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Fancy yourself a ghost hunter? Mr.Ghost plugs directly into your mic port to detect electromagnetic radiation sources.
Fancy yourself a ghost hunter? Mr.Ghost plugs directly into your mic port to detect electromagnetic radiation sources.
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Our manufacturer has had a number of highly unusual problems that interrupted production, as well as some of the more expected problems making a new product. The good news is that they're worked out, and they've been cranking away. The bad news is that means we didn't get them all shipped out last week. However, the majority of them are being driven the 102 miles from the manufacturer to me right now, and we will ship them today. Hopefully, the rest will go out through the week, although we don't know the daily yields from production yet. I'll keep you posted. Apologies for the delay! 

If you're curious, I've listed out what these manufacturing problems look like below.

1) Mr.Ghost was inconsistently warping as it cooled coming out of the mold. The core stays molten from the plastic injection, but the outside doesn't. Because the product cools unevenly, it will warp to one side or the other. 

    - Corrected by having to mill cooling jigs for Mr.Ghost to hold it straight while cooling.

2) Mr.Ghost looked like it was running fine, but on testing, the electronics were failing at a high rate (after previous batches had been fine). After quite some investigation (by cutting open Mr.Ghost), the manufacturer found that one of the main solder joints was breaking.

    - Corrected by re-soldering all of the electronics with a higher surface area method.

3) Mr.Ghost now looked great, and the electronics were testing with very high success rates. Ran a large batch. Instead of testing using the test equipment, plugged it into an iPhone didn't fit into the iPhone. The new soldering method had slightly melted the insulator ring in 75% of the produced units so that it couldn't fit in an iPhone anymore.

    - Corrected by throwing out bad units, and changing the soldering process to conduct less heat to the TRRS connector.

4) Which brings us here! Good looking units that work great, but require a little extra TLC to make. 




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    1. Matteo Minischetti on March 31, 2013

      Hi Aaron, I recieved mine , i think i got gremlins Too... No changement in range Boeing close to EMI radiation... Can i do some electronic test to check the antenna? I have. Tester And oscilloscope...
      Thank you Matteo

    2. Yves on March 19, 2013

      Have recieved mine :) awesome :)

      ps: A bit work on gfx on the iphone 5 app should be welcome ;) If you need help.. :)

    3. rick hawn
      on March 14, 2013

      Awesome update, I wish more projects could keep to a timeline like you guys have. And when there was a delay, you tell us everything. Thanks, and I look forward to receiving mine!

    4. Aaron Rasmussen 2-time creator on March 11, 2013

      @Joe, the colors should be shipping shortly, but white was first because it was the largest batch. Speaking of: all domestic Mr.Ghosts in white should be shipped now, and everyone should have a tracking email or a Mr.Ghost.

      @Everyone Thanks for the kind words! There are a lot of problems, but this certainly isn't unheard of for manufacturing, and it's all part of the process of setting up. In fact, I used to do beverages, and you'd be floored by how much could possibly go wrong with putting liquid in a bottle and having it stay there. When we were getting started we had leaking caps, good caps with bottles that had uneven mouths that leaked, foam seals that were mis-seated and leaked, inductive sealers that only sealed part of the foil and leaked, labels that shrank incorrectly, were printed wrong, were printed upside down, partially filled bottles, and palettes that got accidentally stabbed by a forklift rupturing cases of bottles that...well...leaked. So, while the additional Mr.Ghost problems were unexpected, problems themselves weren't.

      Actually, the hardest part is just having to update you guys and tell you when the shipping schedule slips, because we want to ship a product worthy of your backing. Thanks so much for bearing with me and making this possible! I enjoy it, even if it can be stressful at times because of the legion of gremlins that seem to have taken hold of this particular process.

    5. Adam Iredale on March 11, 2013

      Wow. What a nightmare! Kudos for overcoming! Keep it up!

    6. Jill Mack on March 11, 2013

      Hi Aaron,

      Everyone can understand that stuff happens. Thanks for the communication. I would rather wait a little longer and get a Great Product, than get it faster and be upset because it didn't work as promised. The best Business practice is Always honesty and Great Communication. I really appreciate you for having both.

      When it starts to feel overwhelming, just take a long, deep breath and exhale slowly. You might need to do it several times to get the relax response to kick in. But don't let it get you down. Sometimes solving our tough problems becomes our Greatest learning experiences and help create our Greatest successes in the future. Thanks again for keeping the lines of communication open and being honest. Have a Great Week ... Peace and Love ... Jill M. of

    7. Missing avatar

      JoeDahlhauser on March 11, 2013

      I like kickstarter so much more when there are frequent updates. Thanks. Will the color one be shipping around the same time or is still a little longer?
      Again thanks

    8. Missing avatar

      Caryn Cameron on March 11, 2013

      That's a LOT of gremlins at work. Glad things are improving! Best of luck. Looking forward to getting mine once everything is working. Thanks!

    9. Aaron Rasmussen 2-time creator on March 11, 2013

      It's possible you've got a break in the antenna. Can you send me an email at Please test it by bringing it very close to a fluorescent light. If you don't see any change, it may need to be replaced.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Sumner on March 11, 2013

      I think a gremlin might have made it through. My Mr. Ghost gives values that are always in the same tiny range -- even if I hold it behind a tube TV or hover it over a safety lab unapproved mess of connected extension cables. Nothing I've found has moved it from just jittering very slightly around the same value.