete your SURVEYS and get 'em back to us ASAP! Thanks!!

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Trouble Registering for the Production Blog?

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

Problem: I never received a registration email!??
Solution #1: Check your spam folder... "The Goon" is a world of obscenity and indecency your email software might be trying to protect you from.
Solution #2: Email and we'll get you sorted out.

Problem: The registration page isn't recognizing my email address.
Solution #1: The login is CASE SENSITIVE so make sure you've got yer CAPS worked out.
Solution #2: Email and we'll get you sorted out.

Problem: I can't believe I missed out on this fantastic opportunity because I didn't donate enough... please take my money!!!
Solution #1: We'd love to! Just drop us a line through your kickstarter account and we'll get you fixed up (Paypal required)

"The Goon" Kickstarter Team

"The Goon" Movie Blog... It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiive!!!

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

What's that dark TINGLING SENSATION you're feeling in your mouse hand? Why, it's "THE GOON" MOVIE PRODUCTION BLOG... now BASHING its way to every corner of the internet!!!

So here's the skinny:

All QUALIFIED GOON BACKERS (25$+) will be receiving an EMAIL with instructions on how to REGISTER for this unholy portal of Goon Movie info... so check yer INBOXES! (and yer SPAM FOLDERS!!!) Notification will be sent out in the NEXT FEW HOURS to the EMAIL ADDRESS associated with your KICKSTARTER DONATION. (if you don't see anything yet, sit tight!)

We'll see ya there, faithful Goon backers! Let's go make history!!


"The Goon" Kickstarter Team

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Let's all give a warm Goon Kickstarter WELCOME to...

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

... one of our new STORYBOARD ARTISTS, the wonderfully talented Ms. Haylee Herrick! She's a HUGE Goon fan, having traveled all the way across country to become part of this historic team! Haylee's been laying down all the BLUEPRINTS for our world, designing the town, planning the geography, and making sure we've got enough CEMETARIES to stuff all our bodies! She's also been doing some initial character explorations for our model sheets. Check out YOUNG GOON and the incomprehensibly-sexy ISABELLA!

PRIZE UPDATE: We're waiting on proofs of our t-shirts, posters, etc. from our manufacturing partner, we'll post images when we receive them! Also, our special edition KICKSTARTER COMIC is almost ready to go to the printers!! Stay tuned Goon Backers... exciting things are on the way!!!

You can see more of Haylee's great work here!!!

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