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Mobsters. Zombies. Killer robots. Demon priests. Sound like your typical animated film? Didn't think so... now let's get it made!
7,576 backers pledged $441,900 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

As loyal fans, we wanted you folks to be the first to know… THE GOON feature is officially in development at 20th Century Fox! And we owe a huge debt of thanks to you, our backers, for keeping the faith during this long journey.  You helped us keep the dream alive. Without you, we couldn’t have gotten this far.

With your generous contributions, we were able to finish a full storyboard animatic of the film, complete with amazing voice acting, sound design, and music. This template for the film sold the producers and studio on the potential of THE GOON and we're beginning a new round of development.  

So, what exactly does “development” mean?  Well, it doesn't mean that we're making the movie next week -- the proverbial Hollywood "green-light" always happens in phases -- but it does mean we've got fresh wind in our sails, the resources of a studio and some "heavy-hitter" producers behind us. It's the next, necessary step along the path to making the film.

Which producers you may ask?  It's The Chernin Group and they’ve brought us movies such as the PLANET OF THE APES franchise, RED SPARROW and OBLIVION.  They love the project and we're all excited about this next phase and continues the collaboration with the fabulous Eric Powell, David Fincher, and all the folks at Blur Studio.

Thank you all again. More updates coming as they happen!


Tim Miller Talks Comics... and GOON!

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

It's not easy making two guys walking into a comic book shop look cool, but SLO-MO and ROCK JAMS are a good start! Watch Tim discuss all things from the world of comics+film, including your favorite ham-fisted zombie smasher:

There's no news like GOON NEWS

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

You may have heard a lot of ZOMBIE CRICKETS chirping around the kickstarter page these past few months Goon backers.... but rest assured the battle to bring everyone's favorite ham-fisted zombie smasher to the big screen CONTINUES and recently our efforts took an exciting step FORWARD. While we can't release specific details, plans are firming up inside Hollywood to put THE GOON on the road to becoming an animated feature-film reality. This exciting opportunity was made possible in large part to the STORY REEL your donation dollars funded.

It's not time to line up outside your neighborhood box office just yet, but know we're doing everything we can to reward your patience and support with the GOON MOVIE the world deserves... 

THANK YOU. Much more to come...

Update #50! A milestone like this deserves something SPECIAL...

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

...and what could be more special than welcoming back MR. PAUL GIAMATTI to the recording booth! Great session today with him and the wildly-talented VO powerhouse FRED TATISCIORE! Can't begin to express how THANKFUL we are to have the help of these amazing talents, nor how GRATEFUL we are to our backers for making it all possible! Things are getting VERY exciting on this kickstarter and we're thrilled to have you along for the ride... stay tuned!!

Tim & Jeff talk GOON!!!

Posted by Blur Studio (Creator)

Deepest apologies for the radio silence Goon Backers! It's been a busy and exciting year at the studio **cough DEADPOOL** with hopefully much more excitement and news to come! Here's Tim and Jeff to give you an update on the state of the GOON union and stay tuned for more Goon Kickstarter updates!!! Thanks for your patience!