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Loomi is a modular, makeable, paintable, recyclable light that looks beautiful just about anywhere.
Loomi is a modular, makeable, paintable, recyclable light that looks beautiful just about anywhere.
649 backers pledged $34,123 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Hello friends! We've emerged from our turkey-induced haze with so much to talk about! 

This weekend we asked some friends to submit ideas for their Loomi lights via YouTube, and The-Amazing-Lauren put together a quick blurb about how she made her pattern paper lantern! Check it out below, we hope these inspire you as much as they did us. 

And due to popular demand, we've added a new $45 reward level that INCLUDES an electrical fixture. It's limited to 25 units, so get yours while they last.

If you have an idea for Loomi, let us know! We'd love to see and hear your ideas! Just post a comment (right here) or submit a video on our Facebook page.


Team Loomi

Loomi light idea series: 

Post your own Loomi idea over at Facebook!

Lauren's Paper Pattern Loomi Lantern (say it three times fast!):


I made this Loomi by covering it with pattern paper. I found a
horrendous old sewing pattern that no one would want to use anymore
and glued each of the quadrilaterals to the most interesting spaces on
a sheet. I just used a glue stick because it was the most manageable,
but you could experiment with wrinkling the paper over a more liquid
glue. You have to be a little anal about making sure the all the edges
are really stuck down, but then cutting it out is a snap. I kept it
simple this time around, but you could repeat and cover both sides to
play with the transparency and the area that shows through the
openings where the pieces curve outwards. Then assemble and VOILA!
Loomi pattern lantern! (See photos below!)

Prototypes & Ideas

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that we're making progress! We just finished assembling our prototype tool and we expect our paper stock to arrive today. From there we'll do a pre-production run of Loomi kits that will be sent to intrepid artists, friends, kids and families around the country. We'll be sharing their Loomi creations right here over the next two weeks.

In the meantime, we're looking for ideas! Tell us what you plan to do with your Loomi!


David & Team

Visit us on Facebook, and check out what Lauren made last night below! (That's a 9 piece Loomi covered in pattern paper.)

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Out of the Gates!

Loomi had a HUGE first day! We were featured as New & Noteworthy on Kickstarter, and mentioned in the Monday Blog:

Loomi was inspired by an expired Danish patent from the '70s, but reimagined for the needs of our environmentally hip, DIY design culture. It is a modular, makeable, recyclable light, composed of 30 different pieces, and constructed from high quality card stock. It can be painted, dyed, swirled, doodled, colored, and hung just about anywhere — effectively creating an illuminated work of personal art. With the approach of winter inevitable and just-around-the-corner, there's nothing more I want right now than reliable sources of lovely light. (On a side note: I am pretty sure that both "Danish" and "the '70s" are shorthand for "amazing looking.") — Cassie M.

And we already broke a grand in pledges! Wow! Thank you so much to our supporters! Please keep spreading the word. 

Let's make Loomi happen for the holidays!