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Update #11

Retail, replacements, and a new Kickstarter Project

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Hi Backers!

I've had a few additional stragglers get their info in late for the project, but all backer rewards have now been sent which includes a few people who needed replacements, or their packages never arrived. International shipping has had high variability. Specifically, shipments to Germany have taken up to 3 months to arrive, or have occasionally taken just over a week. If you do not receive your Mr.Ghost in the next 2 weeks, please email me at and we'll get you fixed up.

We are happy to announce that Mr.Ghost is now sold on and also on

We have been working feverishly on a Virtual Reality project that just launched on Kickstarter today: . Thank you so much for backing Mr.Ghost, we will continue to support it and you as we move forward, and I ask that you also support us by checking out the new project and sharing it with your friends.

Thank you so much for making Mr.Ghost not only a reality for you as backers, but a full retail product that everyone has access to.



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Update #10

Spectrum Analyzer added, app updated


Thanks to all your backing, we met our stretch goal of $32k, which resulted in us adding a spectrum analyzer to Mr.Ghost. It's live on the App Store now, and all you have to do is tap your waveform display, and it will switch over to spectrum. The spectrum analyzer window shows the frequency spread of your signal. It starts at 10hz and goes up to 20000hz on the far right. It helps you quickly see what frequencies you're looking at. A spike around 60hz on the far left is likely wall power.

There is also a new info button in the upper right for your reference on the various Mr.Ghost features and EMF in general. This will help new users.

Also, I've noticed some great ratings on the app store (thanks!) as well as some negative ones. The negative ratings seem to be coming from people that have not gotten Mr.Ghost to work at all, and instead of getting a replacement or contacting me, they have instead chosen to just give one star. If you have a problem with Mr.Ghost, there is a forum at with a technical support thread and you can email me directly at It's much more fun for both of us if we just get your Mr.Ghost working! 

Also, if you do like Mr.Ghost, I would really appreciate it if you would go to the app store now and rate it accordingly to help combat this problem, even just a little one line review helps immensely.


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Update #9

All shipped!

This is a big day! All ~1400 units have been shipped. I just walked the last 65 down to the Post Office a few moments ago. Everyone should either have a tracking email (check your spam folders) or the actual device. 

Our shipping software crashed a couple days ago, and we had to go through the database by hand picking out which packages had shipped and which hadn't for the final couple hundred. That means a handful of you may have been swallowed by the computer problems. If you haven't received a tracking email, send an email to with your name and address and the subject "Tracking." It'll take us a couple days, but we'll either come back to you with your tracking number or a package on the way. Please make very sure you don't have the tracking email in your inbox, because if even only 1/3rd of you don't see it and email me, and it takes me just 1 minute to track down your package and respond, it would be 8 hours of emailing to get back to all of you. 

Also, international backers: please note that the USPS doesn't necessarily track packages once they have left the US (it's country specific). So your last tracking entry may be "USPS sort facility."

Once you have your Mr.Ghost

Have fun with it! Join the forum at to share files and stories with other backers. Also, please check the forum at if you have technical difficulties. There's a technical support discussion there with steps you can follow.

So what next?

There is still a lot to do. I adapted the software for iPhone5 yesterday so the gray bar at the bottom doesn't appear, it will be submitted to the app store shortly. I need to add the spectrum analyzer to the app because we hit the stretch goal. There have been a few requests to either include a fine-adjust knob to the sensitivity slider, or reduce its effect overall, making it easier to adjust. I'd like to include that. I will also be working on an Android version of the app in the future for all of you hopefuls that got the device and don't have an iOS device. I'll keep you posted on all these updates. 



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Update #8


Our manufacturer has had a number of highly unusual problems that interrupted production, as well as some of the more expected problems making a new product. The good news is that they're worked out, and they've been cranking away. The bad news is that means we didn't get them all shipped out last week. However, the majority of them are being driven the 102 miles from the manufacturer to me right now, and we will ship them today. Hopefully, the rest will go out through the week, although we don't know the daily yields from production yet. I'll keep you posted. Apologies for the delay! 

If you're curious, I've listed out what these manufacturing problems look like below.

1) Mr.Ghost was inconsistently warping as it cooled coming out of the mold. The core stays molten from the plastic injection, but the outside doesn't. Because the product cools unevenly, it will warp to one side or the other. 

    - Corrected by having to mill cooling jigs for Mr.Ghost to hold it straight while cooling.

2) Mr.Ghost looked like it was running fine, but on testing, the electronics were failing at a high rate (after previous batches had been fine). After quite some investigation (by cutting open Mr.Ghost), the manufacturer found that one of the main solder joints was breaking.

    - Corrected by re-soldering all of the electronics with a higher surface area method.

3) Mr.Ghost now looked great, and the electronics were testing with very high success rates. Ran a large batch. Instead of testing using the test equipment, plugged it into an iPhone didn't fit into the iPhone. The new soldering method had slightly melted the insulator ring in 75% of the produced units so that it couldn't fit in an iPhone anymore.

    - Corrected by throwing out bad units, and changing the soldering process to conduct less heat to the TRRS connector.

4) Which brings us here! Good looking units that work great, but require a little extra TLC to make. 



Update #7

First big batch ships tomorrow!

Hi Everyone,

We've had a couple last minute slowdowns on production, unfortunately. The raw plastic for molding the antennas was supposed to ship to our manufacturer from here in California, but because one of the colors needed to come from across the country, the supplier shipped all the raw plastic from the far distribution center (not just the one color). Fortunately, Dale traded another local manufacturer for some raw white plastic and we've been producing Mr.Ghosts for a few days with that. The first large shipment (about 25% of remaining orders) goes out tomorrow. Then we'll be shipping the rest next week, because we finally received the plastic we needed. We were really hoping to get all of them out this week, but we're not quite going to make it. Sorry for the delay!

And no, it's not ghosts interfering with production because they don't want to be detected. Gremlins, however, are another story...


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