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It's a game. It's a movement. It's Fooya. It's a revolution we're stirring up. 
Join us in an online 3D food fighting revolution.
It's a game. It's a movement. It's Fooya. It's a revolution we're stirring up. Join us in an online 3D food fighting revolution.
118 backers pledged $50,163 to help bring this project to life.

Fooya: Reporting on the occasion of our one year anniversary from the trenches!


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We made it!!!!!!!!!

We are thrilled to tell all of you who have supported us along this incredible journey that WE made it....with less than 2 hours to go and and with the support of 117 backers from around the world!! 

First of all, we would like to thank our earliest backers who gave us our first momentum on DAY ONE and breathed life in to this campaign, by being our foundation! 

Second, it was the critical support of many of you, in week 2 and week 3 that kept us alive and we want to thank you for being the backbone of our campaign! 

And finally, this week and particularly today, has been filed with tremendous adrenaline, great emotion, relief and a reason for celebration -- although the Fooya team is probably ready to celebrate with our first full night of sleep in a month!! :) 

Many of you increased your pledges today, to help us reach our goal, and we are really touched and thankful for your support and belief in what we do! We hereby confess that all day today, as we faced a steady countdown on a relentless digital clock, we kept refreshing our browser almost once a second (!!!) to see if we gained a new backer! We were working the phones, facebook and twitter streams to drive traffic, when backer #117 did the honor of tipping us over the finish line with a significant 4 figure contribution and for that, we are particularly thankful! 

A sincere thanks from our team, to ALL of you for being a part of this adventure!! 

Now it is time to get back to coding and developing Fooya with Friends, so we can make our promises come true. Cheers to all of you and to the future that you have enabled!!

Finish line sighted!

Hey everyone! All of you have been on this adventure with us and it has been 34 days, 100 backers, $47,000+ pledged, 240+ facebook likes, approx 850 kickstarter video plays, tweets all over the planet, 1500 participants at a public art competition, partnerships with sports brands and celebrities, articles in the media and NOW it is 12 hours to go with nearly $3000 to raise! Phew!!!! Regardless of whether we get to that finish line or not, we are filled with gratitude to YOU, for supporting us and being a part of the revolution! :) Fooya!!

Event this evening + pulling in to the final 24 hours!

Hello everyone! The last few days have been exhilarating and filed with adrenaline! Thanks for being with us through this adventure!!

As of this post, we are at $46,751 pledged towards our $50,000 goal with 35 hours to go!!! We could never have got so far without your belief and support. Thank you again! Any help in spreading the word about our campaign would be immensely helpful in pushing us past the finish line :)

Also, our Founder, Bhargav Sri Prakash, is speaking at a Health 2.0 event this evening at the Plug and Play center in Sunnyvale, along with a panel of silicon valley experts in the field of gaming and health!! Please come out to enjoy what promises to be a fantastic countdown evening, with food, drinks and great conversation, to stoke your intellectual passion for global health and/or gaming! If you are there, please come by and say hello to those in a "I am a revolution" Fooya t-shirt! :)

Coverage on VentureBeat - FriendsLearn wrapping up its Kickstarter for food-fight game with push into India

We are thrilled about the momentum that our campaign is generating with the media in Silicon Valley and in India! Thank you for being a critical part of our adventure! :) Read the article online by Dean Takahashi on VentureBeat  or read below.

Friends Learn is in the final stage of its Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 for a new version of Fooya, its 3D online food-fight game. The title has the serious mission of educating people throughout the world about the relationship between food, health and wellness.

With just three days to go and $42,000 raised so far, the Silicon Valley game company is making a push into India, where it hopes its game will make a social impact. Friends Learn plans to use the money to make Fooya With Friends, a multiplayer expansion for its existing game Fooya. The game has received national media coverage in India thanks to its Reciprocity Wave public art competition, which was aimed at raising awareness about heart disease, diabetes and other diseases traced to diet and lifestyle.

FriendsLearn co-organized this art competition in Chennai (India) on March 9th 2013 with sponsorship from India’s leading cricket team in the Indian Premier League – The Chennai Super Kings and HDFC bank. About 400 contestants in three categories created paintings, sketches, collages and posters to help publicize the cause.

”This is a critical time for us since the entire Kickstarter campaign $50,000 goal must be met for Friends Learn to receive any of these funds,” said Bhargav Sri Prakash, Founder and CEO of FriendsLearn.” While gearing up for the final stretch of the campaign and excited about the partnerships and visibility that has emerged as a result of our outreach, we still need our friends and followers to help us cross the finish line.”

The company, which we wrote about in April 2012, has already created a game set in a 3D carnival. Fooya players create food-based weapons to combat the evil forces driving obesity. Players win by dodging unhealthy food thrown at them, and they run around to burn calories.

“By creating Fooya with Friends, we intend to start a global food fight to combat humanity’s health crisis caused by greedy junk food profiteers. But creating a high performance real-time multi-player backend to support that scale takes a lot of time, skill and resources to produce,” said Sri Prakash. “While this new level of engagement promises to deliver a hugely exciting experience for gamers, Fooya with Friends will continue to fight against the global health epidemic of obesity by producing a fast-paced environment that not only entertains but also subconsciously educates about the dangers of a bad diet.”
The company has 13 employees and it has a patent related to its 3D multiplayer virtual campus exploration platform. The company cites stats that say 50 percent of Americans are expected to be obese by 2030 and today, 2.1 billion people in the world are dangerously overweight.

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