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What might the world's most popular role-playing game have looked like if its creator had been allowed to continue developing it?
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You like monsters, don't you?

Boy, howdy are you in luck!

The Kickstarter campaign for the third and final core rulebook for Adventures Dark and Deep™ has just launched, the Bestiary: 

This book will have 900 or so monsters, and the hope is that we'll be able to raise enough money to have an illustration for each and every one of them. That is almost every beastie from the original three monster books (or at least something that can be used in place of those that are out-of-bounds because of the license), plus scores of new ones, all in one place. 

And the best part is that they're all pretty much compatible with any OSR-type compatible game. They, like the rest of ADD, shares that same DNA, and so it's easy to port things from one to another. So do take a look, and I hope you'll back the Bestiary like you backed A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore!

(Apologies if you get this twice-- I'm trying to spread the word as much as possible, and some of you backed both my previous Kickstarter efforts, for which I can't thank you enough!)

Treasure of Welthorp Now Yours!


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Bonus Reward #1 Coming Soon!

As promised, the first bonus reward for supporters, a specially-written module designed to showcase the skills of the new classes in A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore, is now complete and will be made available to you through very soon. Just have to overcome a slight glitch with the upload; hopefully it'll be taken care of in a day or two.

Another update will be sent out right after the module is made available, plus you should get a notification directly from

The Treasure of Welthorp is designed for characters to use nothing but their wits and charm to figure out where the treasure is (although there's an option for combat for those who prefer more mayhem in their gaming). This allows you to spotlight bard, jester, and mountebank abilities like verbal patter, and the unique informational spells of the mystic and savant. 

Stretch Goal Update


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Adventures Dark and Deep Players Manual Kickstarter NOW LIVE!

It's here, it's finally here! The Kickstarter campaign to fund the Players Manual for my Adventures Dark and Deep™ game launched just a few minutes ago: 

I'm asking for $6,500 to pay for a heap of artwork from a bunch of excellent fantasy artists and professional editing. The KS campaign ends on December 19, a mere 30 days from now.

This is the first of three books that together will form a stand-alone game system; after this will come the Game Masters Toolkit and then the Bestiary. That's the difference between this book and "A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore". "Forgotten Lore" is used as a supplement to other RPGs. The next three books will be a stand-alone game unto themselves. This upcoming book contains everything a player needs to play Adventures Dark and Deep.

So go forth and spread the word far and wide, my friends. The question "what would AD&D have looked like if Gary Gygax had been allowed to keep developing it" is about to be answered!