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Mobsters. Zombies. Killer robots. Demon priests. Sound like your typical animated film? Didn't think so... now let's get it made!
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Goon Kickstarter Comic-Con Schedule!!!

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

As promised Goon Backers, here's a schedule of Goon KS events happening this week at the San Diego Comic-Con! And here's a little nugget you might be interested in... we're bringing some story reel footage!!!  Hope to see you there!!!

The Goon Kickstarter and Beyond w/ Eric Powell
Thursday, 7/18/13, 6:00p.m. - 7:00p.m., Room: 9

Back in November, legions of fans rallied together to raise over $400,000 to put together a story reel for the David Fincher-produced feature film based on Eric Powell's hit comic book series The Goon! Now, Kickstarter supporters and Comic-Con attendees alike will have a chance to catch an exclusive glimpse of this work in progress! Creator Eric Powell (@Goonguy) and film directors Tim Miller (@TheBlurStudio) and Jeff Fowler (@Fowltown) present an update on this crowdfunded full-length motion picture.

The Goon Kickstarter Team SIGNING at the DARK HORSE BOOTH (#2615)
Saturday, 7/20/2013,  2:00pm-3:00pm

Come meet Eric, Tim and Jeff, and have them SIGN your stuff!!!

From Hell's Sharpie... I Stab at Theee!!!!!

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

Great news, Goon Backers... the planets have aligned and the Goon High Command assembled last week to SIGN all your special edition POSTERS and PITCHBOOKS!!! Hundreds of Sharpies were brutally sacrificed as Eric Powell, David Fincher, and the Blur Boys scribbled their markin's on your soon-to-be priceless swag!

This means we'll be shipping out the NEXT WAVE of your physical rewards very soon! THANK YOU for your continued patience, we know you've been anxious to receive them. But we promise, it'll be WORTH it! We're also in the home stretch with the T-SHIRTS, so there'll be plenty of Goon Goodness coming your way!!!

Stay tuned in the next few days for some exciting COMIC-CON news!!!

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To Quickly Clarify...

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

Yo Goon Backers!

As most of you are aware, we've sent out emails confirming some of your survey details. These are not summaries of your donation rewards. (so if you don't see anything about a poster, pitchbook, etc. listed, DON'T WORRY!) This email is ONLY to confirm shipping information for the comic book, t-shirt size/gender, and the production painting print selection. (IF your donation level qualifies)

Great news... the print editions of the exclusive Goon Kickstarter comic are done and will be shipping soon! They'll be shipping DIRECT from Dark Horse publishing so the shipment will NOT include your t-shirt, posters, etc. (if you ordered them) But never fear, we're hard at work on getting everything autographed by the Goon high council and we'll be fulfilling the rest of the kickstarter swag soon! Stay tuned!!

Here's a pic of the Kickstarter Exclusive comic... get those apocalypse-grade mylar comic book bags ready!!

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State of the Goon Union!

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

Hola Goon Backers! We're here with a quick status update. Hopefully everyone is enjoying their digital goodies and anxiously awaiting the shipment of some of the physical rewards... so here's more on that!

$10 Digital Comic Bundle Reward: FULFILLED
$25 Goon Production Blog Access Reward: FULFILLED
$35 Special Edition Goon Kickstarter Comic Book: SHIPPING SOON (AT THE PRINTERS)
$50 Goon Movie Pitch PDF: FULFILLED
$75 Goon Kickstarter T-Shirt: We're currently awaiting proofs from the manufacturer
$100 Goon 11"x17" Production Painting Print: Awaiting proofs from the manufacturer
$150 Goon Kickstarter Special Edition Movie Poster: AT THE PRINTERS/CURRENTLY TRYING TO SCHEDULE FINCHER/POWELL/BLUR FOR SIGNING (which ain't easy... Eric's been in Italy sipping tiny coffees and giving Americans a bad name)
$250 Goon Movie Poster Combo Deal: (same status as $150 reward)
$300 Goon Production Paintings (full set): Awaiting proofs from the manufacturer
$500 Goon Movie Pitchbook (print version): Awaiting proofs from the manufacturer/scheduling autographing time with Fincher/Powell/Blur
$1000 Goon Special Edition Sculpture: Sculpt in Progress (we'll post pictures soon!)
$2000 Goon Original Character Art: Eric has your requests and he's working through 'em!

Hope this helps, Goon Backers! Also, we've received quite a few inquiries about the PRINT SIZE of the movie poster. We can now confirm it's a standard 24" x 36"! Also, we're investigating the possibility of shipping them to you mounted/framed (for an additional charge, and only if you're interested) Here's a sneak peek at the poster proofs... they're looking great!

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"The Goon" Movie Pitchbook Has Arrived!!!

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

That's right, folks... the GOON REWARD TRAIN is BACK in TOWN with another great prize! For all you $50+ backers, you'll be receiving an email with instructions to DOWNLOAD the exclusive GOON MOVIE PITCHBOOK! (PDF format) Created by the team at Blur Studio, this one-of-a-kind collection serves as a primer for Hollywood studios about the fantastic world of the Goon! Complete with character bios, location descriptions, comic art, and the full run of production paintings!

Hope you enjoy! (and remember to check your SPAM folder if you're a $50+ backer and you're missing the email!)

Thanks for your support!

The Goon Kickstarter Team

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